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Members, Supporters and Friends,

Although we regret the punitive action we have been forced to take, we cannot and will not tolerate deception on the part of our Board members or by Committee Chairs.

By a unanimous vote, the Grassroots America Board of Directors has voted to expel Matthew Lee. Mr. Lee is no longer associated in any way with Grassroots America. He has never been an official spokesman for this organization and no longer has the authority to wear his official name badge. He has been asked to surrender his name badge and all Grassroots America equipment.

The Grassroots America Board made it very clear that we were fully supporting Freedom Caucus Chairman State Rep. Matt Schaefer and the entire Freedom Caucus for re-election to the legislature in 2018. In fact, our annual Champions of Freedom Dinner on Sept. 29 was in honor of the Freedom Caucus.

It has come to our attention that Matthew Lee has repeatedly made appointments for a candidate who will oppose Matt Schaefer. Not once did he voice his intention to do this or give his fellow Board members the courtesy of notification. We’ve had to discover the deception by hearing it from others. This violates our code of conduct.

Because we have every reason to believe deception has already been employed in the challenger’s campaign, let there be no mistake that Grassroots America is well prepared to defend its decision to stand with State Representative Matt Schaefer all the way through his successful campaign for re-election.

Grassroots America stands by principled, courageous defenders of Life and Liberty. We stand with State Representative Matt Schaefer.

Steadfast, resolute, unflinching,

JoAnn Fleming, Executive Director
on behalf of the Grassroots America Board of Directors