Necessary – even in July!

Friendly Advice for Elected Officials and Staff

 We don’t go looking for a fight, but if you bring one, like all good Texans, we’ll rise to the occasion to remind you about values, conservative principles, and your job description. If you want to avoid a messy “clean up on aisle 9” that you most certainly will not enjoy, these are key points to remember…

  1. Know your purpose and stay in your lane. Be sure your staff understands this, along with the next ten items.
  2. Respect is a two way street.
  3. Remember that you were hired at the ballot box to do a job defined by statute & oath. Do it.
  4. Remember that we do not work for you; therefore, we will not ask your permission to speak out on issues.
  5. Remember that we do not work for you; therefore, we will not allow you to define our role as activists, set our priorities, or tell us when we can and cannot interact with your office.
  6. Remember the times you’ve needed us to have your back when you were unfairly attacked? BEFORE you get all whiny because we ask a question you don’t like, you might want to take a walk, have an ice cream cone, or take a deep breath, ‘cause you really don’t want to go there!
  7. Be thankful that some of us have enough mercy to ignore unbecoming and childish behavior the first time, but don’t count on not being publicly called out if you keep it up (and that goes for the silly social media stunts you think we don’t see).
  8. Remember your Oath of Office. Some of us expect you to keep it and hold true to it in every way. That means following and upholding the rule of law – all of it, all of the time.
  9. We don’t post or traffic in rumors about officials, but your voting record, your public comments, and how you conduct yourself is your job performance record, which makes it our business. 
  10. Just as is the case with any employee, you will be rated on what you do, as well as what you do not do. Failure to do your job, pass the buck, point fingers at others, and constantly make excuses is cause for non-support or opposition.
  11. An endorsement from us is not a life-long commitment on our part. From the day you take office, you are being evaluated. It is an entirely reasonable expectation that you will keep your promises and pledges, and that you will hold true to the values and principles you extolled when you were a candidate. Veer from that at your own peril.

Thank you for serving in public office. For those who really try to do it right, it is a very tough job. We get that. So, make sure you and your staff don’t make your job harder than it already is. If you stay in your lane, keep your promises, work hard, respect the folks, and do what is right, we’ll have your back!


JoAnn Fleming
Executive Director
Grassroots America – We the People PAC
(903) 360-2858 cell

“When I’m out of politics I’m going to run a business, it’ll be called rent-a-spine.”
― the late, great British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher