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Candidate Review Process

This is the only process by which a candidate for elected office can secure an interview for possible endorsement by Grassroots America – We the People PAC. All requests made by email, text, phone call, social media platform messaging, or homing pigeon will be referred to this page.

Interview Request

To request an interview with JoAnn Fleming, our Executive Director (for all candidates appearing on ballots outside of Smith County) or with our Board of Directors (All statewide ballot candidates and Smith County candidates), please download the pre-interview form and email back to  You will be contacted when scheduling of interviews commences.

Before sending the email, please read our entire endorsement process as outlined in the down-loadable document cited above and completely fill out the form.  No requests will be answered without the completed form. 


Conservative school board candidates!

Grassroots America is working with Texans for Excellence in Education to identify conservative school board incumbents and candidates for the May and November 2023 elections!

We are interested in school board members and candidates who want to pass policies that stop the teaching of CRT, promote patriotism, protect children from the indoctrination of transgenderism and other progressive ideology, prohibit vulgar, obscene materials in schools, and promote transparency/parental rights. 

If you are a conservative school board member, conservative school board candidate, or you know of some, go to this link to submit information for incumbent trustees and new candidates to be vetted and considered for support:

If you do not hear back from your application within a few days, email to make sure they received it.

NOTE:  JoAnn Fleming and Grassroots America – We the People PAC will NOT conduct vetting for school board candidates separate from the process outlined above!  Do not send in an application directly to Grassroots America, to our statewide Coalition, or to JoAnn personally!

Thank you for your cooperation,

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