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First Principles of Liberty

First Principles of Liberty

First Principles of Liberty: Know Them! Use Them! Teach Them! View every action of every level of gov’t through these! First principles: the foundation of American freedom and liberty. Rejecting the oppression of their British rulers, America’s Founding Fathers...

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Have YOU been persuaded by propaganda?

Have YOU been persuaded by propaganda?

Have YOU been persuaded by propaganda? This is an important question now that 2022 is officially 1984. People trust consensus. People love unity. Many will doubt a calculator if enough people disagree. What do you believe and why?...

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Border Action Plan Checklist & Resources

April 26, 2022 speaker Ammon Blair's handouts and resource links document. Grassroots America posts these resources as a courtesy to our invited speakers. Should you have questions or concerns about the content, please contact the speaker/author here...

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Lawlessness Rises

Fellow Texans, Lawlessness rises in our streets, in our Texas and DC Capitols, and in the halls of "Justice." Lawlessness will grow until We the...

Are You a Source for Spies?

We recently had two outstanding Allied Security Operations Group presentations (Athens & Temple) about Human Intelligence Operations...

Liberty in Crisis

Socialist State Rising in the West? The prolonged government reaction to the Chinese virus has done more to turn the US toward socialist state...

Don’t Torch Your Reputation!

The Problem:  There’s way too much misinformation being passed around about the authority state and local officials have (or do not have)...

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