Election Integrity | Fighting Vote Fraud Locally

How to Fight Vote Fraud
at the Local Level

New Date
New Location

Monday September 21, 2020
6:30 – 8:30 PM

Living for the Brand Cowboy Church
902 NE Loop 7
Athens, TX 75751

Due to the importance of this topic, Grassroots America will live-stream this event on our Facebook page facebook.com/GAWTP for those of you who don’t live close enough to join us in person.  You may access the live-stream even if you have no Facebook account by clicking this link. 
Join us in person for JoAnn’s updates (those won’t be live streamed) and for other “perks” we’ll have after the meeting for those who are sick of this shutdown and will say so by showing up in person! 

With enormous gratitude, we thank our friends with the Cultural Impact Ministry of the Living for the Brand Cowboy Church in Athens for co-hosting this important meeting on the very real threat vote fraud poses to the upcoming November general election.

Direct Action Texas:
Election Integrity | Fighting Vote Fraud Locally
with Christine Welborn, 
Director of Election Integrity

The Problem
There are 254 counties in the State of Texas, which means there are – unfortunately – 254 ways to hold an election. Our efforts to pass uniform election standards and reforms were killed in the 2019 state legislative session by Republicans – not Democrats. 
Why does this matter now? 
The Texas voter registration list HAS NOT been verified and deceased people, illegal aliens and convicted felons remain there as registered voters – eligible to vote.  Governor Greg Abbott failed to get it done! The buck stops with King Abbott – not only because he appointed the acting Secretary of State, but most especially since Abbott has for the last six months seized the legislature’s power by waiving law, creating law, and allocating funds all on his own. 
Given the fact that we are less than 60 days away from the November 3 Presidential Election and federal law prohibits deletions from the voter registration list by government action less than 90 days out from a federal election, what can we do?
Practical Actions for Concerned Voters
Direct Action Texas (DAT) has the answers!  As DAT’s Director for Election Integrity, Christine Welborn will spell out what YOU can do at your local level.  Christine is recognized by JoAnn Fleming and Grassroots America as a leading Subject Matter Expert on election integrity issues. Please join us at Living for the Brand Cowboy Church for this timely presentation. Learn about what election fraud is, how to spot it, and most importantly what you can do to prevent it. As Christine often says, “we can’t help you after you pull the lever.” We need to hear from you when you see the problem, not after you vote.