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2022 Republican Primary and Runoff Election Endorsements

We are proud to announce our endorsements for the races in this election cycle.

2022 Endorsements

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2022 Endorsements for Smith County


US Congressional Races

Nathaniel Moran - Texas Congressional District 1

Grassroots America confidently and strongly endorses Republican Nathaniel Moran for Congress in the race for US Representative, Congressional District 1.

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Replacing consistently strong conservative Louie Gohmert in Congress is a tall order – a critically serious matter – given the unstable state of our nation and the restoration of liberty that will be necessary once Republicans regain a majority.

We looked for a proven conservative – someone with a record of stable, steady, dependable, moral leadership in good times and bad. We looked for a consistent, active defender of religious liberty, the sanctity of all human life, gun rights, traditional family values, and individual liberty. We find Nathaniel Moran’s record demonstrates that he consistently holds these values. He is also a strong supporter of President Trump’s border security, immigration, and America First policies. He is dedicated to the proper funding and equipping of law enforcement and border security. There is no doubt that he will also work to restore the rule of law, our military readiness, and vital support for veterans.

Nathaniel Moran’s record as a fiscal conservative is proven in his outstanding service as County Judge for Smith County. We know Nathaniel Moran to be a humble man of virtue and a listener, but we are also confident he will not bend to political pressures from the Swamp. Nathaniel Moran doesn’t just profess to be a conservative. His record proves he is a conservative. Please join us in supporting Nathaniel Moran to represent conservative East Texas.

Keith Self - Texas Congressional District 3

We confidently and strongly endorse Keith Self for Congress to replace incumbent Van Taylor as the US Representative for TX Congressional District 3.

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The incumbent’s record of siding with Democrats and sell-out Rinos proves he is out of touch with his own constituents – out of touch with what matters to Texans. Keith Self is a proven conservative who has been relentless in fighting for conservative values for Texans. More than just a talker, Keith Self’s leadership results clearly speak! His tenure as a cost-cutting, tax-reducing Collin County Judge was remarkable. Because of his innovative leadership, Collin County was the first to post its check register online and one of few counties to actually reform its pension system. We have no doubt that these local results will translate into a Congressman who tirelessly fights to shove the federal government back into a Constitution-sized box, to rightfully devolve power back to the states, and to serve as a steadfast bulwark against Republican progressivism that holds hands with the Socialist Left. Given the severe instability of our nation and the restoration of liberty that will be necessary once Republicans regain a majority, we urge CD 3 Republicans to send a proven fighter – not a poser to Washington DC. Vote Keith Self!

Dan Thomas - Texas Congressional District 4

JoAnn Fleming, Executive Director: “We endorse Dan Thomas in his challenge to incumbent Pat Fallon because the values of Dan Thomas more closely align with those of everyday Texans.

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Due to the COVID vaccine mandate, Dan lost his job as the evening anchor for a North TX Fox and CBS station – even though his own doctor advised against the shot! With his family’s financial security under attack, Dan has stepped up to enter the fight against tyranny. A political outsider, Dan has the courage to take on the assaults against our individual liberty, the sovereignty of Texas, our Judeo-Christian values, and the Constitution. Dan will put his constituents and America First.

“Additionally, unlike 1st term Congressman Pat Fallon, Dan Thomas would never vote to require women to sign up for the draft. Unlike Fallon, Dan Thomas won’t find himself under scrutiny for alleged violations of the 2013 STOCK Act, a law to prevent insider trading by Congressional lawmakers. Fallon’s late disclosures of stock trades worth between $7.8 million – $17.53 million (first reported by Business Insider) cite his purchase of between $300,000 – $750,000 worth of stock in Boeing, the aviation and defense contracting giant. Fallon is a member of the House Armed Services Committee, which has long provided oversight of such government defense contractors.

“We urge support for Dan Thomas for Congress – a regular guy with our values who will fight for us, not enrich himself while in DC.”

Mark Ramsey - Texas Congressional District 38

JoAnn Fleming, Executive Director: “Grassroots America confidently and strongly endorses Mark Ramsey for US Rep. TX Congressional District 38.

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We looked for a proven conservative – someone with a record of stable, steady, dependable, moral leadership in good times and bad. We looked for a consistent, active defender of religious liberty, the sanctity of all human life, gun rights, traditional family values, and individual liberty. Mark’s long record of laboring in the conservative trenches with us proves that he unfailingly holds these values. Mark is a strong supporter of President Trump’s border security, immigration, and America First policies. Mark is dedicated to the proper funding and equipping of our military and border security officers. There is no doubt that he will also work to restore the rule of law, our military readiness, and vital support for veterans. Don’t take a chance! Mark Ramsey’s record PROVES he is a conservative. Please send Conservative Champion Mark Ramsey to fight for Texas in DC!”

Statewide Races

Allen West - Texas Governor

Texas needs a principled, strategic disrupter – a bold painter to write freedom on the hearts of Texans – all Texans – in a language they can understand. Therefore, we confidently and heartily endorse LTC Allen West (RET) for Texas Governor.

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We are also deeply grateful to Don Huffines and Chad Prather who have long aimed a bright spotlight of truth on the mess Abbott has made, while bringing forth bold solutions. When Texas needed courageous fighters to step up, they answered the call, running to the front of the battle. Godspeed to them both.

Allen West is the proven, battle-tested warrior Texas needs to fix the mess Greg Abbott has made of our state and defend her from DC tyrants. Unlike Abbott, Allen West would never sign into law an election “integrity” bill that ignores the high risk of hacking but lowers criminal penalties for voter fraud from a 2nd Degree Felony to a Class A Misdemeanor and authorizes political parties to send out unsolicited mail ballot applications. Unlike Abbott, West will not use our tax dollars to welcome in corporate cultural wolves that savage families and Texas values with Woke-ism. Unlike Abbott, West will not be silent while vaccine mandates trample liberty. Unlike Abbott, West will not pretend to build a border wall while politically abusing our Texas Military and Texas National Guard for a very expensive, poorly planned political stunt. Unlike Abbott, Allen West will not allow illegal border crossings to surge, increasing suffering for citizens, soldiers, and law enforcement. Unlike Abbott, West will not play “catch and release” while crime, drugs, sex trafficking, and cheap labor trafficking soar. Unlike Abbott, West will not continue with AOC Green energy policies that endanger our power grid. Unlike Abbott, West will not continue to dump escalating funds into an educational system permeated with Leftist ideology that corrupts and breaks children. Unlike Abbott, West will not ignore the demand to end sex change butchery and chemical destruction of children – a legislative priority supported by 94.65% of 2020 GOP Primary voters. Unlike Abbott, West will not abuse emergency executive authority to close churches, crush small businesses while favoring Big Business, separate families from loved ones in nursing homes, kill jobs, ration health care, and ignore doctors who know how to save lives. Unlike Abbott, Allen West will welcome the chance to sign an Abolish Abortion bill. Unlike Abbott, Allen West will work hard to eliminate property taxes. Unlike Abbott, Allen West will put Texas first. A proven commander, known for putting his men’s lives first, we are confident that LTC Allen West will rip the “For Sale” sign off our state capitol and lead with the heart of a lion to save Texas.
#FireAbbott #SaveTexas #txlege

Bradford & Miller - Texas Lieutenant Governor

JoAnn Fleming, Executive Director, Board of Directors: “Up front, this endorsement is NOT about secession. The purpose of this dual endorsement is to emphasize that two very strong, principled, longtime grassroots leaders are imminently more capable of saving Texas from Leftist Wolves, Rinos, and DC than is incumbent Dan Patrick. Period.

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Voters are frustrated! For nearly 20 years, Republicans have had trifecta control of the law-making process in our Legislature – meaning that Republicans have held the reins of power in the Offices of Governor and Lt. Governor as well as in majorities in both the state senate and the state House (with a Republican Speaker). Yet session after session, the majority of critical Republican Party priorities determined by GOP Primary voters and TX GOP State Convention grassroots delegates fail to pass or are watered-down versions trumpeted as evidence of “the most conservative session ever.” Case in point – no secure border, no end to handouts for illegals, no labor law enforcement to punish illegal hiring, no end to in-state tuition for illegals, no end to property taxes/no real tax cuts, no deterrence to electronic hacking of elections (but reduced voter fraud penalties from a 2nd Degree Felony down to a Class A Misdemeanor), no ban on taxpayer-funded lobbying, no ban on sex change mutilations/chemical sterilization of children, no abolish abortion, no protection of historical monuments, no ban on “emergency orders” that trample individual liberty – and Texas is STILL the #2 State in the nation for human trafficking – cheap labor and rape for profit!

These jaw-dropping failures to respond to Texans can only be laid at the feet of the top executives – the Governor, Lt. Governor, and the Speaker. Evidence? The fast-tracking of their pet, special interest legislation that has absolutely nothing to do with the priorities of the people.

It is therefore way past time for sweeping new leadership, time to elect patriots that are pledged to the principles of Liberty and are publicly and explicitly committed to executing the Party’s priorities – full strength. We therefore strongly endorse both Trayce Bradford and Daniel Miller for the Office of Lieutenant Governor. Both are subject matter experts on issues that are important to saving Texas from the rabid Left and from the rampant establishment cronyism that makes government officials (in both parties) and lobbyists wealthy while making life harder for families and owners of small businesses.

Trayce Bradford and Daniel Miller are known and respected for their tireless work to save Texas and their unwavering commitment to Liberty Principles, and constitutional conservatism – all while employing a Christian worldview.

Trayce Bradford for Lt. Governor is Eagle Forum’s National Issues Chair on Human Trafficking and has also served as President of Texas Eagle Forum and Dallas Eagle Forum. Trayce has worked tirelessly (unpaid) the last six legislative sessions in Austin with legislators and grassroots activists, testifying on the evils of labor and sex trafficking that come from an unsecure border and a vulgar growing market for human slavery and porn. She has long fought to end radical indoctrination of school children while fighting for pro-life and religious liberty legislation, for banning sex change procedures in children, for marriage as defined by God, for banning the use of foreign laws in American Courts, and for securing our Texas Electric Grid. Between legislative sessions, Trayce speaks out on these issues as well as warning about Big Government-fed cultural and fiscal attacks on Texas families. Her deep Christian faith, integrity, organizational skills, practical experience as an educator and public policy advisor to legendary conservative Eagle Forum, and her many years of working with the legislature and statewide officials have well-prepared Trayce for the Office of Lt. Governor.

Best known for TEXIT, Daniel Miller is no one-trick pony. He is particularly an outspoken proponent of eliminating property taxes and exhibits a deep knowledge on a wide array of legislative and public policy issues. He understands accounting gimmicks employed to balance the state budget, the growing state debt, and how and why the state budget is purposefully convoluted. Daniel has practical solutions on how to push for real cuts in state spending by eliminating overlapping, duplicated state departments, agencies, and programs and by conducting a “core function” test on state government to stop spending on programs and corporate welfare not defined in our state constitution. Daniel Miller has a solid working knowledge on Cultural Marxism, the dangers of social emotional learning pushed in public schools, the dangers to parental rights and children posed by state mental health policies, our unsecured border, legislative failures on election integrity and ballot security, imperiled states’ rights, how AOC green energy is at work in Texas, and the dangers to liberty from government overreach coming from the Governor’s Office and Washington DC.

Both Daniel and Trayce are passionate defenders of Liberty, are tireless in their pursuit of Republican Party priorities, and are subject matter experts in multiple areas critical to sustaining the growth and prosperity of Texas. Because both can read the signs of the times, the evil at work, and because they both deeply believe Texas should be leading in Liberty, Texas would be far safer in their hands.”

Louie Gohmert - Texas Attorney General

JoAnn Fleming, Executive Director, Board of Directors: “Without reservation, we strongly endorse Louie Gohmert TX for Texas Attorney General.
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“Just as Louie Gohmert has been a light shining in the darkness of DC, he is the light we need in the Texas Attorney General’s Office because Louie’s heart and mind are not divided. Recognized as a constitutional jurist and a strong believer in the rule of law, Louie Gohmert will not look the other way as the constitutional rights of Texans are wiped out by election fraud and “vaccine” mandates, while their land, communities and wallets are overrun with illegals, and as children are abused with sex change butchery and chemicals that leave them broken and sterile.

“There is no dark rock Louie Gohmert will not overturn to expose the underbelly of human trafficking – the sellers and the wicked buyers – who have made Texas #2 in the nation in cheap labor trafficking and rape for profit! And should a TX Governor move to enact unconstitutional executive powers – shutting down small businesses, churches, and schools and separating families from loved ones in nursing homes – you can count on Louie Gohmert to go to that Governor with a warning to stop. And if that Governor refuses to listen, you can be SURE that Louie Gohmert will fight that Governor to save you from tyranny!

“Long recognized as one of the most conservative members of Congress, Louie has strongly represented TX Congressional District 1 in DC since 2005. Louie kept his promises and never shirked from a fight – even when he had to stand alone. Because of his bold honesty, the American people know much more about the inner workings of Washington DC because Louie Gohmert always refused to cover up for deceptive, swampy Big Government Republicans like John Boehner and Paul Ryan – who as US House Speakers – worked with Democrats to keep our lawless southern border open, enabled human smuggling and rape for profit, added to the escalating federal debt, grew the federal government, and championed spying on American citizens.

“Louie stood with Trump to secure the border and push forward on America First policies when others jeered from the cheap seats. As Attorney General, Louie will stand up to Biden, Pelosi, and the radical Left’s assault on Texas. You can be sure he will stand up to Big Government Republicans and the Austin Sewer too. Vote for the political establishment’s worst nightmare – vote for Liberty Defender Louie Gohmert for Texas Attorney General.

Dr. Tim Westley - Texas Land Commissioner

JoAnn Fleming, Executive Director, Board of Directors: “We strongly endorse Dr. Tim Westley for Texas Land Commissioner.

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Dr. Westley is the candidate you can trust to advance truly conservative and godly values that are so desperately needed in this state. As historian for the TX Republican Party, he stood strong to protect the Alamo and its Cenotaph. He has no ties to the professional ruling class and the fundraising complex that play conservative to raise millions but produce no results. Mismanaged under the current commissioner, this office needs Dr. Westley’s intellect, demeanor, and character to better serve our veterans, manage the Permanent School Fund, protect state territory from China and save our historical treasures.”   

Dr. Jon Spiers - Texas Land Commissioner

JoAnn Fleming, Executive Director, Board of Directors: “We strongly and enthusiastically endorse Dr. Jon Spiers for Texas Land Commissioner

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The General Land Office is a sprawling, multi-discipline organization that requires a top executive with proven ability to master complex issues, implement fiscal disciplines, and bring solutions based on Liberty Principles. Dr. Spiers was a cardiac surgeon. When an accident cut short that career, he went back to school and earned a law degree. He now heads up the Spiers Group law firm.

Jon is an Army veteran and still volunteers to help our veterans. As an Attorney, Dr. Spiers learned about oil and gas law and environmental law – though not required – very important knowledge for this job. Jon is also an entrepreneur with an obvious strong work ethic. He used his legal and medical expertise to build companies in Texas, including a biomedical plant to create jobs and secure our future from China and other foreign suppliers. Dr. Spiers is adamant that Texas must be protected from China and is concerned about their real estate purchases.

The reputation of the GLO has been severely tarnished in recent years. Contributions to the Permanent School Fund have declined precipitously, putting pressure on school funding; the Alamo Project has suffered from flawed concepts and lack of fiscal transparency; state and private lands are being threatened by the federal 30 x 30 plan; delays in responding to and distributing funding after hurricanes caused human suffering; and, sadly, services to our veterans administered by the GLO are deteriorating. (Note: This is an open seat due to incumbent George P. Bush running for Attorney General.)

The Land Commissioner is an elected position, but it is NOT a “political” job. Rarely has a candidate interviewing with us for an executive state-wide position brought the depth of experience, the multi-discipline knowledge, and the specific skill sets needed to rebuild the organization’s reputation, improve communications and transparency, and rebuild confidence. The Texas Land Commissioner is a service job requiring a proven leader like Dr. Jon Spiers. We urge a vote for Dr. Jon Spiers in the March 1 Republican Primary.

Wayne Christian - Texas Railroad Commission

As a taxpayer champion in the Texas House and now as an experienced, proven Railroad Commissioner, we’ve always been able to count on Wayne Christian to lead the way in promoting the principles of limited government that provide the greatest economic freedom to individuals and businesses in the Lone Star State.

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He is a tireless warrior defending Texas against the radical anti-Oil and Gas zealots in Biden’s Washington DC. With a strong record of supporting private property rights, fighting burdensome taxes and job-killing regulations, and a proven record in promoting and protecting the vital role energy production plays in our Texas economy, Wayne Christian has earned our strong endorsement for re-election to the Texas Railroad Commission.

David Schenck - Justice, Texas Supreme Court, Place 9

JoAnn Fleming, Executive Director, Board of Directors: “We strongly endorse 5th District Court of Appeals Justice David Schenck for the Texas Supreme Court, Place 9.
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Bluntly, we observe the Texas Supreme Court becoming far too political due to the maneuvering of timed vacancies and gubernatorial appointments rather than having justices elected by the people. This is an injustice to our State Constitution and its protections for Texans’ liberties, which are NOT to be suspended during proclaimed emergencies.

“While we are aware that Justice Schenck was first appointed to his current position by Gov. Perry, his record leaves no doubt about his commitment to the Constitution, the rule of law, and the right of all Texans to an honest, competent, and impartial judiciary. The current officeholder, just appointed by Gov. Abbott in November 2021, has never served as a judge. Although no judicial experience is required by the Texas Constitution, we believe Texas – now more than ever – needs clear-eyed bench experience and a thought leader like Justice Schenck who is laser-focused on independent and impartial justice.”

Clint Morgan - Judge, Court of Criminal Appeals, Place 5

JoAnn Fleming, Executive Director, Board of Directors: “We strongly endorse Clint Morgan for Place 5 on the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals because that Court desperately needs clear-thinking, principled originalists on the bench.
CCA P5 -- Show More
In December, the Court issued a jaw-dropping ruling that the Attorney General has no constitutional authority to prosecute election fraud and instead leaves the sole power to local district attorneys! The incumbent Place 5 Justice Scott Walker was part of that ruling. Given the facts that 1) Soros has successfully funded anti-rule of law district attorney candidates in TX and 2) Gov. Abbott signed SB 1 into law, reducing voter fraud from a 2nd Degree Felony to a Class A Misdemeanor, we believe that any real investigation and prosecution of election fraud is highly doubtful.

“A constitutional conservative, Clint Morgan is known to be a man of the highest character. He is a career prosecutor with over a decade of experience and excellence in criminal law. With a proven court room record and a prolific body of outstanding appellate briefs, Clint is a thought leader in Texas criminal justice, a clear and compelling orator, and a high-energy administrator. An originalist in the mold of US Supreme Court Justices Thomas and Alito, when Clint interprets the Constitution or a law, he respects its original meaning and does the arduous work of digging out the legal history from original sources. He will not legislate from the bench! Texas needs Clint Morgan on the Court of Criminal Appeals – Texas’ highest court for criminal cases!”

Texas Senate

Bob Hall - Senate District 2

For his consistent, principled and courageous stand for saving lives and resisting Austin Groupthink, State Senator Bob Hall has earned our strong endorsement for re-election.

SD 5 -- Show More
JoAnn Fleming, Executive Director #txlege

Warren Norred - Senate District 10

JoAnn Fleming, Executive Director: “We are confident Warren Norred is the bold leader we need in the Texas Senate.

SD 10 -- Show More
Warren comes from the grassroots trenches and – like us – is fed up with pale, weak Republican leadership in Austin that bows down to Democrats (the legislative minority)!  He is infuriated that Republican leadership allowed criminal penalties for voter fraud to be reduced from a 2nd Degree Felony to a Class A Misdemeanor in 2021!  He will fight to restore those penalties and go further with election integrity.

Warren Norred is the bold, constitutionally conservative leadership we need to shove state government back into a constitution-sized box – back into its proper role – funding only those core constitutional functions of state government, not feeding special interests. Warren will fight to stop the “borrow and spend” abuse of taxpayers and to finally deliver abolition of property taxes, while slashing regulations.

“Warren will put Texas Citizens First! He wants to stop the high cost of illegal immigration that comes from dangerous drugs, violent crime, sex trafficking, the drain on jails, schools, and health care – not to mention a bursting welfare system. You can count on Warren Norred to stand up for the rule of law – all of it, all the time!

“And when it comes to ending medical child abuse – the sex change butchery and chemical sterilization of little children – Warren Norred will be a strong fighter for these kids and will back down to no one. Warren has a record of fighting government tyranny and vaccine mandates.

“Send Warren Norred to the Texas Senate. He’s smart. He’s tough. He’s a Texas patriot.”

Raul Reyes - Senate District 24

JoAnn Fleming, Executive Director: “Grassroots America strongly endorses Raul Reyes for the TX Senate because Raul is no political insider or game-player.

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His heart is with TX and her people – not Austin elites! His cyber security expertise as a Lt. Colonel in the US Air Force gives him extensive knowledge of the coordinated assault coming across our southern border. Like us, Raul is tired of the empty promises that have clearly failed to stop this destruction of life, liberty, and property. Raul is pro-parental rights, pro-life, pro-gun rights, pro-taxpayer, pro-small business, and pro-liberty. A straight shooter, Raul Reyes is the conservative, dependable Liberty warrior we need in Austin to fight for the people of Texas. We strongly urge conservatives in SD 24 to get on board with Raul Reyes now!”

Kevin Sparks - Senate District 31

Endorsement text to come

SD 31 -- Show More

Texas House

State Representatives

Bryan Slaton - House District 2

For his consistently principled, brave stands for protecting children from sex change butchery and sterilization, his ardent defense for the sanctity of human life, and his courage to call out Republican House leadership for bowing to Democrats, State Rep. Bryan Slaton has earned our strong endorsement for re-election.

HD 2 -- Show More
JoAnn Fleming, Executive Director #txlege

Dewey Collier - House District 5

Board of Directors: “We are pleased to endorse US Army Lt. Colonel Dewey R. Collier (Ret) for State Representative in House District 5.

HD 5 -- Show More
LTC Collier’s biography attests to his moral character and steadfastness – attributes sorely needed to repair the damage done to the reputation of Texas House District 5 by a State Representative who cannot find within his conscience the decency to publicly apologize for his embarrassing behavior.

“LTC Collier is a decorated Army officer. Among his many military awards, he received the Soldiers Medal for rescuing two pilots from a burning helicopter crash. He is a nurse by profession with a Master of Science degree who served in both Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom, attended the Command General Staff College, and culminated his military career as Director of the Army Surgical Technology program, Joint Base San Antonio. Clearly, his years of military service, his dedication to healing injured soldiers, and his many career accomplishments, certify his commitment to selflessly serving others and his devotion to Liberty’s founding principles.

“LTC Collier is committed to the conservative Republican Party of Texas priority legislation and to ending Republican House rules that allow Democrats to chair committees (where they kill conservative bills). Mr. Collier has a deep and wide-ranging knowledge on many key issues and can speak more knowledgeably on the high cost of illegal immigration, operational control of the border, state sovereignty, the evils of Cultural Marxism, social-emotional learning indoctrination in schools, health care freedom, and state sovereignty than many incumbent legislators. In particular, LTC Collier has conducted research on successful bills in other states to begin drafting legislation to codify parental rights in the education of and care for their children – rights which are now under severe attack in Texas and across the nation.

“Citizens of HD 5 deserve a working State Representative who will go far beyond canned talking points, a political fool-a-crowd mentality, pay attention to the serious issues facing Texas, and step up with integrity to represent the people – not the Austin Swamp. We therefore urge a vote for Dewey R. Collier in the March 1, 2022, Republican Primary.”

Matt Schaefer - House District 6

JoAnn Fleming, Executive Director, Board of Directors: “We strongly endorse the re-election of Rep. Matt Schaefer to represent Texas House District 6.

HD 6 -- Show More

Matt’s moral values, work ethic, preparedness, proven conservative record, and his bold, consistent voice raised in defense of liberty principles and conservative values (across a wide range of issues) make him a dependable defender of traditional values, life, religious liberty, gun rights, the family, and small businesses. Matt is accessible to grassroots leaders and has many times assisted in removing dangerous language from legislation. From his work on the House Appropriations Committee, to defending the sanctity of all human life, to improving student access to the master trades, to speaking out against unconstitutional executive orders, to his skilled passage of permit-less carry, Matt Schaefer is a needed force on the frontlines to save Texas.”

Rachel Hale - House District 11

JoAnn Fleming, Executive Director: “We are excited to endorse conservative Rachel Hale for the Texas House.
HD 11 -- Show More
A breath of fresh air with Texas grit and the heart of a Mama Grizzly, Rachel will challenge both Dems and Rinos because she understands that Texas should lead in liberty and accountability – not accept ‘Democrat-lite’ legislative sessions that reduce criminal penalties for voter fraud and ignore the Leftist assaults on the family and parental rights. Like us, Rachel is tired of waiting for property tax relief and watching Texans suffer a wide-open border as millions of illegals pour in, adding more burdens to taxpayers. Rachel will fight to end vaccine mandates, will help parents as they combat pornography in schools and libraries, and will work to end evil sex change procedures that leave children mutilated and sterile. We know Rachel Hale will never fold nor retreat from battling the corrupt Austin political swamp and the socialist wolves among us. Let’s send fierce conservative mama Rachel Hale for Texas to represent Texas House District 11.”

Tom Glass - House District 17

JoAnn Fleming, Executive Director: “Reminding voters why we strongly endorsed accountability hawk Tom Glass for State Representative HD 17! 
HD 17 -- Show More
Tom has been an invaluable asset to the conservative grassroots movement for many years – analyzing legislation, testifying in legislative hearings, and educating new activists. Texans need legislators who will not tolerate unconstitutional acts of tyranny by the state or federal government, including the judiciary.  We desperately need constitutionally conservative leadership in Austin – public servants who will put our state government back into a constitution-sized box to cut regulation and spending and who will fight for the Texas we love.

“Conservative Tom Glass will not bow to liberal media opinions, big business interests, political thuggery or a God-less culture. We are confident that Tom possesses the moral compass and the courage to stand and fight for state sovereignty and individual liberty by fighting against Austin corruption. Texas is at a crossroads.  She needs strong, energetic, capable, principled leaders. Vote Liberty – send Tom Glass to the Texas House.”

Nubia Devine - House District 19

JoAnn Fleming, Executive Director: “We confidently endorse full-time ‘in the trenches with us’ conservative Nubia Devine for State Representative, District 19!
HD 19 -- Show More
Conservative women like Nubia will never undermine nor trade the fundamental values that strengthen families for cheap political gain. Nubia understands this is a defining moment – time is running out to secure the Lone Star brand of liberty. Vote for a proven fighter to defend life, families, and liberty from the radical Left and their Rino enablers. Send Nubia Devine for the Hill Country to the Texas House!” (Burnet, Blanco, Gillespie, Kendall, west Travis counties) #txlege

Terri Leo-Wilson - House District 23

JoAnn Fleming, Executive Director: “Reminding voters why we strongly support Terri Leo-Wilson for State Rep. HD 23.

HD 23 -- Show More
Terri is a fearless culture warrior who has long taken on the tough fights others cowardly conceded to radicals. Concerned about anti-Christian, immoral, Leftist values being forced on school children in the form of graphic sex education and gender confusion? Terri Leo-Wilson is your proven champion!  Terri is strongly pro-border security, pro-life, pro-gun rights, and pro-parental rights.  She will fight to make voter fraud in Texas a felony again!

“Terri has over twelve years of unpaid public service on the State Board of Education and the State Republican Executive Committee (SREC).  Only a person who understands the battle, the signs of the times, and what is at stake, will spend thousands of hours without pay or staff reading through textbooks and compiling reports. Terri’s core values and politics are proven by her record of service and unwavering conservative values. You can trust Terri Leo-Wilson to take her record of fighting ‘Critical Race Theory’ and liberal indoctrination from the State Board of Education to the Texas House. Electing Terri will put a first-rate warrior on the front lines to fight against radical Leftists and the Rinos who enable them.”

Wesley Virdell - House District 53

Endorsement text to come.

HD 53 -- Show More

Mike Olcott - House District 60

JoAnn Fleming, Executive Director: “Reminding voters that we strongly endorse Mike Olcott for Texas House District 60.

HD 60 -- Show More
Session after session, Republican grassroots activists push to pass conservative reforms – commonsense, property tax-cutting, lifesaving, liberty-preserving, parental rights-respecting legislation found in the Texas GOP platform, and the bills are killed in House Committees by Big Government Republicans or by Democrat committee chairs placed there by Big Government Republicans! In today’s world of politicians who would sell out their grandmothers to stay in power, we need fighters who will stand to kill bad bills and who will boldly contend for the values that made Texas and this country great.  Mike Olcott is that fighter.  Mike will never allow the political ruling class to shape and mold him into whatever they need for the sake of political expediency. Mike will fight to reverse the decriminalization of voter fraud passed by the state legislature and signed into law by Gov. Abbott.  Mike wants to make voter fraud a felony again and stop ‘catch and release’ on the lawless border.  Unlike the incumbent, Mike Olcott is the only Republican in this race who will never vote to put Democrats in seats of power! Vote Liberty – send Mike Olcott to the Texas House.”

Jeff Younger - House District 63

Endorsement text to come.

HD 63 -- Show More

Andy Hopper - House District 64

Executive Director JoAnn Fleming: “Texans need courageous legislators who won’t cower to the federal government nor sheepishly submit to executive overreach by the Governor and Austin bureaucrats.
HD 64 -- Show More
We need liberty defenders, ‘on offense’ disruptors, who won’t bow to the media, TX House leadership bullies, WOKE big business interests, or a “God-less” culture. Tough times call for ‘hard as nails’ principled leaders. That’s why we strongly endorse Andy Hopper for the Texas House. To know Andy Hopper is to know a fighter.” #txlege

Peyton Inge - House District 65

Endorsement text to come.

HD 65 -- Show More

Eric Bowlin - House District 70

Executive Director JoAnn Fleming: “We are excited to endorse Eric Bowlin for Texas House District 70!

HD 70 -- Show More
Texans need courageous legislators who won’t cower to the federal government nor sheepishly submit to executive overreach by a Governor and Austin bureaucrats. We need liberty defenders, ‘on offense’ disruptors, who won’t bow to the media, TX House leadership bullies, WOKE big business interests, or a “God-less” culture. Tough times call for ‘hard as nails’ principled leaders. That’s why we strongly endorse pro-life US Army Veteran, Christian Dad, and successful entrepreneur Eric Bowlin for the Texas House. Help Save Texas, vote for Eric Bowlin!”

David Lowe - House District 91

Endorsement text to come.

HD 91 -- Show More

Mitchell Ryan - House District 98

Endorsement text to come.

HD 98 -- Show More

Mark Dorazio - House District 122

JoAnn Fleming, Executive Director: “We confidently and strongly endorse Mark Dorazio for Texas House District 122.

HD 122 -- Show More
Mark is a tested and proven conservative – someone with a record of steady, dependable, moral leadership. He is a consistent, active defender of religious liberty, the sanctity of all human life, gun rights, traditional family values, and individual liberty. Mark Dorazio’s long record of laboring in the conservative grassroots trenches assures us that he will work his heart out to save Texas from Leftist wolves and the establishment Republicans who enable them. We can count on Mark to work hard to outlaw vaccine mandates; to secure the border; to secure our ballots and the counting of our votes; and put the protection of Texas Liberty first! Send proven conservative Mark Dorazio to the Texas House!” #txlege

Michelle Evans - House District 136

Endorsement text to come.

HD 136 -- Show More

State Board of Education

Lani Popp - State Board of Education, District 1

We strongly support Lani Popp for the State Board of Education, District 1.
SBE D 1 -- Show More
A 28-year teacher and speech-language pathologist, Lani specializes in students with autism and social communication disorders. Her expertise will provide priceless input to the SBOE for quality special education.  Lani Popp’s experience, professionalism, values, and character will make her an outstanding member of the State Board of Education.  Lani stands for historically accurate, age-appropriate, bias-free curriculum and excellence in education.

Julie Pickren - State Board of Education, District 7

We are proud to support conservative Julie Pickren for the State Board of Education, District 7.
SBE D 7 -- Show More
Julie has longstanding educational leadership experience and her years of service to academic excellence are valuable assets for this job She is a former Board Member of Heritage Christian Academy, current Board Member of Fresh Impact Christian Academy, and served as Alvin ISD Trustee from 2015-2021. Julie is pro-life and committed to the conservative values of the Texas Republican Party. Julie served on the Legislative Priorities Committee at the 2020 RPT State Convention and has worked to ban Critical Race Theory from Texas Education.

Ajua Mason - State Board of Education, District 13

We strongly support Ajua Mason for the State Board of Education, District 13.
SBE D 13 -- Show More
Ajua is an energetic grassroots activist working for conservative and traditional values.  She is committed to restoring classical academics, protecting parental rights, and advancing career and technical education for those students who are not college-bound.  Ajua is strongly opposed to Critical Race Theory and believes Texas schools should resist radical Cultural Marxist indoctrination. With passion and dedication, Ajua Mason will fight to protect and serve all Texas students. Her engaging enthusiasm encourages others to step up and speak out. Ajua Mason is a rising star in a new generation of Texas conservatism.

Local Races

Fritz Hager - Smith County Commissioner Pct 1

Endorsement Statement for Fritz Hager for Smith County Commissioner

CC P1 -- Show More
After deep questioning on a broad range of issues important to the principles of individual liberty, limited government, sound fiscal policy, and quality of life in Smith County, the Board of Directors of Grassroots America endorses Fritz Hager for Smith County Commissioner Precinct 1.

Mr. Hager is a West Point graduate and is a combat veteran awarded a Silver Star for valorous action after crossing a minefield outside of Kuwait City to safely evacuate his platoon under enemy fire. He is a successful business executive with two corporations. He is Executive Pastor of a fast-growing church and is also Brigade Chaplin in the Texas State Guard. Hager is currently pursuing a law degree.

Free Enterprise
Mr. Hager has extensive business experience and financial acumen that would prove beneficial to Smith County taxpayers. He has a proven track record of returning dividends to his shareholders. And his record of growing the church for which he has primary responsibility speaks to his convictions

Fiscal Responsibility
The Grassroots America Board analyzed the property tax history for the most recent six years for which the candidate was responsible. Mr. Hager supported reductions in the Tyler ISD operational tax rate in spite of an increase in bonded indebtedness. In addition, Mr. Hager was a trustee and president of Tyler ISD during complicated and expensive building projects. Always knowledgeable about the projects, Hager was a strong voice in the process for completing these large bond projects on time and under budget. He was always a strong supporter of Tyler ISD paying down bond debt early, saving taxpayers millions of dollars in interest.

Limited Government
Mr. Hager is an advocate for restraining the size and cost of county government and gave numerous, specific examples of ideas he wishes to initiate to improve county services while reducing the cost of operations. He does not support toll road schemes where the tolls never come off the road when it is paid for, where profits are privatized, and costs are socialized (taxpayers on the hook for failed tolled companies and debt). Instead, Mr. Hager supports “pay as you go” to maintain roads and bridges without adding debt onto the backs of taxpayers.

Social Conservatism
Fritz Hager is a dedicated supporter of law and order. He is strongly pro-life and spoke extensively about the need to save our community from the encroachment of the cultural Marxism of WOKE ideology. Should our community’s conservative values – rooted in the Judeo-Christian ethic – come under attack, we cannot imagine Fritz Hager being anywhere but on the front lines to apply his conservative standards and values in defense of our community. Nor can we imagine him not applying a rigorous standard of stewardship to the spending of our tax dollars.

Experience and Skills
Fritz Hager exhibits a strong command of financial and operational analytics – skills that are rare in county commissioner candidates. In speaking with people who have known and worked with him for many years, we discovered that Hager is known as a hands-on problem solver with the managerial skills to encourage teamwork and cooperation. With four of the five seats on the Smith County Commissioners Court turning over this election cycle, Fritz Hager’s business skills and experience are greatly needed. We therefore encourage voters to elect Fritz Hager to the Smith County Commissioners Court in the March 1, 2022, Republican Primary.

John Moore - Smith County Commissioner Pct 2

JoAnn Fleming, Executive Director, Board of Directors: “We are proud to endorse practical, commonsense conservative John Moore for Smith County Commissioner Precinct 2.

CC P2 -- Show More
John is hardworking, smart, tech-savvy, and demonstrates an engaged, entrepreneurial, problem-solver approach to government. John possesses a keen instinct for assessing operations to find ways to save money – a priceless and RARE talent in government officials! He is not afraid to do the heavy lifting to find a better, more efficient way to deliver the highest quality services to taxpayers at the very best price. John Moore is unmistakably FOR the taxpayers! Vote John Moore for Smith County Commissioner Precinct 2.”

Marty Reid - Kaufman County Republican Chair

Executive Director JoAnn Fleming: “Because of his team-building abilities, character, and reputation, Marty Reid has earned our endorsement for Kaufman County Republican Party Chairman.

Rep Chair -- Show More
He will be pro-active in the fight for liberty and will uphold conservative values in the community. Marty Reid will work hard to ensure election judges are properly trained to follow the law, while making the voting process friendly and secure.

When it comes to financial and organizational integrity, we have no doubt that Marty will require transparency and adherence to party rules and local bylaws. He will help build a team of Republican Precinct Chairs who stand by the conservative family values found in the Republican Party of Texas Platform. Finally, Marty is a good, decent, likable servant leader with a sense of humor and a deep Christian faith. We urge Kaufman County conservatives to elect Marty Reid as their Republican County Chairman.”

Wayne Allen - Smith County Constable Pct 2

JoAnn Fleming, Executive Director, Board of Directors: “We strongly endorse Wayne Allen for Constable – Smith County Precinct 2.

SC Const P2 -- Show More

Wayne Allen is a principled, veteran law enforcement officer and brings the credentials needed to restore confidence in and rebuild a reputation of honesty and integrity in the Precinct 2 Constable’s office. Wayne Allen is a 28-year veteran of the Tyler Police Department and was a member of the US Secret Service Financial Crimes Task Force. He has been the recipient of numerous honors and awards and has a history of service to his profession and community. His demonstrated principles and credentials fully qualify him to bring transparency, fiscal responsibility, and professionalism to the office of Constable Precinct 2.”

Sara Maynard - Smith County Court at Law 3

JoAnn Fleming, Executive Director: We strongly endorse Sara Maynard for Smith County Court at Law #3.

CCL 3 -- Show More
Uniquely qualified to serve as judge of this Court, she has spent her entire career (25 years) handling family law and misdemeanor criminal cases, which is what the judge of this court will oversee. Sara is a prosecutor serving in this Court for three years. Sara also represented child victims of abuse and neglect in Smith County for 15 years and has proven herself to be diligent, trustworthy, and community-minded by serving as a volunteer Emergency Services District 2 Commissioner, working tirelessly to ensure accountability for tax dollars spent. As an experienced attorney and prosecutor, Sara Maynard knows what it takes to run a court, understanding that justice should be accurate, tough, fair, and swift. We trust Sara Maynard because she is a proven conservative, has the right experience in family law and criminal cases, and will not legislate from the bench.

Curtis Wulf - Smith County Justice of the Peace Pct 4

JoAnn Fleming, Executive Director, Board of Directors: “We recommend Curtis Wulf for Smith County Justice of the Peace, Precinct 4 to replace retiring Judge Mitch Shamburger.

JP P4 -- Show More
Mr. Wulf has the background, experience, and education needed to administer the wide-ranging duties of a JP, from misdemeanor and civil dispute trials, to traffic citations, landlord/tenant disputes, evictions, and inquests. He is committed to working with local law enforcement in the fair adjudication of traffic citations while using citations as an important deterrent to dangerous driving habits, which threaten public safety. His background includes experience as a law enforcement officer, owner of a private investigations business, and a law firm administrator – all-important skills. We believe Wulf is ready to be effective on Day 1.”

Marian Knowlton - Atascosa County Justice of the Peace Pct 2

Endorsement text to come.

CJP P2 -- Show More

Chris Hill - Collin County Judge

JoAnn Fleming, Executive Director: “We heartily endorse proven taxpayer champion Chris Hill for re-election as Collin County Judge.

Collin Cnty Judge -- Show More

Chris Hill is unmistakably FOR taxpayers! He and the Collin County Commissioners have reduced the property tax rate nine consecutive years, adopting the ‘no-new-taxes’ effective rate for the last six years in a row! Because of his principled leadership, his focus on dollar-stretching efficiency, and his problem-solving approach, Collin County has the lowest county property tax rate of all 254 counties. We would steal him if we could!”

Lauren Davis - Dallas County Judge

Endorsement text to come.

Dallas Cnty Judge -- Show More

Rob Farquharson - Kaufman County District Attorney

Endorsement text to come.

KC DA -- Show More

Tim O'Hare - Tarrant County Judge

Bottom line: Tim O’Hare is the ONLY candidate in the Tarrant County Judge race who does not and will not embrace the radical Left!

Tarrant Cnty Judge -- Show More
Rarely presents the chance to endorse such a time-tested, proven conservative fighter for liberty and the family values that the Left and their Rino enablers are hell-bent on destroying. In 2006, Tim caused an uproar among liberals and GOP open border/cheap labor shills when as a City Councilman he warned about the dangers and high cost of lawless illegal immigration. Tim led the effort to bring the 287(g) program to Farmers Branch (first gov’t entity in TX to participate). Through the 287(g) program, ICE deputized/trained local law enforcement to help enforce federal immigration laws by screening jailed non-citizens, determining legal status, and holding illegals for ICE deportation. If all Republican officials had followed Tim’s lead 16 years ago, our border and communities would be secure. Tim O’Hare is a strong social and fiscal conservative – fighting Critical Race Theory in public schools, pushing for gov’t spending cuts that saved millions of tax dollars, and reducing the unfunded pension liability of Farmer’s Branch by almost $20 million! Save Tarrant County – elect Tim O’Hare Tarrant County Judge!

Alex Kim - Judge, 323rd District Court (Tarrant)

Endorsement text to come.

Judge D 323 -- Show More

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