Now that you know how taxpayers fared in the 88th legislative session on transportation/toll issues, see how your state lawmakers voted specifically by viewing our Report Card from the 88th regular session. Time to fire some state lawmakers!

 There were 27 bills used to determine the grades of the 88th Legislature. Not all legislators voted on all 27 bills. Some were strictly committee votes, others were a vote by the full House or full Senate, but might not have made it to a floor vote in the opposite chamber.

Every lawmaker was notified prior to each vote of TURF’s opposition and/or support of these bills and why.


70% of legislature earned an F

16% earned an A or B


35% of House Republicans earned an F

78% of House Republicans got a D or F

13% of House Republicans earned an A or B

Top scoring House Republicans were: Briscoe Cain, Terri Leo-Wilson, Matt Schaefer, Shelby Slawson, & Valoree Swanson

All but ONE Democrat earned an F (Rep. Christian Manuel of HD-22 was the lone D) 


85% of Senate Republicans earned an A or B

Top Republican Senators were: Paul Bettencourt, Bob Hall, Bryan Hughes, Lois Kolkhorst, Mayes Middleton, Charles Schwertner, & Kevin Sparks

Three Republican Senators earned C’s

Lowest scoring Republican Senators were: Donna Campbell, Tan Parker, & Robert Nichols

100% of Senate Democrats earned an F


Time to hold our elected officials ACCOUNTABLE!