Texas Republican Convention delegates will vote to elect Republican Party Leadership at the May 23 – 25 GOP Convention in San Antonio.  In addition to constructing and approving the Republican Party Platform and Rules and identifying Legislative Priorities, the delegation will elect the State Chair, Vice-Chair; a National Committeeman and Committeewoman to represent TX on the Republican National Committee (RNC); and a State Republican Executive Committeeman and Committeewoman from each of the 31 State Senate Districts. The SRECs work with the Chairman and Vice-Chair to manage the mission of the Republican Party of Texas by representing the Republicans in their home districts.

As promised, JoAnn interviewed all eleven candidates for Republican Party of Texas Chair and Vice-Chair. Each interview ran approximately one hour.

We thank the candidates for their eagerness to interview with JoAnn. Each candidate was asked the same set of questions.  These questions were designed to draw out each candidate’s character qualities, core beliefs, principles, experience, leadership style, and vision for leading the Republican Party of Texas. This was not a cross-examination nor a legislative policy interrogation but an effort to ask questions that would allow each candidate to tell the viewer exactly who they are and what they believe.

Neither Grassroots America (nor JoAnn personally) will endorse in the RPT Chair or Vice-Chair race.  Instead, we believe our Coalition leaders and members who are serving as delegates are well able to choose the best people to lead the Republican Party. Our growing and effective Texas Conservative Grassroots Coalition is our top priority.  We will not risk dividing them with such an endorsement.

We encourage you to review these interviews.

Republican Party of Texas Chair Candidate Videos

Republican Party of Texas Vice-Chair Candidate Videos