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These events will NOT be live-streamed or recorded.

Round up your “fed up” friends and neighbors to hear truth as only Texas Conservative Mamas and now Dads can serve it up!

To get on our waitlist for our Fall 2022 Tour, contact our event coordinator Sue Evenwel

Understand Critical Race Theory that teaches hatred and stirs violence, the truth behind the evil sex change mutilations of little children, the transgender lie that is destroying female college sports, and hear how our Republican majority legislature decriminalized voter fraud while ignoring the dangers of digital voter fraud. It will blow your mind!

Hiding our heads in the sand will not save our children and grandchildren! Come out to hear the Texas Conservative Mamas and Dads spell out the imminent dangers and what we MUST do to fight in our local communities!


Featured Panelists

Cindy Asmussen

Legislative Liaison and Ethics & Religious Liberty Advisor, Southern Baptists of Texas Convention
Republican Party of Texas Convention Delegate; Mom Caucus Member; Texas Conservative Mamas; Texas Conservative Grassroots Coalition Leader; Legislative Director, Concerned Women for America of Texas; Grassroots America Champion of Freedom Honoree.

For updates:

Mom Caucus FB page

Concerned Women for America FB page

Message on Facebook: Cindy Asmussen

Trayce Bradford

Eagle Forum National Issues Chair, Human Trafficking
Mom Caucus Member
Texas Conservative Mamas
Texas Conservative Grassroots Coalition Leader
Grassroots America Champion of Freedom Honoree


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Sue Evenwel | Tour Coordinator

903-563-1106 or use the form here.

  • Chair, Titus County Republican Party
  • RPT Priorities working group for Election Integrity
  • Texas Conservative Grassroots Coalition Leader
  • SD 1 Coalition leader
  • Texas Conservative Mamas Truth Tour Coordinator
  • SD Coalition Coordinator
  • Grassroots America Champion of Freedom Honoree

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