Coalition letter to Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick – Grid Security

Feb 9, 2017

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The Honorable Dan Patrick, Lieutenant Governor of Texas

Dear Governor Patrick:

Thank you for your leadership in setting forth a robust, aggressive conservative reform agenda for the 85th Texas Legislative Session. You delivered your priorities for the Texas Senate with clarity and with an unmistakable commitment to advancing the cause of Liberty. We deeply appreciate your stepping forward before the session started with an agenda that closely aligns with the conservative Texas Republican Party Platform.

It is to the conservative 2016 Texas GOP Platform we point as we bring to your attention an extremely important item missing from your legislative priorities – Securing our Texas Grid.

Page 17 of the State GOP Platform reads, “We urge that the Texas Legislature pass legislation to harden the Texas Electric Grid against:
1. Cyber-attacks on the grid’s computerized command and control system.
2. Physical attacks on substations and major high voltage transformers.
3. Geomagnetic storms created by solar flares from the sun.
4. Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP).”

To further support our case, page 6 of the 2016 National Republican Party Platform agrees, “The grid is aging, vulnerable to cyber and terrorist…

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