Coalition Letter to Gov. Abbott regarding new Secretary of State Appointment

Dec 12, 2018

This letter campaign has been completed

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Good evening,

We are pleased to report that 136 political opinion leaders signed on in support of our joint project with Direct Action Texas to deliver a strong message to Governor Abbott, calling on him to ensure his appointee to the position of Secretary of State is a proactive leader on election integrity.  These opinion leaders represent 100 unique organizations and areas of influence across TexasThis is the statewide grassroots army we’ve been building to fight for you!

What is this all about?

On December 6, the current Secretary of State – Rolando Pablos – announced his resignation as Secretary of State, effective December 15.  Governor Abbott was to nominate a replacement, which must be confirmed by the State Senate Nominations Committee and then voted on by the full Senate after the legislature convenes in January. On Monday, December 17, Governor Abbott appointed his own Deputy Chief of Staff David Whitley as the acting Secretary of State (SOS).

Why should this matter to you?

Following the 2017 legislative session, Lt. Governor Dan Patrick appointed a Select Committee on Election Security to research election integrity and to explore ways to ensure our elections are protected.  The committee’s report notes that in 2018, 97 cases of voter fraud were prosecuted. Additionally, there are 59 cases pending prosecution and 63 open investigations. Our subject matter experts, who are investigating leads at the time of this writing, will no doubt be asking for more investigations.

As citizen-initiated investigations continue to reveal escalating evidence of voter fraud, process weaknesses, and what we consider to be rogue actions by SOS employees, who routinely ignore or thwart law by issuing waivers, Texans are demanding that the Secretary of State protect our elections.  For example…

  • We know that people are financing and executing vote-harvesting operations in Texas.
  • We know that non-citizens are illegally registered to vote and voting in our elections.
  • We know unconstitutional waivers are being issued to counties so much so that electronic vote tabulations are not secure. 

It is completely unacceptable for the incoming SOS to maintain the status quo on the items listed above!

Friends, it makes no difference if Texas has strong laws on the books if they are not enforced!

This letter is the first step in a multi-pronged strategy, which will unfold as we get into the session. Read the letter, which was hand-delivered to Governor Abbott and to key state senators by clicking here.

Special Note: Coalition Leaders, now is the time for you to share our Coalition letter with your members and supporters to show how your participation has given them a voice in Austin! Download the letter by clicking here.  Please share on social media.

Thank you to Daniel Greer, Aaron Harris, Dr. Laura Pressley, and all of our other Coalition partners.  Instead of spending time focused on differences, together, the Texas Conservative Grassroots Coalition is making history by making a difference in public policy!

Gratefully serving,

JoAnn Fleming
Executive Director
Grassroots America – We the People PAC

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