Tax relief is needed NOW – Letter to Governor Abbott

May 18, 2020

This letter campaign has been completed

Please do not contact officials on this matter at this time. This is here for archive purposes to let you know how we are working for you.

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Fighting for all Texans, 226 grassroots political opinion leaders – influencers representing 210 unique organizations, political precincts, and districts – just sent Governor Abbott this message:

“Tax relief is needed NOW to alleviate the burdens on families, empower entrepreneurs, and enable employers to further engineer the economic recovery Texans need, want, and deserve.”

Click here to read the Texas Conservative Grassroots Coalition letter and see the signers from across Texas.


How can you help spread the word about tax relief?

  • Be sure to share the link below via your email list. This will help build political pressure on Governor Abbott to deliver needed tax relief!
  • Be sure to share the letter with your State Representative and State Senator; with your organization(s); your State Republican Executive Committeeman and Committeewoman, your Republican County Chair and Precinct Chair if they did not sign the letter; any Texans you know that need tax relief. They need to know about this effort!
  • Please be sure to go to @gawtp on Facebook and Twitter and like/share our posts about “Operation Save Texas Taxpayers” to help us spread the word! 

Spending Cuts –

For those of you jumping up and down in my inbox about spending cuts – we agree!  You must have missed it, but several leaders from Texas Gun Owners of America, Empower Texans, and Grassroots America have been talking about state and local spending cuts on the grassroots weekly virtual town halls.  We’ll be talking more about that this week AND we’ll have more projects for you and your organization(s) to push out about spending cuts.

We are rolling out the activist strategy one step at a time.  Remember, we have folks at all levels of activist experience involved – some are brand new! (We love that!) Some of you “old-timers” (adored & appreciated) have forgotten that we must go at a pace where we can best bring new conservative activists along.

Our mission is to unite, educate and empower Texans to take on Big Government.  The goal here is to teach EFFECTIVE activism through informed citizenship – not create a bunch of noisemakers. The world already has plenty of hot air.

For Liberty – for Texas,

PS Effective Activism 101 – TIP #1:  NEVER, EVER put more than one issue or topic in a communication to ANY elected official!  Use a briefing paper format and keep it to one page for the initial communication.

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