Texas Conservative Grassroots Coalition Supporting a Ban on Sanctuary City Policies

May 3, 2017

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Re: Request for Senate Concurrence with Amended SB 4 passed by the Texas House

Dear Governor Patrick and Members of the Senate GOP Caucus: 

First, we wish to express gratitude to Senator Charles Perry and the Senate GOP Caucus for the passage of SB 4 out of the Senate in February. Thank you for taking a principled stand that has the potential to save many lives.

Governor Dan Patrick, we also are thankful for your unwavering and passionate support for banning dangerous sanctuary city policies in Texas. You have been the strong voice for law and order that Texas has needed for a very long time. You have ably articulated the dangerous nature of sanctuary city policies. Because of your longstanding relationship with us, you are also keenly aware that the conservative Texas grassroots movement has worked since 2011 to get a sound bill passed and signed into law.

We’ve heard every political excuse to cover past failures, but now, …

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