Texas Conservative Grassroots Coalition
for Election Integrity and Ballot Security

May 25, 2017

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In response to the WFAA-TV (Dallas)
investigative reports on voter fraud, the filing of
4 criminal complaints in 4 counties by
Direct Action Texas, and Dr. Laura Pressley’s
ongoing crusade against State & Local officials’
negligence in enforcing election laws,
the Texas Conservative Grassroots Coalition

 asks Gov. Abbott to call a special session to


Grassroots America’s Executive Director JoAnn Fleming says, “We’re happy to join forces with Aaron Harris of Direct Action Texas and Dr. Laura Pressley in their fight against voter fraud. Enough is enough!
It is appalling that neither the Texas Secretary of State nor any election official in any of our 254 counties is mandated by law to verify the driver’s license or Social Security numbers used by individuals when they register to vote! Not only that, but we have a Secretary of State’s Office issuing waivers allowing local election officials to avoid printing paper back-ups to electronic voting machines! The mail-in ballot harvesting schemes uncovered by Aaron Harris and his team at Direct Action Texas is just breathtaking.  
While we are glad to know the Texas Attorney General’s Office is investigating, much more must be done to put a stop to this. Make no mistake – this is not a scheme that can be charged against Democrats alone. We’ve seen enough to believe that there are Republican officials up to their eyeballs in election tampering. This is the way they get their favorite establishment, status-quo protecting officials re-elected over and over again.
The people of Texas MUST rise up and join with us to call on Governor Abbott to use all the powers granted him by the Texas Constitution to address this urgent matter. We must NOT tolerate elected officials turning a blind eye to documented cases of voter fraud and election tampering. Wide-open opportunities for voter fraud aren’t something we should tolerate until the 2019 legislature convenes! Voter fraud is not like accepting the rain ruining a picnic!  
If Texans cannot trust election results, then we are no better than a banana republic. Every Texan should question why the legislature’s committee chairs failed to move bills that would have strengthened election integrity and ballot security. They had 140 days to get the job done. Could it be that the voting machine lobby’s voices ring louder in Austin than those of the People?”

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