The Privacy Act – Unfinished Business a Coalition Letter

May 23, 2017

This letter campaign has been completed

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Facing growing pressure from grassroots groups and his increasingly effective and vocal right flank, Speaker Straus and his leadership team have broken out their time-tested playbook in an attempt to “Pull the Wool” over the eyes of voters across the Lone Star.

After spending the majority of the 85th legislature obstructing and delaying SB 6 – The Privacy Act, Joe & his Rino Brigade decided to pass a worthless and ineffectual amendment here in the last days of the session so that they can claim a great moral victory. Keep your eyes open during the upcoming campaign season, when we point out that the amendment did nothing to protect Texas children from sexual predators. Of course, Straus and allied faux conservative groups will predictably lament that it was the best they could accomplish in the face of “Democratic” obstructionism, when it was the Rino Brigade doing all the stonewalling.

What happens in Austin will not stay in Austin any longer! Grassroots America will continue to shed the unflinching light of truth on Rino efforts to hide their true nature!   

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