Fellow Grassroots Texans:

Texas-style liberty cannot survive if its leaders are driven by pragmatism, which divorced from principles, drives one’s decisions to be based on political expediency (AKA raw fear of losing the next political race).

The media and a myriad of political voices – on both the left and the right – proclaim conservatism on its last legs – if not completely dead in Texas.  This prognosis fits their self-focused, self-justifying narratives, which declare our demise – based solely on the results of one mid-term election. 

We got their memo; promptly filed it our circular file.

But, since some folks appear to be going all wobbly, we’re reaffirming our principle-based legislative priorities for the current Texas Legislative Session.  

Most of these priorities are ones we’ve talked about EVERY legislative session for the past FIVE sessions (you know, back when Republicans had a super majority in the House and a larger majority in the Senate?). 

Truth be told, Republicans have had trifecta rule down at the Capitol since 2003We suggest they stop listening to consultants and listen to the people who hired them at the ballot box…before they go the way of the Dodo bird and are consulted into extinction.

Grassroots America’s Legislative Priorities, simplified:

1) Pass Constitutional Carry & Kill Red Flag Petition Bills

2) End Taxpayer-Funded Lobbying

3) Pro-Life protections for every phase of human life – conception to natural death

4) Property Tax Reform and Structural Property Tax Relief

5) Religious Freedom, including right of conscience

6) Pass Citizen Transportation Protections  

7) Local Taxpayer Debt Reform

8) Border Security/Immigration Enforcement/Ending Magnets & Protection for Sanctuary Businesses & Industries

9) Pass Election Integrity and Ballot Security Reforms

10)  Save the Alamo & the Cenotaph

11) End Tax Abatements, Wind Energy Subsidies, and Other Taxpayer-funded Corporate Welfare & Make Economic Development Transparent Again

12) Ban red light cameras

13) Grid Security: Sustaining Economic Prosperity through Resilient Energy Communities



An Unapologetically Conservative Capitalist – Texas Style,