JoAnn’s note: Republican leaders like Gov. Abbott, Lt. Gov. Patrick, and Speaker Phelan need to STOP being controlled by the NCAA, Big Sports Talking Heads, Big Tech, Big Business, and the LGBTQ++ crowd and defend the people of Texas against the Left and their cultural Marxism! The loud-mouthed female Leftists might not care about protecting female sports for females, but we do!  Males should not compete in female sports. Period. It is time to stop feeding this lunacy of men “identifying” as women.  This alert is from Texas Conservative Mama Dana Harris.


On September 7th, Governor Abbott called the Texas Legislature to pass a Save Women’s Sports bill in its 3rd Special Session which began this month. The bill, SB 3, is designed to protect opportunities for women and girls in athletics by ensuring they are not forced to compete against men playing on women’s sports teams. SB 3 passed the Senate this week 19-12 and is now headed to the House.

SB 3 Falls Short – Does NOT Solve the Problem

The problem is that SB 3 does not include vital protections for women’s collegiate sports, meaning that girls attending any of Texas’ great universities would not be guaranteed a fair and level playing field.  The bill also does not provide a legal remedy to girls who lose a spot on the podium to a male because of unfair policies that allow men on women’s teams.

Editor’s note: allowing biological males to participate in female sports will absolutely deny scholarships to females. This is wrong.

To correct these glaring flaws and get the bill across the finish line, we need Governor Abbott to support protections for college athletes and the inclusion of a legal remedy. And we need him to use all his resources to ensure full passage with that language intact!

Your help is urgently needed! Make 1 call! Write 1 email!

The Governor’s Office needs to hear directly from you that SB 3 must include language protecting college sports for women and effective legal remedies!

This language is critical to the bill, helping Texas to join states like Florida, Arkansas, Mississippi, West Virginia, Montana, and Idaho that protect all girls from kindergarten to college.

Specifically, I am asking you to reach out to Gov. Abbott’s Senior Policy Director, Steve Munisteri, to let him know that this language must be included.


Call Steve Munisteri’s office at 512-463-1830.

Below you’ll find sample talking points, along with real-world examples of young women affected by biological males competing in their sports that you can use when you contact Mr. Munisteri.

You will also find sample tweets for calling attention to this bill on Twitter.

I hope you’ll find these tools useful and effective!

Thank you for taking a stand to save women’s sports! Let’s stand for what’s right while we still can!

Dana Harris

Former CWA State Director and Texas Conservative Mama

PS Be sure to check out my toolkit containing talking points you can use on social media and when contacting Steve Munisteri in the Governor’s Office. For Twitter users, I have included sample Tweets!


Talking Points:

  • Girls deserve the same opportunity as boys to excel and chase their dreams. Allowing boys to compete in girls’ sports shatters dreams and steals opportunities.
  • We must protect fairness for all girls and women – from kindergarten to college – and must ensure that, if a school adopts a harmful policy that allows men to take spots from female athletes, the girls harmed by the policy can get a court order stopping it.
  • Allowing boys to compete in girls’ sports reverses nearly 50 years of advances for women, nullifying the opportunities promised by federal legislation like Title IX, which guarantees women equal access to athletics, scholarships, and educational opportunities on the same basis as men.
  • Boys will always have physical advantages over girls – that’s the reason we have women’s sports. Science and common sense tell us that males are stronger than females. That difference shows up in size, strength, bone density, and even hearts and lungs. No amount of testosterone suppression can eliminate all those advantages.
  • Under SB 3 – with the language added to include college sports – every student will still have the opportunity to participate in sports – no one is shut out. Students can participate on teams with others of the same sex, and they can participate on co-ed teams. This important bill language simply preserves fairness in women’s sports so that no girl ever loses a spot on the team or a place on the podium because of policies that allow biological males to compete on girls’ teams.

Real-World Examples:

  • After the Connecticut Interscholastic Athletic Conference adopted a policy that allows males who identify as female to compete in girls’ athletic events, two male athletes began to do so, depriving Selina Soule, Alanna Smith, Chelsea Mitchell, and Ashley Nicoletti of fair competition, honors, and opportunities to compete at elite levels. These male athletes have won 15 high school track championships that were once held by nine different girls. Watch and share Selina’s story here and Alanna’s story here.
  • June Eastwood, who competed on the University of Montana men’s track team before switching to the female team, easily beat the female competitors to win the women’s mile at the Big Sky Indoor Track & Field Championship in 2020. It was one of several instances where female athletes in the Big Sky Conference lost the opportunities they deserved.  Watch and share footage from that race here.
  • CeCe Telfer, a biological male who identifies as female, competed in the NCAA for two years as a man – ranking 390th nationally for the 400m hurdles in 2017. But as soon as CeCe switched to competing in the women’s division in 2019, CeCe dominated, winning the NCAA Division II National Women’s Championship in the 400m hurdles. CeCe actually improved in several track and field events after a year of testosterone suppression. Female athletes at every other DII school – including those in Texas – have little hope of winning against biological males.

Sample Tweets:

  • Texas’s girls shouldn’t be spectators in their own sports – including those in college! @GovAbbott please ensure that SB 3 protects female college athletes and #SaveWomensSports for everyone. #txlege
  • Allowing males to compete in girls’ sports shatters dreams and opportunities – including at the collegiate level. Texas’s girls deserve better @GovAbbott fix SB 3 to #SaveWomensSports for everyone – Kindergarten to College! #txlege
  • Girls deserve to compete on a level playing field – including those in college. @GovAbbott please stand for #FairPlay in Texas by fixing SB 3 and help #SaveWomensSports for everyone! #txlege