Grassroots Army Delivers Hard-Fought Wins

Endorsing politicians may take the credit, but candidates could not win without the volunteers
who work hard to turn out the vote! Thank you!  

The conservative grassroots made the establishment spend millions of dollars on this primary cycle. Great candidates! Great ground game!

Our Strongly Endorsed Conservative Candidate Winners are:

J. Scott Herod, Smith County Commissioner, Pct 3, 90%

AJ Louderback, HD 30, open seat 55%

Katrina Pierson, HD 33, fired Justin Holland 56.3%

Helen Kerwin, HD 58, fired Dewayne Burns 57.5%

Keresa Richardson, HD 61, fired Frederick Frasier 67.6%

Andy Hopper, HD 64, fired Lynn Stucky 58.1%

David Lowe, HD 91, fired Stephanie Klick 56.6%

Kim Laseter, 401st Judicial District Court, Collin County 67%

Cary Mellema, Sheriff, Wise County 62%

Too close to call at the time of this writing:
Jamie Kohlmann, State Board of Ed. District 12
A strong classical education advocate, Jamie will stay
in the trenches if she does not win this time!

Other Hard-Fought Campaigners

Jace Yarbrough, Senate District 30 | Jace will stay in the trenches!

Chris Spencer, HD 1 (VanDeaver)

Ben Bius, HD 12, open seat

Cheryl Bean, HD 97, open seat | Cheryl will stay in the trenches!

David Covey, HD 21, Dade Phelan held his seat with 366 votes.
Phelan turned out Democrats to vote in the Republican runoff. The Covey
Campaign has identified at least 1,442 Democrats who voted early in Jefferson County.  This was 20% of the early vote.
Dave Covey will stay in the trenches!

Dr. Mary Bone, State Board of Ed. District 10
A strong classical education advocate,
Mary will stay in the trenches!

Joyce Yannuzzi, Comal County Commissioner, Prec. 1
Joyce is VERY smart and incredibly talented.
She’s not going away.