Nov. 8th General Election 2022
 VOTING Dates & Hours
Mon. thru Fri., Oct. 31-Nov. 4: 7 AM – 7 PM
ELECTION DAY | Tues. Nov. 8th | 7 AM – 7 PM

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General Election November 8, 2022
Simple Voter Guide Message:

This is a November General Election. Your choice is a Republican candidate or a Democrat candidate. (Other minor factional parties are also on the ballot – Greens, Martians, etc.)

There is NO Straight Ticket Voting!  You must go down the ballot to vote in each race.  Party labels are next to each name.

There are occasional write-ins across this big state.  Check with local organizers if you have those on your ballot. Grassroots America conducts deep vetting for March Primaries where there is a choice between America First Conservatives and status quo-protecting, “leans-Democrat” Republicans.

Our Recommendations & Why

Reject the Left’s “in your face” tyranny and depravity-pushing, child-molesting agenda by voting against Texas Democrats! 

Races toward the end of the ballot are important! 
Do not skip them! 

Democrats do damage anywhere they gain a foothold.

FACT: Texas Democrats will not resist anything Biden wants to do to Texas.
All Democrats will embrace the DC Occupiers’ agenda.

Of course, based on their record in office (what they have done/not done), some Texas Republicans have badly let conservatives down.

We made that abundantly clear leading up to the March 2022 Republican Primary Election, but the Primary Election results yielded these November 8th ballot choices, which comes down to this question: “Who will hurt Texas more?” 

Most Republicans will have the good sense to try to slow down the Left’s march across Texas.  We must hold Texas.  To lose Texas to the Left will most certainly unleash the hounds of hell on Texas.

America First Conservatives, look at this general election as our only a chance to hold Texas as we redouble our efforts to elect more America First Republicans in the 2024 Primary!

 Don’t boycott voting!
 Don’t vote for Donkeys!

The ongoing, evil-fueled attacks against President Trump and America First Republicans are proof that it is a savage fight we face against a hostile legacy media and a deeply entrenched political class. Don’t make our fight harder by giving any quarter to Democrats!

Voter Guide Clear Enough?

Pray for your community, Texas, and our nation. Ask God for deliverance.


JoAnn Fleming
Executive Director
Grassroots America – We the People PAC