2024 RPT Runoff Results

2024 RPT Runoff Results

Grassroots Army Delivers Hard-Fought Wins

Endorsing politicians may take the credit, but candidates could not win without the volunteers
who work hard to turn out the vote! Thank you!  

The conservative grassroots made the establishment spend millions of dollars on this primary cycle. Great candidates! Great ground game!

Our Strongly Endorsed Conservative Candidate Winners are:

J. Scott Herod, Smith County Commissioner, Pct 3, 90%

AJ Louderback, HD 30, open seat 55%

Katrina Pierson, HD 33, fired Justin Holland 56.3%

Helen Kerwin, HD 58, fired Dewayne Burns 57.5%

Keresa Richardson, HD 61, fired Frederick Frasier 67.6%

Andy Hopper, HD 64, fired Lynn Stucky 58.1%

David Lowe, HD 91, fired Stephanie Klick 56.6%

Kim Laseter, 401st Judicial District Court, Collin County 67%

Cary Mellema, Sheriff, Wise County 62%

Too close to call at the time of this writing:
Jamie Kohlmann, State Board of Ed. District 12
A strong classical education advocate, Jamie will stay
in the trenches if she does not win this time!

Other Hard-Fought Campaigners

Jace Yarbrough, Senate District 30 | Jace will stay in the trenches!

Chris Spencer, HD 1 (VanDeaver)

Ben Bius, HD 12, open seat

Cheryl Bean, HD 97, open seat | Cheryl will stay in the trenches!

David Covey, HD 21, Dade Phelan held his seat with 366 votes.
Phelan turned out Democrats to vote in the Republican runoff. The Covey
Campaign has identified at least 1,442 Democrats who voted early in Jefferson County.  This was 20% of the early vote.
Dave Covey will stay in the trenches!

Dr. Mary Bone, State Board of Ed. District 10
A strong classical education advocate,
Mary will stay in the trenches!

Joyce Yannuzzi, Comal County Commissioner, Prec. 1
Joyce is VERY smart and incredibly talented.
She’s not going away.

SoS Voter Errors Update 2

SoS Voter Errors Update 2

Editor’s note: The author of the following message – Brett Rogers – has worked thirty years in the IT business and over twenty years with enterprise database tools – for Fortune 100 companies and dozens of small and mid-size clients.  He can be reached here: brett@rightrally.com.

One Citizen, One Vote –
Our Reasonable Expectation
By Brett Rogers, Data Analyst
Marketing and IT tool development services

Texans deserve a fair and accurate election system. One citizen, one vote.

As I wrote recently, “If ours is truly a government of ‘We the People,’ then transparency is prerequisite. Transparency safeguards citizens.”

In the past week, Grassroots America – We the People worked behind the scenes to connect with various elected officials to understand the anomalies that we found in the Election Information and Turnout Data made available at the Secretary of State website. We’re thrilled at the transparency of this data. We applaud the Secretary of State for making it available to us.

I didn’t download this data to cause trouble, or even to pursue issues of election integrity. I did it to assist “get out the vote” efforts across the state of Texas. But the data guy in me always checks the data with which I work, so I did some basic integrity checks. One of those checks is a duplication check. Minutes later, I discovered duplicates in the data.

I reached out to JoAnn with my discovery, and she encouraged me to keep an eye on it and keep her informed. As I found that this was a consistent discovery in each day’s data download, she began using her contacts to reach out to people. She reached out to Sen. Bob Hall and Sen. Tan Parker, both of whom care about this issue very much. JoAnn also reached out to AG Paxton, who instructed one of his Deputy AGs call her. They are watching our reports.

I reached out to a well-known data analyst here in Texas. I didn’t hear from him, but I did later through Twitter, after the information had gone public. I’ll discuss that more in a moment.

Sen. Hall contacted me and said that this was likely a poll book issue, but had no concrete explanation. I appreciated his time.

As we progressed toward the end of early voting, JoAnn made the decision to elevate it in an email that was sent out on Wednesday evening, February 28th.

The next morning, Thursday, we noticed that the duplications we’d found were cleaned up and no longer in the data. Shortly thereafter, I heard from Sen. Tan Parker. We discussed the issue. I told him of the new duplicates of the day. He later returned in a phone call with Christina Adkins of the Secretary of State’s office. We had a good conversation for 15 minutes.

They expressed their thanks, they agreed with our concerns, and we discussed the issues with the “unofficial” 2024 data and with the “official” 2022 data. They agreed that more should come of this. Sen. Parker asked his aide on the call to begin to work on legislation for the next session to help safeguard election integrity.

That evening, at the request of an SREC, I met online with RPT Vice-Chair Dana Myers and 18 SREC representatives for close to an hour. I showed them how I discovered the issue, some of the concerns I had, and took their questions. It was a productive conversation. In my mind, we’d done what we could to ensure integrity in this period of early voting in the primary.

On Friday, a few people went on Twitter to deride our efforts. I find that unfortunate, as one of them was the very person to whom I reached out earlier in the week who chose not to have a conversation with me.

Social media feels safe for its distance, and insults can be fun, but an earnest effort to secure our election data with simple checks, such as for duplicates, is entirely reasonable. I’ve invited this individual via a response to his Twitter attack to have an actual conversation. Perhaps one day we will. I enjoy his emails about the election as it progresses.

I believe strongly in a limited government, where consent of the governed matters to those elected. When there is a lack transparency, when we discover issues, and when we have concerns, we have the right to address those matters with the folks in government.

I want to thank Christina Adkins for her welcome candor and willingness to listen. I want to thank Sen. Tan Parker for his initiative to do the right thing in securing elections. I thank Sen. Bob Hall for his persistent efforts to ensure that our elections are not a black box where there is no transparency. Grassroots America Board member Tom Fabry is due a salute as well since he checked and double-checked my findings.  Tom is quite the analyst himself having led the design, construction, and operation of a global network of six engineering and research & development labs across four continents for Hewlitt-Packard (HP) and their global clients, a position he held until retiring.

Most of all, I want to thank JoAnn Fleming. Fighting for the common-sense Republican priorities will bring its detractors. JoAnn doesn’t care about the naysayers. She will do what she has to do to fight for the priorities of commonsense Texans who know that election integrity matters.

One citizen, one vote – in a system that is so transparent that that no Texan can question it – that’s the goal. We’re not there yet, but we can get there.

God bless Texas,

SoS Voter Errors Update 2

SOS Voter Errors Update

This is an update on our alert last evening exposing the SOS duplicate voters showing up in Early Voting files.

Read through this first, in case you missed the alert.

Also, please direct all voter data questions to our lead data analyst Brett Rogers, brett@shootmealready.com.

Interesting! We noticed this morning that the alert we sent yesterday demonstrating how voter duplicates had been added into the voter cumulative totals shown on the SOS website got somebody’s attention! The duplicates we highlighted last evening are now removed.
That’s nice, but it swept the problem under the rug.  That did not address The Problem. We downloaded the data for Feb. 27 and Feb. 28 and found these duplicates in new counties:

The underlying problem remains! There are no controls in place to prevent this from happening in the first place. There should be and we won’t stop until the necessary controls are there.  Like you, we are tired of the foot-dragging on the most basic elements of election integrity!

This is NOT a new problem. We downloaded the data from the 2022 Republican Primary and found these duplicates as well.  NOTE the instances where the SAME Voter Unique Identifier (VUID) shows up voting by mail and in-person! 

And don’t get us started with the 2022 General Election results… 
The bottom line is this: there needs to be controls in place to prevent this from happening. Those controls are not in place, and if election integrity matters to those in office here in Texas, then those in charge of managing this need to know that we are monitoring this and will continue to point it out until those controls are in place.

SoS Voter Errors Update 2

Warning Voter Data Errors Found

Warning! What you are about to see is disturbing.

Grassroots America is providing total transparency –
documenting a very real, serious problem with actual early voting data.

Inaccurate voter data must be corrected NOW – and prevented –
before any “official” results of the 2024 Primary Election are published.

Our Executive Director has been alerting elected officials for the last few days and spoke with a Deputy Attorney General today.
It’s time you know about it, see it for yourself, and demand answers.

FACT:  The Texas Secretary of State’s “official” early voting results lack integrity controls.

This is not a statistical anomaly,
but specific, auditable examples of duplicate early voter records.

Grassroots America’s data analysts* have discovered:

  • Several thousand duplicate votes recorded for the same VUIDs (VUID = Voter Unique Identifier) over six days!
  • Duplicate voters recorded for the same VUID on DIFFERENT days!
  • Duplicate voter records for the same VUID voting in person AND by mail!

These duplicates are included in the Secretary of State’s Official Election Results.

This is absolutely provable.  
It is NOT acceptable.  
It must be corrected now.
It cannot wait until after early voting closes!

There may well be some erroneous data coming from the counties.  But the real problem lies at the Secretary of State’s Office – the agency charged with enforcing election integrity laws and the repository of “official” election results.  They obviously do not have the most rudimentary controls in their intake, data validation, and batch control processes, or these duplicates could not be recorded.

FACT: Grassroots America’s data team has discovered that there are duplicates in the cumulative voter totals at the Secretary of State website.  Now, we’ll show you how you can replicate the problem yourself – see below:

The following counties show duplicates:

Potter, Hale, Medina, Bandera, Wichita, Brazoria, Dickens, Camp, Fort Bend, Young, Delta, Zavala, Culberson, Wheeler, Comal, and Jack counties.  There may be more in the days ahead.

This demands an investigation by the Attorney General,
 the Secretary of State, and county officials.

Appropriate safeguards and integrity measures must be in place to prevent this! Prevention of recording duplicate votes is a reasonable expectation and a BASIC standard! 

Contact your State Republican Executive Committee representatives and request the Republican Party of Texas take action. Find contact form at the bottom of this linked site.

 Call Secretary of State Jane Nelson. Let her know you are aware of a problem that needs her immediate attention!
(512) 463-5770

 Contact SoS Nelson’s Director of the Elections Division, Christina Adkins (512) 463-9859 | Email: CAdkins@sos.texas.gov

 Contact your State Representative and State Senator. Find contact information here.

See the proof for yourself! Replicate the report and view the SOS duplicates with these steps:

STEP 1:  Go to: https://earlyvoting.texas-election.com/Elections/getElectionEVDates.do

STEP 2:  Select the March 5th Republican Primary.

STEP 3:  Then select February 23rd and click Submit.

STEP 4:  You will get the following report.  Scroll down to CAMP county and use Click Here to download the CSV file.

STEP 5:  Open the CSV in Excel, you can see the duplicates (just as we found below).

Want to see all duplicates, which counties have duplicates on which days? Go to:

Note: For the tech folks: This four-minute VIDEO documents the actual steps our data team followed to validate the duplicate voter record problem.   You can also view the actual .CSV files downloaded from the SOS site in a zip file HERE

*Two of our leading data analysts:
Brett Rogers | 30 years in the IT business and over twenty years with enterprise database tools; worked for Fortune 100 companies and dozens of small and mid-size clients.  brett@rightrally.com

Tom Fabry | Led the design, construction, and operation of a global network of six engineering and research & development labs across four continents for Hewlitt-Packard (HP) and their global clients, a position he held until retiring. tcfabry@yahoo.com

Texas 2023 Constitutional Amendments Voter Guide

Texas 2023 Constitutional Amendments Voter Guide

These Amendments = the Legislature’s “Get out of Jail Free” card. They’re asking you to “bust” their spending limits for them!

Voters, beware! You are being used to grow government! Here’s how:

The Texas Legislature wanted to spend more money than allowed by the Texas Constitution. They were constitutionally constrained from spending all the money by the Tax Spending Limit in the Texas Constitution, which limits spending growth of “state tax revenues not dedicated by this constitution” to no more than the growth of the state economy.

So, instead of doing it themselves, they are asking voters to change the state constitution, using you – the voter – to “bust” the state spending limits with the Constitutional Amendments on the November 7, 2023, ballot. They KNOW turnout for these amendment elections is very low and that most of the amendments pass!

If Texas voters fall for it, their approval gives the Texas Legislature the authority to permanently grow state government. If these amendments pass, it will increase spending by at least $13.8 Billion over the next two years.

How Does This Happen with a Republican-controlled Texas House and Senate?

Conservative spending hawk and subject matter expert on economic, regulatory, energy, and fiscal policy, Bill Peacock explains, “ The limits of the Tax Spending Limit can be exceeded if “approved by a record vote of a majority of the members of each house.” But voting to exceed the spending cap meant Texas politicians would be faced with another constraint – angry Texas voters who might object to their increasing spending by $56.5 billion while only putting $12.7 billion into property tax relief.”

Meanwhile, conservative economist and Texas budget specialist Vance Ginn says that these spending propositions “will grow government with new funds dedicated outside of the spending limit without legitimate roles for government, and prop 4 would narrow the school property tax base by raising the homestead exemption, thereby necessitating higher tax rates – making it more costly for Texans and making it more complicated and longer to eliminate those taxes.”

You can fight back! You can say “NO” to growing state government.

Unanimous, strong endorsement of Judge Sara Maynard

Unanimous, strong endorsement of Judge Sara Maynard

Unanimous, strong endorsement of Judge Sara Maynard

Smith County Court at Law 2

March 2024 Republican Primary Election 

Appointed by the Smith County Commissioners Court to fill the bench vacancy, Sara Maynard has been serving as Smith County Court at Law 2 Judge since January of 2023. In that time, she has reduced the office budget and the backlog of cases.  This court handles family law matters, including protective orders, divorces, and child custody, as well as criminal misdemeanors and all extraditions for Smith County, and civil matters such as contract disputes, eminent domain, and personal injuries.

Judge Maynard served the prior four years as an assistant district attorney prosecuting both misdemeanor and felony cases in the juvenile court of Smith County.

She began her career by founding and managing her own business for over 20 years – a law firm dealing in civil, criminal, and family law.  Her business experience affords her the ability to make tough budgetary decisions while striving to do the job right – delivering the highest quality services at the very best price.  Judge Maynard also served as a prosecutor at Tyler Municipal Court for twelve years.

Additionally, Judge Maynard has a long record of service. She served as an appointed volunteer Emergency Services District 2 Commissioner and filled the role of secretary for the Board of Commissioners, working tirelessly to ensure accountability for tax dollars spent.  She and her husband Roy coached debate at Good Shepherd School, qualifying 20 students to the prestigious national tournament in 20 years.  As an attorney in private practice, she became one of less than a hundred attorneys Board Certified in Juvenile Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization.

Judge Maynard has a long history of community involvement, including the Smith County Republican Women’s Club, serving as Secretary for the Smith County Republican Club, as a founding board member for the new conservative Lindale Republican Club, as a Republican precinct chair, an election judge, and parliamentarian for the Smith County Republican Party. She is a long-time member of Grassroots America, served on their Local Government Watchdog Committee, and has taught parliamentary procedure to their Coalition leaders.

Judge Maynard’s record and practice have long demonstrated that she values the principles of limited government, individual liberty, and personal responsibility.  She is committed to the separation of powers, and believes that a judge must administer the law, rather than make new law. In observing her service as judge for the last several months, we are certain that we can count on Judge Sara Maynard to never “write law” from the bench. We therefore strongly urge Smith County voters to hire her at the ballot box in March 2024 to serve as Judge of the Smith County Court at Law 2 bench. 

JoAnn Fleming

Executive Director

For the Board of Directors, Grassroots America – We the People PAC™