Candidate Forum & Interviews Videos | 2022 TX GOP Vice-Chair Race

Candidate Forum & Interviews Videos | 2022 TX GOP Vice-Chair Race

Grassroots America was asked by several leaders in our statewide Texas Conservative Grassroots Coalition if we would conduct job interviews with the candidates for Vice-Chair of the Republican Party of Texas. Believing this job interview project would yield important information for RPT Convention Delegates who will vote on the Vice Chair, our Board of Directors approved the non-budgeted expenditures for hiring a professional videographer, a professional stage set-up, and renting a facility.

No candidate, campaign staffer, questioner, Coalition leader, or Board Member saw the questions before the event. Executive Director JoAnn Fleming has a very strict code for maintaining question security for all candidates in every race. This is not a game.

Elected leadership is serious business – most especially when liberty is under constant assault. If there was ever a time when conservatives needed to raise standards for themselves as well as their opponents, that time is NOW.

We were not looking for bumper sticker sound bites. The questions were designed to bring out the candidates’ core principles, values, skill sets, and intent for the office they are seeking.

We appreciate the participation of all three candidates – Alma Jackson, Dana Myers, and Adrienne Pena-Garza. We thank our selected forum masters – Mom Caucus Members Trayce Bradford and Dana Harris. Thanks to Grassroots America Board Member Sue Evenwel for stepping in for JoAnn for the “on camera” introductions and acting as interview timekeeper.

We present to you the candidates via video answering for themselves. To assist you with the content, we are providing the list of questions asked to each candidate. All were asked the same questions in the same order.

We will not interpret the responses. We will not answer for the candidates. We will not respond to sandbox comments. Delegates have factual information now from which to make a wise choice. It is up to each delegate to make that decision.

Liberty principles and Christian values found in God’s Word matter more to us than the social media sandbox chatter ever will. The ability of our Texas Conservative Grassroots Coalition to unite around these principles and values, fight for, and uphold these time-tested standards is our focus. These principles and values are more important than any single political personality. People come and go. Timeless principles and Truth endure when we make those our compass.

Always Joshua 1:9,

JoAnn Fleming
Executive Director
Grassroots America – We the People PAC

Proposed Resolutions for 2022 RPT Platform

Proposed Resolutions for 2022 RPT Platform

Dear Texas Conservatives:

Your last chance to vote was today, but your work is not done.

Stop the effort to purge grassroots conservatives from the Republican Party of Texas convention process! Show up with conservative friends and participate! 

What you need to know:

Precinct Conventions:  Some Republican County organizations hold voting precinct conventions at 7 PM as soon as the polls close.  Some hold precinct conventions a different day.  Find out about your county…

When and Where: Your 2022 Precinct Convention will be held sometime after the polls close on Primary Election Day (March 1, 2022) and before the start of the County/Senate District Conventions (March 26, 2022). Some precinct conventions happen right after the polls close at your polling location; others happen days later at another location. All precinct conventions in your county should be held on the same day. The precinct convention notice should be posted at your polling location, but please check with your local Republican County Chair for the most up-to-date information on where your precinct convention will be held.  Click this link to find contact information for your Republican Party County Chair.

For Grassroots America’s home base county –
Smith County – our Precinct Conventions
will be held Saturday March 5, 2022 at 10:00 AM.

Click here – find your precinct convention location.

Why attend your precinct convention? You can help build a conservative Republican Party of Texas Platform up from the grassroots level!

Warning:  Democrats who voted in the Republican Party Primary can attend GOP precinct conventions and work to pass liberal Democrat resolutions.  If conservatives don’t show up, while Democrats and Rinocrats do, guess what happens? 

How you can be a delegate
to your precinct, county and state
Republican Conventions:
Click here for a handy one-page guide.

Conservative Republican Platform Resolutions
submitted by our
Texas Conservative Grassroots Coalition Leaders

The Republican Party of Texas rules require you to submit THREE COPIES of each resolution at your precinct convention. Bring your conservative friends (who voted in the Republican Primary) with you to your voting precinct convention to help get your resolutions approved!  These will then go to your Senate District or County Convention for consideration.  If approved at the Senate District/County Convention level, they will go on to the State Republican Platform Committee for consideration.

You may download and print these resolutions or use as a guide to write your own:

Texas Eagle Forum Resolutions

Preserving the existing platform on transportation and toll roads

What’s in your current party platform?

Opposing the Imposition of Climate or Social Justice Policies that Restrict Transportation

Opposing the federal mileage tax

Resolution in Support of a Ban on Taxpayer-Funded Lobbying

Resolution in Support of a “No-Growth” Budget

Resolution in Support of Eliminating the Property Tax

Republican Party Conflict of Interest

Texas Border Security

One Texas Electric Grid

Resolution to Hold Abortionists Accountable

Resolution to Make Repealing the Anti-Life 10-Day Rule a Legislative Priority

Resolution to Build a Pro-Life Texas After Roe

Resolution Calling for Ban on Mandatory COVID Vaccination(s)

Ban on Mandatory COVID Vaccination(s) & Face Masks

Resolution Calling for the Bringing of the Texas Disaster Act of 1975 in Compliance with the Texas Constitution

Resolution to Amend the Texas Constitution to allow the Legislature to call for a Special Legislative Session

Resolution to allow the Senate District to be included in the selection of the SREC member to fill a mid-term vacancy

Require Public Education on the Humanity of the Preborn Child

Resolution to Repeal Kinsey Based Laws

Resolution Opposing Gambling in Texas

Resolution Opposing President Biden’s “American the Beautiful” known as 30 x 30 Program

Resolution for Parents’ Right to Know and Consent

Resolution Calling for Honest Elections

Border Security Resolution

Election Integrity Resolution

Electro-Magnetic Pulse Protection Resolution

Patients Freedom in Healthcare Resolution

Patient’s Bill of Rights Resolution

A special “thank you” to all who submitted resolutions in the midst of a busy Primary Election Season.  These are by no means all the resolutions Grassroots America supports, but these are the ones sent to us by our deadline.   We will send more resolutions before Friday as late ones come in.  Please note:  We cannot possibly fill hundreds of requests to write resolutions for your precinct convention.  Please take the initiative and write your own!  

Let’s show the DC insiders and the Austin Cartel meddling in the Texas Republican Party that conservatives aren’t going anywhere!  Keep the Republican Party of Texas Platform conservative!

When conservatives unite around liberty principles – Freedom Wins!

JoAnn Fleming
Executive Director
Grassroots America – We the People PAC

March 1, 2022 Republican Primary | Endorsements Updated 

Thanks for asking, but we just cannot possibly interview all Republican candidates appearing on ballots in all 254 counties. 

We are swamped with questions about candidates and cannot possibly send a personalized reply back to each person.

We will be posting even more videos and updates on candidates soon.    Yes, we are not pushing early voting this time for a very good reason.  Early voting tally tapes are not required to be printed by the Secretary of State at the end of early voting and before early voting equipment is moved.  We are NOT suggesting the results should be printed and made public, (which would be illegal) but rather the tallies “memorialized” for use in verifying early voting results. If your county has a paper ballot backup system for early voting, that is better, but for counties without paper ballot backups for early voting, verifying election results for early voting is a problem.  Election Day voting is recommended. That is our opinion based on much study and input from subject matter experts.  If you disagree, that is your business.  

Don’t Know Trayce Bradford, Conservative Republican Candidate for TX Lt. Governor? 

Don’t Know Trayce Bradford, Conservative Republican Candidate for TX Lt. Governor?  You should!  One of our strongly endorsed candidates, Trayce does NOT support Republicans appointing Democrats to committee chair positions NOR does she support the Republican majority in the TX Senate passing liberal education bills! See what Trayce says about pandering to Democrats!

In His Own Words:

WHY Louie Gohmert is leaving a safe seat in Congress, where he could have been part of a new Republican majority to come home to fight for Texas.

Anti-Endorsement of Self-Disqualified Governor Greg Abbott for Re-Election

SMITH COUNTY, Texas, June 4, 2021 – Today,JoAnn Fleming, Executive Director of Grassroots America – We the People PAC followed Wise County Conservatives in issuing its own “Anti-Endorsement” of Greg Abbott for re-election. [Updated 1.10.22 to reflect failure to call a 4th Special Session.]

Fleming said, “In agreement with the Wise County Conservatives Board, Grassroots America’s Board of Directors is not yet prepared to endorse a candidate for the 2022 Gubernatorial election, but we are fully prepared to announce that    we will not endorse the current Governor of Texas, Greg Abbott.

“The singular purpose of government is to protect the liberties of the people. Greg Abbott swore an oath to protect and defend the Constitution of Texas and yet, for more than a year, he flagrantly broke this vow when he unilaterally, without legislative approval:

  • closed what he termed ‘non-essential’ small businesses, while leaving Big Box corporate businesses open – destroying jobs, crushing families, and killing lifetime investments;
  • forced abandonment of elderly family members and special needs children with isolation mandates;
  • denied Texans access to non-COVID-19 health care by deeming those needs as elective;  
  • fast-tracked a $295 million contact tracing contract, mandated masks, limited freedom of assembly, and shut down schools.

“In addition, even though the Texas Constitution (Article 1, Section 6) protects the ‘natural and indefeasible’ right of worship, Gov. Abbott facilitated the closure of churches by local tyrants throughout the state – in the absence of any legal justification. Finally, the Texas Constitution (Article 1, Section 13) declares – ‘all courts shall be open’ and yet the court system was essentially shut down for months, again in the absence of any legal power granted to the executive branch.

“Two of the nine Texas Republican Party Priorities for the 87th Session sought relief from Governor Abbott’s expansive interpretation of his executive power because Governor Greg Abbott was derelict in his duty to protect and defend the rights of Texans during a time that they most needed an advocate.

“Abbott not once used his influence to pass legislation to end sex change butchery and chemical destruction of children – a Republican Party of Texas Legislative Priority supported by 94.65% of 2020 GOP Primary voters! In the last two legislative sessions, Abbott failed to pass election integrity measures that would strengthen ballot security by reducing the risk of digital/electronic fraud.  Texas Governor since 2015, Abbott has failed to verify the registered voter list to remove illegal aliens, felons, the deceased, and double registrations. In 2021, he signed into law SB1, which lowered the criminal penalties for voter fraud from a 2nd Degree Felony to a Class A Misdemeanor and allows political parties and candidates to send out unsolicited mail ballots!  He has ignored calls from the People of Texas 4th Special Session to restore criminal penalties.

“Abbott has done nothing to put Texans first by ending the magnets that attract and reward illegal border crossers. For the seven years he has been governor, Abbott has never done more than participate in federal “catch and release” at the border. He has not kept his promise of meaningful, lasting property tax cuts and has instead grown the size and scope of state government. When it comes to our gun rights, Abbott showed a willingness to embrace red flag laws and increase regulatory burdens on gun owners in his 2018 School and Firearm Safety Action Plan. Finally, Abbott has refused to convene the legislature to outlaw Covid-19+++ vaccine mandates while his executive order is ignored.   

“Greg Abbott is long on talk but fails to deliver measurable results. During his Disaster Declaration for COVID-19 and his behavior during the past legislative sessions, we learned from Greg Abbott’s own actions that we cannot trust him to protect and defend our liberty. For this reason, above all, we cannot support his re-election.”