The Attempted Purge of

“America’s Bishop”

Bishop Joseph Strickland

11-12-23 | JoAnn Fleming

The enemy is already here.

Make no mistake.  What just happened to a Bible-believing, Christ-KNOWING Catholic Bishop in the pseudo fairy-tale city of Tyler, Texas, is part of a PURGE – a purge planned and orchestrated by global elites determined to force everybody to accept all manner of chosen deviancy as normal, acceptable, faux god-approved behavior dressed up in “me-ism” – the first doctrine of moral relativism.

The purge’s mission is to rid this world of any who dare speak boldly about the existence of absolutes.

Removal of absolute Truth blesses prideful, pleasure-seeking hedonism.

Hedonism eats the soul, creating hopeless victims who create ever more miserable victims. It’s an evil spawned in Hell and distributed by rebellious evil-doers motivated to win a spiritual battle they can never eternally win.

On Saturday, November 11, 2023, the purge hit very close to home.  We learned that the fiercely brave, yet gentle giant – Tyler’s Tweeting Bishop Joseph Strickland had been fired by the Pope. Why? Strickland refused to recant, apologize, or resign.

Though we prayed it would not be so, this was inevitable – for Joseph Strickland is a man of God who long ago counted the cost of truly following Jesus.  He believes with every fiber of his being and to the uttermost depths of his soul that Jesus Christ is the Way, the Truth and the Life, yesterday, today and forever. He can do no less than submissively serve his King and Master – no matter the cost.

Bishop Strickland often said, “All the efforts to change and twist the truth will fall to dust.”  This reality is indelibly engrained in his being.  He cannot shirk from it.  He cannot sit quietly by while others dilute the Cause and Ways of Christ.

What were Joseph Strickland’s “crimes” you might ask?  He dared say aloud that desecrating human life will have consequences. He dared call abortion murder and publicly called for the Church to denounce Biden’s fake Catholicism. In May, Strickland wrote on the X social media platform, “I believe Pope Francis is the Pope, but it is time for me to say that I reject his program of undermining the Deposit of Faith. Follow Jesus.”  Then, Strickland dared join the June 16 protest at Dodger Stadium, denouncing the mocking, vilely blasphemous Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence – a troupe of drag queens. This is when the Vatican pressure unmistakably escalated against Bishop Strickland.

Bottom line – Joseph Strickland dared to speak out against evil – especially the kind that destroys children. Joseph Strickland’s true north is always Christ, and as he stands against evil, he never fails to point mankind to Christ as the ONLY source of Truth.  Strickland’s unrelenting focus on the Christ of Holy Scripture (not the man-made, “rabbit’s foot” jesus) got him into trouble.

We admire Joseph Strickland and thank God for his courageous devotion to Christ and his visibly courageous active faith. He fears God rather than man.  How refreshing!

Frankly, it is the deepest prayer of our hearts that strong, brave Christian men would rise up to join Joseph Strickland.  Our culture, our local community, Texas, and our nation are crumbling for lack of strong, wise, vocal manly men!

Those who claim Christ are the least Christ-like when they embrace a God-less culture because of sheer cowardice. Silence from Christian pulpits in the face of our nation’s cultural rot is blasphemous to the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit they claim to serve.

Condoning sin because it is chic, trendy, popular, and applauded is weakness cloaked in counterfeit love. Stripped down, it is a determined, yet futile prideful rebellion against God’s Ways. The Lord God Almighty will not change His mind about willful sin – any willful, unrepentant sin – no matter how loud the demon-inspired protests to Truth become nor how much society excuses and glorifies that sin.

We are so happy and blessed to know a man who will not recant the Truth established in his heart by His Lord and Savior.  God’s Ways are alive in the heart of Joseph Strickland and the Peace of Christ rests upon him.

No doubt, at the end of his earthly sojourn, Joseph Strickland will hear Christ Jesus warmly say,  “Well done, my good and faithful servant.”

Those with the spiritual eyes to “see” and the spiritual ears to “hear,” understand all that they are  discerning. They know the hour.

The enemy is already here. 

We are to occupy until King Jesus returns – not pacify.  The purge only works if we are intimidated into silent acceptance.

May you boldly seek the Author and Finisher of the only faith that will stand.