This is an update on our alert last evening exposing the SOS duplicate voters showing up in Early Voting files.

Read through this first, in case you missed the alert.

Also, please direct all voter data questions to our lead data analyst Brett Rogers,

Interesting! We noticed this morning that the alert we sent yesterday demonstrating how voter duplicates had been added into the voter cumulative totals shown on the SOS website got somebody’s attention! The duplicates we highlighted last evening are now removed.
That’s nice, but it swept the problem under the rug.  That did not address The Problem. We downloaded the data for Feb. 27 and Feb. 28 and found these duplicates in new counties:

The underlying problem remains! There are no controls in place to prevent this from happening in the first place. There should be and we won’t stop until the necessary controls are there.  Like you, we are tired of the foot-dragging on the most basic elements of election integrity!

This is NOT a new problem. We downloaded the data from the 2022 Republican Primary and found these duplicates as well.  NOTE the instances where the SAME Voter Unique Identifier (VUID) shows up voting by mail and in-person! 

And don’t get us started with the 2022 General Election results… 
The bottom line is this: there needs to be controls in place to prevent this from happening. Those controls are not in place, and if election integrity matters to those in office here in Texas, then those in charge of managing this need to know that we are monitoring this and will continue to point it out until those controls are in place.