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Prosecutor’s Exhibits from State of Texas vs. Joel Patrick Baker

These are the Prosecuting Attorney’s Exhibits that would have been presented in Judge Joel Baker’s trial if a plea deal hadn’t been reached and accepted by the State.

Download (PDF, 690KB)

Download (PDF, 1.18MB)

Download (PDF, 118KB)


Download (PDF, 69KB)

Download (PDF, 20KB)

Download (PDF, 38KB)

Download (PDF, 23KB)

Download (PDF, 5KB)

Download (PDF, 5KB)

Download (PDF, 7KB)

Download (PDF, 87KB)

Download (PDF, 91KB)

Download (PDF, 1.7MB)

Download (PDF, 1.03MB)

Download (PDF, 10.47MB)

Download (PDF, 320KB)

Download (PDF, 118KB)

Download (PDF, 99KB)

Download (PDF, 96KB)

Download (PDF, 65KB)

Download (PDF, 112KB)

Download (PDF, 98KB)

Download (PDF, 85KB)


Download (PDF, 688KB)

Download (PDF, 773KB)