Another win for the TCGC – HB 45 American Laws for American Courts passes House.

May 10, 2017

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HB 45 American Laws for American Courts (ALAC)
Bill Advances to the Texas Senate!

In another win for the Texas Conservative Grassroots Coalition, the House finally passed the ALAC bill and sent it to the Senate. In a coalition letter signed by grassroots leaders from at least 36 independent Texas groups,  Lt. Governor Dan Patrick and the Senate GOP Caucus are encouraged to move straight to a Motion to Concur with the House version. This move will ensure that the bill’s language cannot be diluted by opponents in a rigged conference committee.

While the grassroots community in Texas is very pleased with the members of the House that passed this bill, they are acutely aware of the precarious position the bill is in this late in the session. With hard deadlines looming in the House JoAnn Fleming, Executive Director of Grassroots America We the People said, “Without a Motion to Concur, the bill would probably be doomed again this session.”

Bills which are amended must go back to the originating chamber and usually end up requiring a Conference Committee between the House and Senate. This late in session, bills in conference committees that are not supported by the left or moderates, usually end up on the calendar below liberal bills that are placed on the calendar to allow Democrats to “chub” or waste time on the House floor. This runs out the clock on the session before good conservative legislation can be passed.

HB 45 helps safeguard Texans’ constitutional rights from encroachment by foreign law. To protect the rights of Texans, we believe the Senate should quickly concur with the House version and send the bill to Governor Abbott’s desk for signature without delay.
If you feel strongly about American Laws for American Courts, contact the office of the Lt. Governor and your Senator, and politely, but firmly, tell them you want HB 45 passed as is

Contact information for Lt. Governor Dan Patrick:  

Contact information for Republican Senators:

Sine die (adjournment) of the Regular Session
 of the 85th Texas Legislature is May 29, 2017.

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