The Alamo Cenotaph: Saving the War Memorial honoring its dead

Sep 17, 2020

This letter campaign has been completed

Please do not contact officials on this matter at this time. This is here for archive purposes to let you know how we are working for you.

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Last call for all who care about the Alamo and the War Memorial honoring its dead – the Cenotaph!
Go online NOW at the link below and vote NO on the permit to remove the Alamo Cenotaph from the battlefield, which will separate it from the Alamo and move it to a place where it can easily be vandalized and destroyed by the Leftist mob.

This will take you less than two minutes!  

  1. Click here to access the Texas Historical Commission’s online poll.
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the page that first comes up and click on the red “NEXT” box.
  3. Fill out your information so that your vote WILL count!
  4. When you get to #7, VOTE “NO, The THC should not issue a permit to allow the Cenotaph to be moved.”
  5. Click the SUBMIT button to register your vote!
180 Grassroots Political Leaders
Representing Hundreds of Thousands of Texans
Send Letter to Save the Cenotaph


Last week, we sent an important letter to the Texas Historical Commission for the September 22 hearing where the permit to move the Cenotaph will be considered and a vote of the Commission will be taken.


That letter was signed by 180 opinion leaders and influencers who are part of our Texas Conservative Grassroots CoalitionThese influencers represent hundreds of thousands of Texans and more than 400 unique organizations and political districts and precincts.

Note that LTC Colonel Allen West – the new Chairman of the Republican Party of Texas is the first signer.  We did not have to chase him down to ASK him! He immediately responded to ask that we add his name to the letter!



Please help us stop George P. Bush and the radical revisionists in San Antonio who want to “reimagine the Alamo” to fit their political correctness!

You have today until 8 PM to vote online!  Follow the easy steps above and VOTE!


For Saving Texas History!

JoAnn Fleming
Executive Director 
Grassroots America – We the People PAC

PS The liberal San Antonio media and the Chamber of Commerce are working hard to move people to vote YES to move the Cenotaph.  We must outvote the LEFT and their leader George P. Bush – the elected Commissioner of the Texas General Land Office.

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