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May 31, 2017

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When it comes to getting their priorities passed in the Texas Legislature,
the people of Texas deserve better.

Property Tax Reform – Unfinished Business!

Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick and the Texas Senate passed a comprehensive reform measure to put voters in charge of property taxes, while House leadership kowtowed to local officials and their taxpayer-funded lobbyists, who believe the world would spontaneously combust if YOU had a say in how much you pay for local government. The House Rino Brigade gutted the Senate’s reforms and then passed a bill that changes the name in legal posting requirements from the “effective rate” to the “no-new-revenue tax rate.” And they call that property tax reform?

Because of the Big Government Republicans in House leadership, the 85th legislative session constitutes an epic failure on property tax reform.

Privacy Act – Unfinished Business!

Protecting the safety, dignity, and privacy of Texans from overreaching local governments determined to force the transgender agenda on everybody is a critical legislative priority for many pastors, conservative leaders, and citizens. Lt. Gov. Patrick and the Senate passed a privacy act (SB6) that would protect the safety, dignity, and privacy of all Texans in locker rooms, changing facilities, and bathrooms in public schools and other government buildings. It also protected private businesses from overreaching local ordinances.

The House GOP leadership, at the end of session, passed a worthless amendment to another bill. Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick and the GOP Senate Caucus rightly rejected the House shenanigans.

The radical Left, conspiring with the Big Business Lobby, is now poised to target our schools, cities, and private businesses because of this breathtaking failure of the legislature to protect the privacy, dignity, and safety of all Texans. This must not stand!

Closing Wide-open Opportunities for Voter Fraud – Unfinished Business!

No meaningful election integrity or ballot security bills passed this session. It remains that neither the Texas Secretary of State – nor any election official in any of our 254 counties – is mandated by law to verify the driver’s license or Social Security numbers used by individuals when they register to vote! In addition, the Secretary of State’s Office has been issuing waivers allowing local election officials to avoid printing paper back-ups to electronic voting machines. This means there is no way to verify election results. Investigations in four Texas counties have uncovered massive mail-in ballot harvesting schemes!

Texas voter fraud cannot be attributed to Democrats alone. We’ve seen enough to believe that there are Republican officials up to their eyeballs in election tampering. The 85th legislative session failed to pass any of the bills that would have eradicated voter fraud! This is unacceptable.

We are also asking the Governor to add grid security and annexation reform to a special session. Grid security was killed by Rinos in both the House and Senate. Annexation reform was killed by Democrats in a filibuster Sunday night, which was made possible by House Leadership slow walking the legislation. If not for the House leadership’s delay, the conference committee bill could have been passed in the Senate long before the midnight deadline. This was the House Rino Brigade acting in concert with Senate Democrats and the Austin, San Antonio, and Houston lobbyists.

These are the issues the Governor is most likely to put on a call for a special session. To get all the details, read our Coalition letters by clicking here and here.

How you can help – take action now!

1) Gov. Abbott has the power to call the Legislature back to finish the work important to Texans. Let him know you support a special session on these issues by calling Gov. Abbott’s office at (512) 463-2000; message him on Facebook TexansForAbbott and Twitter @GregAbbott_TX .
2) Sign our online petition by clicking below. We’ll keep you informed as this unfolds in Austin.

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