The Austin Swamp-draining conservative grassroots army we are building is growing! We also have Coalition projects aimed at the DC Swamp.  Since January, we have launched 29 Coalition projects that have drawn both state and national attention. Our support is in demand at the Capitol during the Special Session, which began yesterday.
We are working will fellow coalition-builders Teresa Beckmeyer (Lone Star Voice), Dale and Mary Huls (Clear Lake TEA Party), Toni and Tom Fabry (Frisco TEA Party) and Ray Myers (Kaufman County TEA Party) to hold quarterly Grassroots Leadership Summits that encourage unity around conservative principles and team-building among like-minded activist leaders.  The following information about Grassroots America’s statewide coalition-building project will help you understand HOW and WHY this is working! 

The Coalition is about conservative, limited government principles – not personalities. It is about supporting the Texas GOP Platform as long as it is a constitutionally conservative platform.

This Coalition has been wildly successful at the Capitol, and the Coalition has grown 78% since we began activities in January. We will continue to hold quarterly Coalition meetings that are meaningful.

Partners continue to operate as independent groups, but when necessary, act as a strong coalition, united around first principles. This is not a substitute for any local group’s work, nor is it intended to replace local efforts.

Partners include local TEA party/conservative groups, statewide conservative groups, SRECs, GOP county chairs, GOP precinct chairs, GOP club leaders, and professional associations (such as the Texas  Association of Physicians & Surgeons) who agree on a particular issue.

It’s about helping even the smallest conservative local group be successful and make their voices heard.

It’s about adding value to groups that don’t have the resources to take on big projects.

It’s about building an enduring Texas conservative grassroots movement in every Senate District (which also covers the State House Districts).

It’s about raising a higher standard for both elected officials and for Texas grassroots activists.

It is about framing the debate and being on offense, rather than playing defense and being reactionary.

It is about passing good conservative reform bills and killing bad bills in spite of a rogue Speaker and the Austin Cartel, because there will always be a liberal, big government Republican in power somewhere. That is the nature of unprincipled men and women.

Grassroots training will be important. Long term, we will prevail by working smarter and upholding principles over political expediency.

The Coalition will not vet candidates. That is the responsibility of local groups.

The Coalition will not endorse candidates because we are not a PAC.

There are no Coalition membership dues or fundraising. Our database will not be shared or sold.

Participation does not require a groups allegiance to every issue.

The Coalition is fluid because it is based on issues. If your group agrees with a stated position, they sign on. If your group doesn’t agree, don’t sign. Individuals signing on for a Group/Organization do so with that Group’s/Organization’s agreement and approval – implied or explicit.

When a coalition partner signs on to a letter or statement, they do so knowing full well that the author of the letter or statement will NOT equivocate or back down should the heat get too hot for any coalition partner.

Letters and statements will be based on sourced facts and first principles. If the Coalition project inflames the media, local/Austin/DC Cartels, the establishment GOP, an elected official, the Left, or the Tooth Fairy, there will be NO retreat, so Coalition partners should not ask for one. Partners assume personal responsibility when they sign on. 
This Coalition is not in competition with anybody. It is a unique effort with a heart to serve and to build a stronger, more principled Texas grassroots movement that will keep Texas free.

If the leaders of your TEA party, GOP Club, your SREC, your GOP County Chairman, your GOP Precinct Chair, or other constitutional conservative group leaders are not a part of the Coalition, have your leadership contact us at

JoAnn Fleming, Teresa Beckmeyer, Toni & Tom Fabry, Mary & Dale Huls, Bill Hussey, Ray Myers