2024 RPT Convention SREC Endorsements

2024 RPT Convention SREC Endorsements

2024 Republican Party Convention SREC Endorsements​

Debbie Georgatos - Texas RNC Committeewoman

Texas needs a strong, principled voice on the RNC! Debbie Georgatos in the best woman for the job.

Christin Bentley - State Republican Executive Committeewoman SD 1

Gwen Withrow - State Republican Executive Committeewoman SD 4

Dale Inman - State Republican Executive Committeeman SD 4

Susan Lucas - State Republican Executive Committeewoman SD 5

Jeremy Story - State Republican Executive Committeeman SD 5

Maggie Whitt - State Republican Executive Committeewoman SD 8

Robert Canright - State Republican Executive Committeeman SD 8

Georgia Wright Head - State Republican Executive Committeewoman SD 10

Lisa Hendrickson - State Republican Executive Committeewoman SD 12

Elaine Cook - State Republican Executive Committeewoman SD 23

Ed Zenner - State Republican Executive Committeeman SD 23

Marcia Strickler - State Republican Executive Committeewoman SD 24

Andy Eller - State Republican Executive Committeeman SD 24

Lucy Trainor - State Republican Executive Committeewoman SD 25

Chris Byrd - State Republican Executive Committeeman SD 25

Patrick Wamhoff - State Republican Executive Committeeman SD 30

2024 Precinct Convention Resolutions from Coalition Partners

This is a site for Texas Conservative Grassroots Coalition leaders to offer resolutions for consideration by others. If you do not like a resolution, don’t use it! You are free to take an example resolution and rewrite it to suit yourself.

  • I will NOT pass judgement on the resolutions as long as they do NOT violate the 2022 RPT Platform Preamble principles and values! See here.
  • I will not referee a debate among any parties. You do not need me for that!
  • I will not correct misspellings and grammatical errors pointed out by others. I am not the Texas English Professor. You are all adults.

Do not send any resolutions that seek to legitimize illegal border crossers, gambling, marijuana, or hallucinogenic mushrooms.

Do not send resolutions that undermine the sanctity of human life or God’s definition of marriage and the family.

If you want to push anything that directly opposes the values expressed in God’s Word or the Republican Party of Texas Preamble and Principles, you will need to do that elsewhere.  You are free to “go for it” anywhere else – just not here.

Jennifer Lundy | Texans for Judicial Accountability Resolution

Court Reform Resolution

Texas Gun Owners of America Resolutions

Available on their website here

Cindy Asmussen Resolution

RPT Resolution for NO Gambling in Texas

Brett Rogers Resolution

Transparency Resolution 2024 RPT

Slay the Dragon in Your Neighborhood

Slay the Dragon in Your Neighborhood

Fighting Fentanyl by Jon Spiers


Fentanyl. We hear new tragic stories of Fentanyl every day. While Fentanyl is a valuable medicine in the carefully regulated and monitored healthcare setting, it has a deadly track record on the streets. Nowhere is this more heartbreaking than when discussing the damage done to our children. Overdoses at middle school, high school, and college campuses fill every parent —every decent person — with disgust and dread.

Not even two years ago, I wrote of an interaction I had with a fifth-grade class as part of an outreach program, discussing their hopes, dreams, and the dangers of drugs. (You can read that piece in the Denton Record-Chronicle here.) I was amazed at the children’s street smarts. They could reel off not only the names of the drugs – street names – and they spoke with authority about the effects of the drugs on the body.

That 90 minutes was a master’s class in drug culture taught by 10-year-olds. I have often recalled that session because of one young boy who nonchalantly spoke about “Birria,” slang for a drug that was much less common then but all too common today.

“Birria” – like “TNT,” “Freddy,” “Goodfella,” and “Jackpot” – is a slang term for Fentanyl.

Fentanyl has become a common threat in every neighborhood, county, and campus in our state and nation. No matter where we get our news, Fentanyl seizures and stories of lives ruined – or lost – are ever-present.

In a world turned upside down by a virus leaked from a lab, more terrifying is an addictive chemical so potent that a gram, the weight of an ordinary packet of synthetic sweetener, could kill 500 persons.

When I spoke about drug overdoses, gang violence, and Mexican drug cartels a few years ago, many in attendance were confident those were problems only in Houston, Dallas, or San Antonio. “Surely,” they said, “Fentanyl will not impact our lives in our safe, respectable suburban and rural communities.” If anywhere, they reasoned, Fentanyl use might spread to college campuses.

We have seen the spread of Fentanyl to campuses ranging from the University of Texas to Midwestern State University. A typical scenario is when young people take what they believe is Adderall, a medication they believe helps them study better, only to discover too late that the pill that looked just like a genuine Adderall was a mixture of Fentanyl and some other drug, like Cocaine or Methamphetamine. The result can be tragic.

Others crave the high of opioids, but the impact of Fentanyl is not limited to these abusers. “Good kids” are snared because they think they are taking legitimate medication for problems ranging from chronic pain to anxiety. Often Fentanyl is disguised to look like a genuine tablet of some other known medicine. Some don’t comprehend that taking any pill sold on the street invites addiction and death, regardless of the pill’s appearance and its vendor’s alleged trustworthiness.

We have endured Fentanyl overdoses at middle and high schools, where the drug has taken lives in schools as diverse as those in Carrolton, Lubbock, Tomball, and Georgetown. Almost all the survivors of overdoses tell a familiar story – they thought they were taking a stolen but otherwise legitimate pill, not some sinister concoction created in an illicit manufacturing laboratory.

Until recently, chemicals from China or India were transformed into Fentanyl in Mexican drug cartels’ easily hidden illicit laboratories – often no more than a shed. More recently, the cartels and their affiliates have been processing the precursor chemicals in small labs in the United States. Recently a suspected cartel operation was thwarted in Houston, hidden in a business that conveniently operated taco trucks.

The manufacture of Fentanyl is cheaper and easier than for many other illicit drugs, and the space required is minimal. An illicit drug-manufacturing apprenticeship is short and inexact. Adequacy, not excellence, is the cartel standard.

While Fentanyl powder is easy to transport, it does have drawbacks. While handling Fentanyl powder, inhaling the powder may be lethal. Today Fentanyl is often transported as a pill.

Machines purchased abroad create pills that look identical to legitimate pharmaceuticals. The Chinese sources who launder cartel funds and provide precursor chemicals also offer a variety of pill presses. Cartels use these machines to manufacture hundreds of thousands of pills quickly.

Color is essential when mimicking existing pharmaceuticals. Some Oxycodone tablets are pale blue, for example, so the cartels mimic the blue color and press a pill with the imprint of a legitimate supplier to make the deadly counterfeit.

But the cartels also make pills with various colors and varied imprints that do not mimic known pharmaceuticals.

These rainbow-colored tablets resemble popular candy. The devices that make pills are just as efficient at making pill-shaped candies. While they often have the imprint seen on the pharmaceuticals they mimic, these colored tablets may have a variety of imprints – or no imprint – and can be packed into candy boxes to disguise their true nature.

These fake pills are sold to the unsuspecting with terrible consequences. In legitimate pharmaceuticals, the ingredients are strictly controlled and uniformly distributed throughout the product. When the cartels manufacture fake medications, there is no consistency within each batch and certainly none between batches. Fillers may be as benign as confectioners’ sugar, as bland as baking soda, or as deadly as rat poison. Sometimes the cartels mix their products, attempting to mimic the effect of legitimate pharmaceuticals. Cocaine plus Fentanyl, Methamphetamine plus Fentanyl, Heroin plus Fentanyl – anything goes for the cartels, and all are deadly.

Even “Fentanyl” is not always Fentanyl. The cartels don’t have exacting standards of quality control. Fentanyl analogs are byproducts of each batch. These Fentanyl derivatives may be more potent than the already powerful Fentanyl. While Fentanyl is about 100 times as powerful as Morphine, some Fentanyl derivatives are even deadlier.

Some of these products are so new they have not been characterized by researchers or scheduled as controlled substances by the DEA. In the past, drugs that were not scheduled were technically not illegal despite their origin and intent. Congress has preemptively scheduled these derivatives and analogs to close the loophole.

Seizures of Fentanyl, Fentanyl analogs, and Fentanyl precursors are increasing each year. Last year enough Fentanyl to kill 3.3 billion people was intercepted entering the United States. This year that number may be closer to 6 billion as the flow of drugs across our southern border continues to rise. In the past, many drug seizures occurred at ports of entry, where drugs were hidden in cargo. Drugs continue to cross our borders this way.

Complicating the drug trade is our lax border security, allowing more to enter between traditional ports than ever before. With the targeted surge of illegal immigrants flooding particular zones and sapping enforcement resources, Fentanyl comes across our border between ports in smaller batches but in greater total volume. Estimates of the quantity of illicit drugs like Fentanyl eluding detection are conservative guesses. It is possible – likely even – that more enters the nation between traditional ports than anyone has predicted.

We can – and must – fight back. Increasing the availability of Naloxone can aid in battling the impact of Fentanyl and other synthetic opioids. Naloxone is an opioid antagonist which can reverse an opioid overdose. Naloxone does not replace emergency medical care. Irreversible brain damage can occur after less than four minutes without breathing. The average response time for emergency medical services is about 7 minutes, so early intervention is crucial. Because criminals often mix Fentanyl with other medications, the effectiveness of Naloxone may be offset by the second drug. Despite this, in cases of overdose, Naloxone should be a first-line intervention. EMS (911) should be called for every suspected overdose.

Harm reduction strategies, such as using Fentanyl test strips to test for Fentanyl in illicit drugs, also have potential merit. Research is underway to determine if Fentanyl test strips and other strategies modify behavior and save lives.

Enhanced penalties for crimes involving controlled substances are another valuable tool. Texas House Bill 2107 will strengthen the punishment for certain offenses involving Fentanyl. This legislation is a start, not the end, so its passage will not end the problem. It is too easy for drug dealers to escape appropriate severe punishment. HB2107 starts us on the proper trajectory.

Securing the border to detect incursion and drug transport is critical to a comprehensive Fentanyl strategy. A border security network of enhanced technological and physical barriers with strengthened manpower is necessary. The federal government must reverse its open border policy to address this drug crisis and the humanitarian crisis of human trafficking that Biden’s policies have fostered.

On a more local level, we must admit that everyone is at risk. Fentanyl is egalitarian in its lethality and addictive properties. No neighborhood is safe, no kid is too smart, and no one is too well-informed. Do not avoid the tough discussions; don’t be too proud to ask for help.

Our lives –our children’s lives – hang in the balance. It is time to tip the scales our way.

Dr. Jon Spiers is a contributing member of the TCG Coalition, additionally he is a heart surgeon, an attorney, a father, an Army Reserve surgeon, and an entrepreneur. Dr. Jon is married to Texas Republican Party of Texas Vice Chair, Dr. Dana Myers.

Interested in more content from Dr. Jon Spiers, sign up for his newsletter.

©2023 Jon Spiers

What You Can Do to Stop Election Fraud

What You Can Do to Stop Election Fraud

By Beth Biesel

  • Sign up to work as Election Judge, Clerk, Poll Watcher – leave no vacancies
  • Canvas your Precincts to purge voter rolls of illegitimate voters
  • Know the Texas Election Code, especially as a Poll Watcher
  • Get extra Poll Watcher training – work in pairs
  • Know and exercise your power as an Election Judge – same as District Court Judge
  • Press hard on local elections: City, County, School Board
  • Make the County Republican Party Chair do their job to protect elections for Republicans!
  • Bring Resolutions to your County Party Executive Meetings for

-sequentially numbered ballots

-voiding mail ballots properly

-printing vote result tapes at Early Voting closing

-handing over true audit logs

-new and improved training by County GOPs

-demand to see lease agreements with Election Management System Vendors

-no joint initiatives with Democrats

  • Ask your County Elections Department how many computer experts they have on staff – dig deeper to find out just who is running your elections
  • Raise questions about the credibility of the SOS audit/fraudit
  • Pressure Legislature to reinstate Felony charges in SB1
  • Attend SOS hearings on SB1 and submit comments on the rule making process
  • Demand that we get our original wish list –
  • Voter Registration database with restricted input/output access
  • Precinct only voting
  • Paper Ballots, sequentially numbered, hand marked, watermarked
  • Paper Poll Books for voters to sign
  • Basic Optical Scanner/Vote Counter only to tally vote results
  • Printed Vote Result Tapes – EV and ED
  • Limited Early Voting with no gap between EV and Election Day
  • Hand Counts allowed
  • 3rd Party Verification and Audit
  • Unique identifiable seals on ballot boxes
  • Vote Results delivered to Central Count on paper
  • Vote Results tabulated from paper record with calculator
  • Chain of Custody from start to finish
  • Unofficial Results called into SOS and Media
  • Poll Watcher protection:  standing to sue, ability to use video surveillance, no oath requirement, no requirement to be trained by SOS
  • Lawsuits can be filed in adjacent counties
  • Ask AG Paxton and Division Chief for Election Integrity, Jonathan White, to prosecute high profile cases. Putting a few folks in jail will be a good deterrent for other potential bad actors. Did you know Jonathan White told the House Elections committee that he did not need more $$, more staff, or more jurisdiction?
  • Elect candidates you trust
You Guys Stopped Listening

You Guys Stopped Listening

Why TX Grassroots Conservatives Are Rebelling #SaveTexas2020

Editorial, JoAnn Fleming, Executive Director, Grassroots America – We the People Commentary published in Texas Scorecard

In a Sunday, June 16 interview with Jason Whitely of WFAA-Dallas, Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick said he does not know why there’s criticism coming from some conservative groups in Texas over the results of the 86th regular legislative session.

“I don’t know why they’re disappointed,” Patrick said on WFAA’s Inside Texas Politics. “That’s for them to answer.We consider it a very successful session.”

Well, this is tiresome. From the Governor, Lt. Governor and most Republican legislators, it’s as if a collective amnesia has set in or a case of Invasion of the Body Snatchers.

Speaker Bonnen is the exception. He doesn’t even pretend not to understand. Bonnen declared he doesn’t give a tinker’s about conservatives, warned Republicans not to challenge each other or Democrats for House seats, and openly supports Democrat Joe Moody for Speaker next session should Democrats take the nine seats they need to take control. Meanwhile, Republican Party of Texas Chairman James Dickey has nothing to say about the Republican Speaker’s open support of Democrats.

Governor Abbott and Lt. Dan know exactly why conservative leaders and activists are not happy with the results of the session. They simply do not care. They worked very hard with Speaker Bonnen to make sure Republican legislators stopped caring about the conservatives back home. Getting along with Democrats and divesting themselves of conservative principles were far more important.

There is no Republican Plan for Legislative Success or for Fiscal Sanity. None. As a result, Texas Republicans are following the path of their counterparts in Washington, DC. The only difference is geography. Just like DC Republicans, Texas Republican legislators repeatedly squander legislative sessions, not using their majority to get long-promised reforms passed. Many of these issues have been talked about for at least the last FIVE legislative sessions (and have appeared longer than that as TX GOP Platform planks), which leads us to conclude that Republican leadership no longer values the grassroots or the values they claimed when running for office. They will continue to lose seats because they fail to do what they promise.

We had a purple legislative session because too many Republican elected officials have turned purple. Now, they are putting Texas at risk in 2020.

For those who cannot seem to grasp the reason behind our discontent, conservative grassroots leaders and activists across Texas are not happy because…

  • State Government – run by Republicans – is on an unsustainable spending spree. AGAIN – failed to pass spending limits on state government. Republicans grew state spending 12%, spending a $10 billion surplus above and beyond Hurricane Harvey disaster funds. Democrats cheered.
  • State Government – run by Republicans – supports election fraud. AGAIN – failed to pass paper ballot backup audit trails so that electronic voting can be verified in an election contest. Republicans have controlled all branches of state government since 2003; yet, voter rolls have NEVER been verified! According to numerous news reports and AG cases, illegal aliens, felons and dead people can and do vote. 2020 is around the corner. Republican leaders are doing nothing to protect legal voters.
  • State Government – run by Republicans – supports public labor unions. AGAIN – failed to stop state assistance in the collection of union dues by automatically deducting them from government employee paychecks. This colossally stupid failure means union dues will once again show up in 2020 campaigns against Republicans.
  • State Government – run by Republicans – supports taxpayer-funded lobbying. AGAIN – failed to stop the use of tax dollars to fund lobbyists hired by local governments to fight pro-taxpayer reforms. This failure helps drown out the voice of the people – the unheard little guys.
  • State Government – run by Republicans – refuses to recognize the right of law-abiding citizens to carry handguns without a government permission slip. AGAIN – failed to return gun rights that are recognized in 16 other states (Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Idaho, Kansas, Kentucky, Maine, Mississippi, Missouri, New Hampshire, North Dakota, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Vermont, West Virginia, Wyoming). This once again proves Texas does not lead on liberty.
  • State Government – run by Republicans – failed to advance legislation to save the life of preborn babies. Meanwhile, Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, Missouri, and Ohio passed heartbeat bills. Kentucky and Mississippi heartbeat laws, temporarily blocked by a federal court injunction, are headed to a US Appeals Court. Protecting lemonade stands is a noble gesture, but how about fighting for human life? It is shameful that Texas does not lead on life.
  • State Government – run by Republicans – supports the Left’s attacks on historic monuments. They failed to do anything to protect the Alamo, the Alamo Cenotaph, and other historical monuments from being “reimagined” or removed. We now understand that Gov. Abbott, Lt. Gov. Patrick and Speaker Bonnen – along with 95% of the GOP legislators – do not care one thing about these monuments. They like to invoke the names of our Heroes for Texas Independence as they draw rhetorical lines in the sand, but when it came down to honoring the bravery and sacrifice of our heroes, Republican leaders wouldn’t lift a finger to protect monuments from the rabid Left.
  • State Government – run by Republicans – passed a Democratic Party Platform initiative – taxpayer funded, all-day pre-K (daycare) for low-income children, including those here illegally. Never mind that multiple studies show no lasting academic results for such programs. Texas Republicans were always opposed to growing government at the expense of parental responsibility – until they weren’t. Democrats cheered.
  • State Government – run by Republicans – passed another Democratic Party Platform item – Big Nanny State Mental Health legislation. A $100 million psychiatric consortium with connections to the pharmaceutical industry deployed to our community schools puts Texas children at risk of dangerous psychotropic drugging, data mining, and profiling based on family values, religious beliefs, and economic circumstances. Perfectly normal children will be at risk for subjective mental health labels or viewed as potential threats, which can destroy their rights and the rights of their parents. Too much liberty is being risked in the name of preventing school shootings. In the hands of Democrats who hate gun rights, we fear this is the camel’s nose under the tent. 

While we wish these legislative results were not true, ignoring the failures changes nothing and endangers Texas. Republicans have energized the Democrats and given them wins to run on!

While Republicans passed some “good intention” bills, far too many bills important to preserving and advancing Texas-style liberty were either killed by Republicans or not filed at all this session. That is how we ended up with a purple session. That is why conservatives are not happy, Lt. Dan and Company.

“What you permit, you promote.
What you allow, you encourage.
What you condone, you own.
What you tolerate, you deserve.”
Michelle Malkin

Grassroots America has never supported purple, progressive Republicans who love Big Government if they can be in charge of it. We don’t intend to start now. Texas is at stake.

JoAnn Fleming
Executive Director
Grassroots America – We the People PAC

Call to Action TX Legislators: Help Save the Alamo/Cenotaph

Call to Action TX Legislators: Help Save the Alamo/Cenotaph

Alamo Defenders,

On September 12th, we sent you a Call to Action email outlining efforts by Rep. Biedermann and other elected officials to stop Land Commissioner George P. Bush’s plan to re-imagine the Alamo and move the Cenotaph to a so called “Free Speech Zone,” leaving this sacred memorial unprotected from vandalism and destruction. 

Today, those same elected officials stood on the hallowed grounds of the Alamo, in front of the Cenotaph, to hold a press conference.  They called on Commissioner Bush to stop his unilateral actions and bring the future of the Alamo to the Texas Legislature during the upcoming 86th Session. We agree with Rep. Biedermann that the legislature is the proper place for the future of the most sacred shrine in Texas history to be debated.  The Cradle of Texas Independence must be forever protected for generations of freedom-loving Texans and for those who seek to know our history.  We do not want the Alamo’s history to be destroyed by multi-cultural quests for political correctness. 

We appreciate the feedback you have given us concerning your calls and emails to the General Land Office. It is breathtaking the lengths they will go to try to fool the people. 

Remember the Alamo,


Press Contact (Alamo Specific)
Hilory Parker
830.998.5972 hilory@kylefortexas.com

State Rep. Biedermann Says ‘No’ To Long Term Lease With City of San Antonio for Alamo Property
 San Antonio, TX (09/14/18) —  Representative Kyle Biedermann (R- Fredericksburg) stood in the shadow of The Alamo on Friday morning to urge officials to include Texas Legislature in the negotiations going forward  on The Alamo Master Plan.

The current Alamo Plan will move the Cenotaph into the ‘Free Speech Area’ where it cannot be protected and will be open to protest and disrespect. Even more startling, the Plan would include a long term lease agreement with the City of San Antonio giving the city the ‘ability to monitor compliance’ and the requirement in that lease that the GLO must prioritize ‘the World Heritage Site nomination and designation’ of United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO).

State Representative Kyle Biedermann said, “I believe it is imperative for Commissioner Bush to include the Texas Legislature in the process going forward with respect to the Alamo Master Plan in order to ensure Texas sovereignty over the future of the Alamo. Much concern has been voiced by legislators about moving the Cenotaph and the long term lease agreement with the City of San Antonio giving them the ‘ability to monitor compliance’ and the requirement in that lease that the GLO must prioritize ‘the World Heritage Site nomination and designation’ of UNESCO. As Texans, we should not allow an international body to impose on our most sacred of sites. Texas has a proud independent history and we must never allow international actors to revise or sanitize our history.

Texas State Senator Donna Campbell said. “Thousands of Texans have contacted my office expressing their feedback over the new Alamo Master Plan.  Chief among these concerns is the overwhelming desire to see the Spirit of Sacrifice, also known as the Alamo Cenotaph, restored and preserved in its current location.  The Alamo is one of our state’s greatest treasures and to this day it still represents the origins of what it means to be a Texan. It belongs to all of us, and it unites all of us.  In putting together the Alamo Master Plan, public input was sought and the majority of that input has asked for special consideration to be given to the Cenotaph and that it not be relocated.”

Former Texas Land Commissioner Jerry Patterson said, “Ignoring key elements of public input erodes public confidence. Entering into an agreement that could diminish State of Texas control over the Alamo destroys public confidence.”

‘El Conservador’ conservative blogger and writer George Rodriguez said. “I stand here supporting Rep. Biedermann because I feel he is the last ‘wall’ to save the Alamo property from a lease that may allow changes to the site and even history of the Alamo. We must understand that this is a shrine of Texas history and it should be treated with care and reverence. We cannot and must not rush into any agreements with anyone unless they are carefully studied and reviewed.”