Deadline passed
They Failed Us

The National Voting Rights Act (NVRA) specifies that list maintenance activities on voter registration lists cannot be conducted within 90 days of a federal election.

The NVRA allows states to implement provisions for the maintenance of voter rolls at their discretion above and beyond the NVRA’s requirements if they are uniform and non-discriminatory. The NVRA is a floor, not a ceiling. For more information on the NVRA see this webpage from the Department of Justice.

This week Gov. Abbott and his Secretary of State blew right past the federal deadline to perform list maintenance and verify Texas voter rolls to remove non-citizens, felons, and the deceased.  They did not get it done.  They never even tried after the acting Secretary of State was appointed by Gov. Abbott in August 2019!

Want to know HOW we know they didn’t try?  We didn’t hear the Democrats, Big Media, and every other loony Leftist group screaming to the top of their lungs!


 If ANYBODY can prove with documentation that a complete verification of our statewide registered voter list has been completed since the end of the 86th Legislative Session on May 27, 2019, send it! 
We will make your proof public and apologize to the Gov. & his SOS.

Shaking your head and asking “WHY?” a Republican Governor would not make this a priority? We have no answers for you. No, not one.

What did grassroots leaders do to push the issue?

We held press conferences and activist meetings. We toured the state talking about election fraud.  We worked on election reform bills (which top Republicans killed last session).  We testified at hearings. Letters were sent to Gov. Abbott, Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick, and the legislature, signed by more than 300 grassroots political influencers.  Thousands of calls went into the Capitol. 

The result?Crickets. No response from our Republican Governor, Lt. Governor, or the self-disgraced Speaker Bonnen (who gets plenty wound up about folks who don’t wear masks 24/7). And now less than 90 days before an election that will determine much about the fate of this nation, Texas still sits here with an unverified voter list.

Nobody checks to verify citizenship.  Nobody.  Bad addresses?  Plenty!  Scores of people living at the same address? Yep! Deceased people on the rolls?  Sure thing.  Felons on the rolls? Yes, indeedy.  

Who exposed the unverified voter list?  Was it a State Representative, a State Senator, or any politician? 

NO!  It was Aaron Harris, then Executive Director of Direct Action Texas.

Aaron comes from the conservative Texas grassroots and is the ONLY candidate in this race with a proven record of actively fighting in the conservative grassroots trenches for years on fiscal, social, and rule of law issues.  Aaron Harris successfully challenged, at risk of arrest, McKinney’s unconstitutional electioneer prohibition ordinance – and won in court – setting a free speech precedent.

Because of the bulldog nature of Aaron Harris, when he ran into voter fraud in 2014, he documented it, and exposed it. His work with Direct Action Texas then led to numerous criminal convictions for voter fraud and the passage of SB5 in 2017 – the largest election reform bill in decades. Aaron promised results and he got them, taking ballot fraud from “conspiracy” to policy in 18 months, passing both the House and Senate with wide bi-partisan support. Aaron didn’t quit but went on to expose the fact that non-citizens are registered to vote in Texas, have voted, and will continue to vote because NOBODY at the local and state levels of government verifies citizenship.