Fellow Texans,

Lawlessness rises in our streets, in our Texas and DC Capitols, and in the halls of “Justice.” Lawlessness will grow until We the People WORK to restore order. The political ruling class is more destructive than rioters because it is they who set the stage for the current chaos in the streets and in our elections. The Rule of Law has been so bastardized – by politicians in both parties – that it has been downgraded to a political menu from which the ruling class picks and chooses to suit their political convenience. How do you think illegal immigration took root? How did election law become a suggestion?

The elite decide which law applies, when it applies, and to whom it applies. Rather than a nation ruled by laws that consistently apply to everyone, all of the time, we are ruled by whims of men. Our Founders warned against this because this is how liberty dies!

The safeguarding “walls” of our country are now breached. The Rule of Law is brazenly shred before our very eyes. Time to demand and stand for the Constitutional States of America! Before we can help lead that charge, Texas patriots, we have some housecleaning to do ourselves!  We are not to be subjects of any earthly, self-appointed king issuing executive orders that violate our state constitution and our rights. 

We can see 2022 from here, but the Austin elites have a plan too. It is one you won’t expect. Beware of “shiny” objects meant to distract you from the mission – saving Texas!  Watch for a political newcomer to emerge shortly after the 2021 legislative session is over. A deal has been made. They have constructed for you a “savior” who cannot and will not save Texas.

We will always support the Trump Way – “America First” and a non-California lite, robustly free Texas!  How about you? 

For Texas always,