Grassroots America was asked by several leaders in our statewide Texas Conservative Grassroots Coalition if we would conduct job interviews with the candidates for Vice-Chair of the Republican Party of Texas. Believing this job interview project would yield important information for RPT Convention Delegates who will vote on the Vice Chair, our Board of Directors approved the non-budgeted expenditures for hiring a professional videographer, a professional stage set-up, and renting a facility.

No candidate, campaign staffer, questioner, Coalition leader, or Board Member saw the questions before the event. Executive Director JoAnn Fleming has a very strict code for maintaining question security for all candidates in every race. This is not a game.

Elected leadership is serious business – most especially when liberty is under constant assault. If there was ever a time when conservatives needed to raise standards for themselves as well as their opponents, that time is NOW.

We were not looking for bumper sticker sound bites. The questions were designed to bring out the candidates’ core principles, values, skill sets, and intent for the office they are seeking.

We appreciate the participation of all three candidates – Alma Jackson, Dana Myers, and Adrienne Pena-Garza. We thank our selected forum masters – Mom Caucus Members Trayce Bradford and Dana Harris. Thanks to Grassroots America Board Member Sue Evenwel for stepping in for JoAnn for the “on camera” introductions and acting as interview timekeeper.

We present to you the candidates via video answering for themselves. To assist you with the content, we are providing the list of questions asked to each candidate. All were asked the same questions in the same order.

We will not interpret the responses. We will not answer for the candidates. We will not respond to sandbox comments. Delegates have factual information now from which to make a wise choice. It is up to each delegate to make that decision.

Liberty principles and Christian values found in God’s Word matter more to us than the social media sandbox chatter ever will. The ability of our Texas Conservative Grassroots Coalition to unite around these principles and values, fight for, and uphold these time-tested standards is our focus. These principles and values are more important than any single political personality. People come and go. Timeless principles and Truth endure when we make those our compass.

Always Joshua 1:9,

JoAnn Fleming
Executive Director
Grassroots America – We the People PAC