We vigorously reject the smut, deviancy, grooming, and culture rot aimed at kids.  All of it is designed to de-sensitize children so they will accept the advances of sexual predators.  The Cultural Marxists are aiming for normalization of pedophilia.  The signs are everywhere.   

We will work with anybody to help parents and grandparents save their children from this evil.  We don’t just intend to “fight it” as some politicians like to say.  We will call it out, expose it, define it as purely evil, and unite with others to chase it over a cliff and into the sea. (I hope most of our readers understand that reference.)

When Chris Hopper with Texas Family Project asked us to share his organization’s joint statement with American Principles Project (Terry Schilling), JoAnn decided to just call Comptroller Glenn Hegar to talk it over first.  After listening, she asked him to send a written statement Grassroots America could share.  He was willing to do so.

We are sharing both statements without editorial comment.  These statements and the seriousness of the matter will lead to further discussion of statutory jurisdictions and whether or not existing statutes provide the proper “ammo” we all need to fight this evil. 


Time for answers and solutions – not idle talk.

As always, please let us know if you have
a “protect the kids” project your group
wants to share with others
or something that needs exposure.
Resist the evil until we win!