What You Can Do to Stop Election Fraud by Beth Biesel

    ♦ Sign up to work as Election Judge, Clerk, Poll Watcher – leave no vacancies

    ♦ Canvas your Precincts to purge voter rolls of illegitimate voters

    ♦ Know the Texas Election Code, especially as a Poll Watcher

    ♦ Get extra Poll Watcher training – work in pairs

    ♦ Know and exercise your power as an Election Judge – same as District Court Judge

    ♦ Press hard on local elections: City, County, School Board

    ♦ Make the County Republican Party Chair do their job to protect elections for Republicans!

    ♦ Bring Resolutions to your County Party Executive Meetings for
    -sequentially numbered ballots
    -voiding mail ballots properly
    -printing vote result tapes at Early Voting closing
    -handing over true audit logs
    -new and improved training by County GOPs
    -demand to see lease agreements with Election Management System Vendors
    -no joint initiatives with Democrats

    ♦ Ask your County Elections Department how many computer experts they have on staff – dig deeper to find out just who is running your elections

    ♦ Raise questions about the credibility of the SOS audit/fraudit

    ♦ Pressure Legislature to reinstate Felony charges in SB1

    ♦ Attend SOS hearings on SB1 and submit comments on the rule making process

    ♦ Demand that we get our original wish list –
    • Voter Registration database with restricted input/output access
    • Precinct only voting
    • Paper Ballots, sequentially numbered, hand marked, watermarked
    • Paper Poll Books for voters to sign
    • Basic Optical Scanner/Vote Counter only to tally vote results
    • Printed Vote Result Tapes – EV and ED
    • Limited Early Voting with no gap between EV and Election Day
    • Hand Counts allowed
    • 3rd Party Verification and Audit
    • Unique identifiable seals on ballot boxes
    • Vote Results delivered to Central Count on paper
    • Vote Results tabulated from paper record with calculator
    • Chain of Custody from start to finish
    • Unofficial Results called into SOS and Media
    • Poll Watcher protection: standing to sue, ability to use video surveillance, no oath requirement, no requirement to be trained by SOS
    • Lawsuits can be filed in adjacent counties

    ♦ Ask AG Paxton and Division Chief for Election Integrity, Jonathan White, to prosecute high profile cases. Putting a few folks in jail will be a good deterrent for other potential bad actors. Did you know Jonathan White told the    House Elections committee that he did not need more $$, more staff, or more jurisdiction?

    ♦ Elect candidates you trust