TEA’s New Open Education Resource  Instructional Materials 

Grassroots America and our Texas Conservative Grassroots Coalition’s trusted Education Subject Matter Experts are excited about the possibilities we see in the new instructional materials!  It is absolutely critical to get this right! 

Why This Matters
Holding public education accountable is a top priority! For all of the political cheerleading about “school choice,” the fact remains that MOST children will remain in public schools.  We DO NOT want to see the legislature pass just any school choice bill and use that “checked box” as a “get out of jail free” card to wash their hands of the problems in public education. 

This is especially important when recent rhetoric from Republican leadership has stripped the “free market” incentives from the debate. When Republicans pound the table, promising to “make public schools whole” with more taxpayer funding – even when public schools lose students to parental choice – all financial incentives for schools to improve go out the window!  Today’s school choice models bear little resemblance to the “first step” reform vision of Milton Friedman. True educational freedom AND measurable academic improvements from Texas public schools are a must!  

Background | The Pursuit of Transparent, Academic-based Education
During the “Plan-demic” shutdown of schools, parents and grandparents were better able to see what their children were being taught (or not).  Horrified adults took a stand (and continue to do so) – fighting indoctrination, low academic standards/expectations, overuse of electronic devices in the classroom, dangerous data collection, and the outright sexualization of children.

Resulting Legislative Action
Last year the Texas Legislature passed, and Gov. Abbott signed into law, HB 1605. Among other things, HB 1605 mandated the Texas Education Agency to create and publish its own curriculum.

[Note: Serious concerns about HB 1605 are acknowledged; however, the most urgent focus is the TEA’s response to the mandated creation of open education resource instructional materials, period.  HB 1605 is the law.  Until such a time that law is amended or repealed, we will focus on what the TEA has produced and whether or not it is an improvement over the status quo. We will not waste time obsessing over the fact that the bill passed.  We must deal with reality – the instructional materials – as currently before us. ]

Briefing Notes About the TEA’s New OER Instructional Materials
We are excited to see the strong approach to phonics and classical literature! The materials are built upon a fact-based academic model rather than concentrating on shifting  “feelings” and opinions. We love the foundation laid with historical, character, art, and poetry references from the Bible.  We cheered to discover the presence of CS Lewis’ The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, Aesop’s Fables, Wind in the Willows, and many rich references to our nation’s founders and founding documents!  Click here to find our helpful briefing notes about this important education project!

Click here to see a few exciting examples from the TEA OER that remind us of classical instruction from places like Hillsdale and Abeka Academy.  

Excited?  What You Can Do!
To begin reviewing the instructional materials yourself, click here.  Scroll down to “Access Materials Under Review” and click the section you wish to review first.  You will be asked to read a notice to reviewers.  Click “accept” to access the materials.  This does NOT commit you to submit a formal review.  If you do wish to participate with others to submit corrections, recommendations, and supportive comments,  we will provide more information on that coordination within the next couple of weeks.

Local School Districts – Know the Facts – Then Effectively Act!
It is a forgone conclusion that public education overall is sorely lacking in rigor and measurable academic results. This is not new. See historic performance reports here.

WOKE-ism is certainly pushed in some school districts. Some school district leaders are condescending, arrogant, and have the self-control of toddlers; however, we urge you to find out the FACTS about your own school district before you paint with a broad, misleading brush. All school districts, superintendents, and school boards are NOT the same.  First, KNOW the facts;  then address the facts to work toward solutions. Speaking from raw emotion and projecting the latest horror story onto your local school district without the facts will make you look hysterical and foolish.  Instead, study, arm yourself with facts, and don’t back down. 

Good News! School District Removes Dirty Books, Rejects Biden Title IX
How about a school district that uses “civil disobedience” in its rejection of the Biden Title IX overreach?  Although there are improvements to be made in Tyler ISD, we are thrilled with this letter from Tyler ISD Superintendent Marty Crawford to the Texas Association of School Boards’ Legal and Policy Services Division (TASB). Dr. Crawford has also cooperatively worked with Christin Bentley (Stop Sexualizing Texas Kids) to remove sexually graphic, pervasively vulgar books. Click here to read the letter.

Find out what your school district is doing to comply with the Reader Act and to protect female students and teachers from Biden’s Title IX rewrite.  Christin Bentley is a terrific resource for you, but be patient!  She’s a busy lady! Email Christin Bentley:

The Left will explode over these instructional materials. Let’s pull together to make these classical education materials the very best they can be!