Thanks for asking, but we just cannot possibly interview all Republican candidates appearing on ballots in all 254 counties.

We are swamped with questions about candidates and cannot possibly send a personalized reply back to each person.

We will be posting even more videos and updates on candidates soon.    Yes, we are not pushing early voting this time for a very good reason.  Early voting tally tapes are not required to be printed by the Secretary of State at the end of early voting and before early voting equipment is moved.  We are NOT suggesting the results should be printed and made public, (which would be illegal) but rather the tallies “memorialized” for use in verifying early voting results. If your county has a paper ballot backup system for early voting, that is better, but for counties without paper ballot backups for early voting, verifying election results for early voting is a problem.  Election Day voting is recommended. That is our opinion based on much study and input from subject matter experts.  If you disagree, that is your business.