Texas Legislature

2023-24 | 88th Texas Legislative Session

Will the 88th Texas Legislature  be a success or failure for conservative values across this great state? How will Republican members of the Texas House and Senate perform? How will we measure this?


2023-24 RPT Legislative Priorities

The delegates involved in formulating these priorities represent grassroots Republicans from 31 State Senate Districts.  The delegates are chosen by Republican grassroots activists at the precinct and county level to ensure it is a bottom-up process designed to make certain that local values are represented. Authorship, sponsorship, and decisive action to pass strong bills (not weak, toothless, “show bills”) to accomplish these priorities are the MINIMUM standard. Only results matter.  

These priorities are the measuring stick.

Talking Points – Oppose Big Nanny State SB 10

A very bad bill will be on the Texas Senate floor later today! You MUST ACT. NOW!   Downward pressure on your State Senators from statewide Republican officials has them signing on to bills that are big Nanny State expansions that will cost all of us plenty. SB...

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Legislative Priorities for the 140-Day Siege…

Fellow Grassroots Texans: Texas-style liberty cannot survive if its leaders are driven by pragmatism, which divorced from principles, drives one’s decisions to be based on political expediency (AKA raw fear of losing the next political race). The media and a myriad of...

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This Needs To Be Said To Whinny Elected’s

This Needs To Be Said To Whinny Elected’s

Necessary – even in July! Friendly Advice for Elected Officials and Staff  We don’t go looking for a fight, but if you bring one, like all good Texans, we’ll rise to the occasion to remind you about values, conservative principles, and your job description....

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