Holes in your Budget Getting Bigger?

Holes in your Budget Getting Bigger?

Sticker shock at the grocery store? At the gas pump? Inflation have you worried? Brace yourself!

Most homeowners and businessowners will see an inflated property tax bill! (Rent increases for renters.)

Haven’t seen your property tax bill yet?  It’s on the way! Once you see it…

Are you confused by the Grand Canyon distance between the tax-cutting promises made and the reality of what you now owe?

Are you frustrated because no matter how many times politicians tell you they’re reducing your property taxes, your bill keeps climbing?

Are you puzzled because your local elected officials have bragged about holding the tax rate steady for the past bajillion years, but your property tax bill still increases – every single year?  

Are you suspicious when folks pushing local bond elections for courthouses, convention centers, schools, and parks say, “People over the age of 65 won’t pay more”?

You should be suspicious!  Every time a bond election passes for a “noble” cause, the property tax debt burden for ALL taxpayers goes up.  The result?  The taxes of folks over the age of 65 will NEVER go down because this long-term debt will not be paid off in your lifetime! Weren’t you promised your taxes would go down someday?  We think people asking you to pay more should at least tell you the truth – the whole truth!

We call all of this The Long Con.  The deceivers count on the average citizen not understanding simple concepts these politicians twist and distort to their re-election advantage. Then, queue the clapping seals trained to treat these deceivers like royalty every time they walk into a room. This is how the long con of the “How Can We Fool Them Today?” strategy works.

What can you do? Learn how to spot the long con and reject it!

Watch the short 25-minute video below produced by Republican State Senators Bob Hall and Paul Bettencourt.  It is instructive and eye-opening.

Hall and Bettencourt discuss bonds, appraisals, the property tax burden in Texas and how some local taxing entities are maneuvering around property tax reforms AND defiantly issuing debt for bond projects the voters rejected at the ballot box.

Watch and learn. Prepare to push back on the long con in your community!  

Drag Events Targeting Kids | Hegar’s Response

Drag Events Targeting Kids | Hegar’s Response

We vigorously reject the smut, deviancy, grooming, and culture rot aimed at kids.  All of it is designed to de-sensitize children so they will accept the advances of sexual predators.  The Cultural Marxists are aiming for normalization of pedophilia.  The signs are everywhere.   

We will work with anybody to help parents and grandparents save their children from this evil.  We don’t just intend to “fight it” as some politicians like to say.  We will call it out, expose it, define it as purely evil, and unite with others to chase it over a cliff and into the sea. (I hope most of our readers understand that reference.)

When Chris Hopper with Texas Family Project asked us to share his organization’s joint statement with American Principles Project (Terry Schilling), JoAnn decided to just call Comptroller Glenn Hegar to talk it over first.  After listening, she asked him to send a written statement Grassroots America could share.  He was willing to do so.

We are sharing both statements without editorial comment.  These statements and the seriousness of the matter will lead to further discussion of statutory jurisdictions and whether or not existing statutes provide the proper “ammo” we all need to fight this evil. 


Time for answers and solutions – not idle talk.

As always, please let us know if you have
a “protect the kids” project your group
wants to share with others
or something that needs exposure.
Resist the evil until we win!

Dateline: July 16, 2014 | Texas Grassroots Leaders Demand National Guard at Border, Special Session

We’ve been here before – during the Obama Administration. Our message to Republican Gov. Rick Perry and Republican Attorney General Greg Abbott was the SAME eight long years ago as it is today in July 2022! This time we are asking Republican Gov. Greg Abbott and Republican Attorney General Ken Paxton to act!

On Wednesday, July 16, 2014, Grassroots America organized a news conference in the Speaker’s pressroom at the State Capitol. Assembled were various TEA party leaders from around the state.

The leaders called on Governor Rick Perry and Attorney General Greg Abbott to declare an “invasion” and invoke Article 1, Section 10, Clause 3 of the US Constitution, call up the Texas National Guard and the Texas Military as defined by the Texas Constitution and secure our border! 

Grassroots America’s Executive Director JoAnn Fleming was joined by Dr. Margarita DeLa Garza-Grahm (Tyler surgeon), Ken Emanuelson (Grassroots Texans Network), Maria Espinoza (the Remembrance Project), Jim Gibson (Texas Border Volunteers), Roberto Gonzalez (Clear Lake Tea Party), Larry Korkmas (TFIRE), Alice Linahan (Women on the Wall), Ray Myers (Kaufman County Conservative), Mike Openshaw (Texas Legislative Watch), Katrina Pierson (Garland Tea Party/Dallas Tea Party).

Read the Breitbart.com article.

Dateline: September 3, 2014 | Texas Border Crisis Action Plan


Six weeks later, on September 3, 2014, Dale Huls (Bowie County Patriots, formerly Clear Lake Tea Party) and JoAnn Fleming released an incredibly detailed and deeply researched “Texas Border Crisis Action Plan:  A Plan to Secure the Border with Mexico and Protect the Health, Safety, and Economy of the State of Texas.”

Grassroots leaders from across Texas spoke with numerous elected officials – from State Senators and State Representatives, the Governor’s Office, the Texas Attorney General. US Senator Ted Cruz, (Cornyn was already a border sell-out back then), and several US Representatives. Any action on their part? Nope. The border is still wide open, isn’t it?

We are so thankful that Wade Miller, Russ Vought, and Ken Cuccinelli with Center for Renewing America understand this issue from a Constitutional perspective. It matters NOT that this has never been tried before. The Founders sacrificed to give Americans tools to preserve sovereignty and liberty! We should use them no matter how much the media and the cheap labor lobby howl.

Center for Renewing America has been working non-stop, imploring Arizona and Texas officials to act on the Constitutional solution to a federal government that has purposefully neglected its Constitutional duty to its citizens.

  • To fully understand the FACTS supporting the Invasion Declaration Plan, read these Center for Renewing America (Vought & Cuccinelli) documents by clicking these links:

You Are Fighting Evil 

Republican Party of Texas Delegates and Alternates,

Thank you for your time and financial sacrifices to serve as the RPT Platform-setting troops there on the ground in Houston! Your work is vital as cultural Marxists, smut peddlers, drag queens, and their enablers shamelessly push to normalize behavior that distorts the minds of children and destroys lives.

Declaring all-out war on traditional values and Christianity, the radical Left has made our children the battleground.  They intend to groom children by normalizing and promoting transgenderism.  This is the road to normalizing pedophilia.  Not on our watch!

The short video above is our encouragement to you to fight to save children from this evil scourge!  

May God direct and bless your work this week in Houston!

Always Joshua 1:9,

JoAnn Fleming
Executive Director
Grassroots America – We the People PAC

Have YOU been persuaded by propaganda?

Have YOU been persuaded by propaganda?

Have YOU been persuaded by propaganda?

This is an important question now that 2022 is officially 1984.

People trust consensus. People love unity.

Many will doubt a calculator if enough people disagree.

What do you believe and why?