What You Can Do to Stop Election Fraud

What You Can Do to Stop Election Fraud

What You Can Do to Stop Election Fraud by Beth Biesel

    ♦ Sign up to work as Election Judge, Clerk, Poll Watcher – leave no vacancies

    ♦ Canvas your Precincts to purge voter rolls of illegitimate voters

    ♦ Know the Texas Election Code, especially as a Poll Watcher

    ♦ Get extra Poll Watcher training – work in pairs

    ♦ Know and exercise your power as an Election Judge – same as District Court Judge

    ♦ Press hard on local elections: City, County, School Board

    ♦ Make the County Republican Party Chair do their job to protect elections for Republicans!

    ♦ Bring Resolutions to your County Party Executive Meetings for
    -sequentially numbered ballots
    -voiding mail ballots properly
    -printing vote result tapes at Early Voting closing
    -handing over true audit logs
    -new and improved training by County GOPs
    -demand to see lease agreements with Election Management System Vendors
    -no joint initiatives with Democrats

    ♦ Ask your County Elections Department how many computer experts they have on staff – dig deeper to find out just who is running your elections

    ♦ Raise questions about the credibility of the SOS audit/fraudit

    ♦ Pressure Legislature to reinstate Felony charges in SB1

    ♦ Attend SOS hearings on SB1 and submit comments on the rule making process

    ♦ Demand that we get our original wish list –
    • Voter Registration database with restricted input/output access
    • Precinct only voting
    • Paper Ballots, sequentially numbered, hand marked, watermarked
    • Paper Poll Books for voters to sign
    • Basic Optical Scanner/Vote Counter only to tally vote results
    • Printed Vote Result Tapes – EV and ED
    • Limited Early Voting with no gap between EV and Election Day
    • Hand Counts allowed
    • 3rd Party Verification and Audit
    • Unique identifiable seals on ballot boxes
    • Vote Results delivered to Central Count on paper
    • Vote Results tabulated from paper record with calculator
    • Chain of Custody from start to finish
    • Unofficial Results called into SOS and Media
    • Poll Watcher protection: standing to sue, ability to use video surveillance, no oath requirement, no requirement to be trained by SOS
    • Lawsuits can be filed in adjacent counties

    ♦ Ask AG Paxton and Division Chief for Election Integrity, Jonathan White, to prosecute high profile cases. Putting a few folks in jail will be a good deterrent for other potential bad actors. Did you know Jonathan White told the    House Elections committee that he did not need more $$, more staff, or more jurisdiction?

    ♦ Elect candidates you trust

    2021-22 | 87th Texas Legislative Session

    2021-22 | 87th Texas Legislative Session

    Was the 87th Texas Legislature a success or failure for conservative values across this great state? How did Republican members of the Texas House and Senate perform? How do we measure this?

    2020 RPT Legislative Priorities

    The delegates involved in formulating these priorities represent grassroots Republicans from 31 State Senate Districts. The delegates are chosen by Republican grassroots activists at the precinct and county level to ensure it is a bottom-up process designed to make certain that local values are represented.


    These priorities are the measuring stick.

    Holes in your Budget Getting Bigger?

    Holes in your Budget Getting Bigger?

    Sticker shock at the grocery store? At the gas pump? Inflation have you worried? Brace yourself!

    Most homeowners and businessowners will see an inflated property tax bill! (Rent increases for renters.)

    Haven’t seen your property tax bill yet?  It’s on the way! Once you see it…

    Are you confused by the Grand Canyon distance between the tax-cutting promises made and the reality of what you now owe?

    Are you frustrated because no matter how many times politicians tell you they’re reducing your property taxes, your bill keeps climbing?

    Are you puzzled because your local elected officials have bragged about holding the tax rate steady for the past bajillion years, but your property tax bill still increases – every single year?  

    Are you suspicious when folks pushing local bond elections for courthouses, convention centers, schools, and parks say, “People over the age of 65 won’t pay more”?

    You should be suspicious!  Every time a bond election passes for a “noble” cause, the property tax debt burden for ALL taxpayers goes up.  The result?  The taxes of folks over the age of 65 will NEVER go down because this long-term debt will not be paid off in your lifetime! Weren’t you promised your taxes would go down someday?  We think people asking you to pay more should at least tell you the truth – the whole truth!

    We call all of this The Long Con.  The deceivers count on the average citizen not understanding simple concepts these politicians twist and distort to their re-election advantage. Then, queue the clapping seals trained to treat these deceivers like royalty every time they walk into a room. This is how the long con of the “How Can We Fool Them Today?” strategy works.

    What can you do? Learn how to spot the long con and reject it!

    Watch the short 25-minute video below produced by Republican State Senators Bob Hall and Paul Bettencourt.  It is instructive and eye-opening.

    Hall and Bettencourt discuss bonds, appraisals, the property tax burden in Texas and how some local taxing entities are maneuvering around property tax reforms AND defiantly issuing debt for bond projects the voters rejected at the ballot box.

    Watch and learn. Prepare to push back on the long con in your community!  

    Special Event Friday, December 9, 2022 | Tyler Area

    Special Event Friday, December 9, 2022 | Tyler Area

    Reception in Appreciation & Honor of

    Louie & Kathy Gohmert 

    We want to give you the opportunity to personally thank Louie and Kathy for their many years of sacrificial service to the citizens of Texas Congressional District 1.

    Truly, Louie’s bold and faithful allegiance to his oath has served Texas and our nation well. Only the Lord Himself and those closest to Louie will ever truly understand the enormous price Louie has paid to serve.

    Friday, December 9, 2022
    Holiday Inn Tyler – Conference Center,
    5701 S Broadway, Tyler, TX 75703

    Reception: 6:00 – 7:00 PM

    Sweet & Savory Hors d’oeuvres served.

    Program 7:00 – 8:30 PM

    Limited program seating!
    Arrive early!
    No reservations!