2023 Texas Legislature Online (TLO) Handbook

2023 Texas Legislature Online (TLO) Handbook

Do you need help getting started using Texas Legislature Online (TLO)? Are you having trouble setting up your own My TLO account to track Bills during the 88th #TXLEGE? Are you just looking for a good overview of the features available to you on TLO?

If you answered YES to any or all three of these questions, check out our 2023 Texas Legislature Online Handbook in an easy to use flipbook format. You can use this resource online, print a hard copy or even print to Pdf.

First Principles of Liberty

First Principles of Liberty

First Principles of Liberty: Know Them! Use Them! Teach Them!

View every action of every level of gov’t through these!

First principles: the foundation of American freedom and liberty. Rejecting the oppression of their British rulers, America’s Founding Fathers established the American republic on our First Principles to secure our freedom and liberty.

We are the only nation with a unique creed of liberty based on the self-evident truths that all men and women are created equal and are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights; and that governments are instituted to protect those rights and derive their just powers from the consent of the governed. Stated differently, America was founded on certain First Principles:

♦ The rule of law is a First Principle that mandates that the law governs everyone.
♦ The First Principle of unalienable rights recognizes that everyone is naturally endowed by their Creator with certain rights.
Equality is a First Principle that recognizes that all persons are created equal.
♦ The First Principle of the Social Compact recognizes that governments are instituted by the people and derive their just powers from the consent of the governed.
♦ The First Principle of limited government means that the protection of unalienable rights is the legitimate purpose and limit of government and requires the government to be strong enough to fulfill its purpose – yet limited to that purpose.
♦ Final First Principle – the right to declare revolution when the other First Principles are being routinely and repeatedly infringed by the government over the objections of the People.

Our Declaration of Independence declares these foundational principles as the philosophical underpinning of the American Revolution. Once independence was secured, the Founders labored to ensure that the Constitution was the embodiment of a government based on these First Principles.

TX Freedom Caucus Releases Priorities

TX Freedom Caucus Releases Priorities

TX Freedom Caucus released 10 legislative priorities while TX Senate & House GOP Caucuses are deafeningly silent- yet again. 

 JoAnn Fleming, Executive Director, Grassroots America – We the People

Do you ever wonder why MOST elected officials exhibit a casual, not-in-a-hurry attitude about the state of our culture and nation?

Meanwhile, you scratch your head, maybe swear a little, and yell at what passes for “news,” while experiencing the warp speed unraveling of Liberty, the jeering ridicule of your traditional beliefs and values, and reports of deviant satan worship on national television.  You fear what the future might hold for your children and grandchildren. You reel at rising property taxes, grocery, gas, and electricity prices and the instability in your retirement fund.

But do you hear a loud, incessant roar to stop any of it from the people you hired at the ballot box? Or are they too busy taking selfies with adoring fans, each other, and laughing it up down in Austin?

The Texas Freedom Caucus of your state legislature released their list of ten priorities with details. We’re sharing their press release with you below. We hope they are successful in their stated quest to defend and advance Texas-style freedom, but we wait to see how their written legislative priorities translate into action.

Will they really FIGHT for these priorities? Will they listen to the conservative grassroots? Will they kill bad legislation or stand back and let it happen?

Meanwhile, yet again, the Republican Caucuses of the Texas Senate and House have not released any priorities. They don’t have a list of bad laws to repeal.  They don’t have a unified written plan to restrain government, stop evil child predators, outlaw sex change butchery on kids, ban WOKE, ensure election integrity, medical freedom, grid security or border control.  Why? 

Where oh where is the majority Red Team
we hired at the ballot box
in November to run the show in Austin? 

Do you know the legislative priorities of your State Senator and State Representative? If you don’t, you better start asking.  How?  It’s simple and quick. Just go to grassrootspriorities.com and send them a personal question from the boss – YOU!

Your silence heard by elected officials = approval.  

Do not be silent!

What You Can Do to Stop Election Fraud

What You Can Do to Stop Election Fraud

What You Can Do to Stop Election Fraud by Beth Biesel

    ♦ Sign up to work as Election Judge, Clerk, Poll Watcher – leave no vacancies

    ♦ Canvas your Precincts to purge voter rolls of illegitimate voters

    ♦ Know the Texas Election Code, especially as a Poll Watcher

    ♦ Get extra Poll Watcher training – work in pairs

    ♦ Know and exercise your power as an Election Judge – same as District Court Judge

    ♦ Press hard on local elections: City, County, School Board

    ♦ Make the County Republican Party Chair do their job to protect elections for Republicans!

    ♦ Bring Resolutions to your County Party Executive Meetings for
    -sequentially numbered ballots
    -voiding mail ballots properly
    -printing vote result tapes at Early Voting closing
    -handing over true audit logs
    -new and improved training by County GOPs
    -demand to see lease agreements with Election Management System Vendors
    -no joint initiatives with Democrats

    ♦ Ask your County Elections Department how many computer experts they have on staff – dig deeper to find out just who is running your elections

    ♦ Raise questions about the credibility of the SOS audit/fraudit

    ♦ Pressure Legislature to reinstate Felony charges in SB1

    ♦ Attend SOS hearings on SB1 and submit comments on the rule making process

    ♦ Demand that we get our original wish list –
    • Voter Registration database with restricted input/output access
    • Precinct only voting
    • Paper Ballots, sequentially numbered, hand marked, watermarked
    • Paper Poll Books for voters to sign
    • Basic Optical Scanner/Vote Counter only to tally vote results
    • Printed Vote Result Tapes – EV and ED
    • Limited Early Voting with no gap between EV and Election Day
    • Hand Counts allowed
    • 3rd Party Verification and Audit
    • Unique identifiable seals on ballot boxes
    • Vote Results delivered to Central Count on paper
    • Vote Results tabulated from paper record with calculator
    • Chain of Custody from start to finish
    • Unofficial Results called into SOS and Media
    • Poll Watcher protection: standing to sue, ability to use video surveillance, no oath requirement, no requirement to be trained by SOS
    • Lawsuits can be filed in adjacent counties

    ♦ Ask AG Paxton and Division Chief for Election Integrity, Jonathan White, to prosecute high profile cases. Putting a few folks in jail will be a good deterrent for other potential bad actors. Did you know Jonathan White told the    House Elections committee that he did not need more $$, more staff, or more jurisdiction?

    ♦ Elect candidates you trust