JoAnn Answers Questions

JoAnn Answers Questions

Lately, we’ve received many inquiries from other groups about “how to work with JoAnn and Grassroots America.” 

It’s really pretty simple:

Don’t lie.

Don’t steal other people’s stuff.

Don’t trash other grassroots conservatives from your social media sandbox. 

Since our Executive Director has been back out on the road speaking, we’ve had several requests for “Can you send me that funny thing JoAnn said again?” or “What was that Fleming rule of life again?”

She’s an extemporaneous speaker, so who knows? Here’s JoAnn’s updated Wit & Wisdom for Leading from the Front. 

You don’t have to blow out the other person’s light to let your own shine. Bernard Baruch

JoAnn’s Wit & Wisdom

 for Leading from the Front

updated 9.20.23


The battlefield is the mind. This is where satan (and his instruments) attempt to distract from your calling.  Keep your eyes on The Standard to run your race with wisdom, patience, perseverance, and the ability to ignore naysayers, chronic malcontents, toxic do-nothings, and vocal enemies who will only weigh you down.  Fix your mind. Keep it set.  Do not faint in your mind!  Hebrews 12:1-3

Noise and knowledge are different things. Wisdom speaks the right thing, at the right time, for the right reason.

The definition of “integrity” is the distance between what you say you believe and what you actually do about it.

Real LEADERS don’t care what haters think and say. Real leaders don’t ask permission to do the right thing, nor do they ask forgiveness for doing it.

Political groupies, who treat all elected Red Team members as rock gods and would never, ever dare to object to anything the Red Team does, are mirror images of the WOKE Left and every bit as dangerous to Liberty. Yep, I mean that.

The political gospel of unity demands that we accept, embrace, and reward all manner of infidelity to liberty principles. Thus, Freedom is murdered – not in one fatal blow – but by a thousand disloyal cuts.  

“You will never reach your destination if you stop and throw stones at every dog that barks.” Winston Churchill

The people who “pay the freight” in sweat equity and sacrifice, make the rules. 

When folks are just bound and determined to act like the south end of a north bound mule – stand back and let ‘em.

Don’t waste time crying over anything that won’t cry over you.

Don’t trade squirts with a dumb, smelly skunk.  It wastes your time and makes you stink too. 

In negotiations, never play all your best cards at once.

When a decent, principled person is in the wrong – during a confrontation – leave them a back door to get out of and you will win a lasting ally. Humiliation, like a hammer, should never be the first “correction” tool you grab. 

If the mind is willing and the mission righteous, the courageous can go on and on without many things. 

Identify “walking” billboards. Deploy effectively.

Don’t waste time wishing for a better hand. Play the heck out of what you’ve got.

Don’t be duped by propaganda masquerading as “consensus building.” Some people love the idea of “unity” so much that they’ll doubt a calculator if enough “cool” people disagree with it.

Do good work. Without ceasing, nudge others to be better than they ever imagined.

Never simply check a box. Excellence does not live there.

Let your word be your word. Move Heaven and earth to keep promises. Just get it done.

Stop wasting time waiting for “fairness.”  Doing so assures mission fail.

Living for revenge rots your life and makes your days bitter. Know that every injustice will be made finally and completely right in God’s Courtroom, in His time.

People cannot do what they do not know. Set your standards high once you give your people the tools, the training, and consistent direction. Maintain those standards!

If you perpetually play ping-pong with indecisiveness, You. Are. Random. The safest place for you to be is Off. My. Lawn.

If you want help, define the problem in a one-pager by stating the problem; defining its urgency, and presenting a workable solution based on liberty principles, which are rooted in biblical values. If you can’t put what you want in writing, you aren’t ready to ask for help.

A person, a community, a state, a nation is defined by what it tolerates.

Party unity without accountability is like a bucket of water with a hole in it.

Never react in a way that harms your team’s interests. The scariest people are not those who can be baited into losing control, but the ones who cannot. Pick your fight. Fight smart. Fight to win.  

Thank God for every trial. Praise Him in spite of the pain. Trust Him in all things.

Save yourself extra trips around a hard mountain – learn the Lord’s tough lessons by doing things His Way – the first time.

Faith means do it afraid. Behind the seeming randomness of life is a God who is in control even when we are not.

Lasting success is not measured by the number of followers you have on social media, how many likes, shares or reposts. Lasting success comes from the difference you make in the life of a person each and every time you help them see and become what God uniquely created them to be.

Before you start your day and when you end it, make sure you possess the Right Light and The Only Compass.

Mind how you go. Don’t sit on the sidelines.

After Impeachment FACTS  

After Impeachment FACTS  

Not only did TX House GOP leadership break the law during impeachment, but here’s PROOF they’re handing TX to the Donkeys!

Do you know Red Team Professional Cheerleaders
who REFUSE to believe Texas
is turning OR even can turn
from a
RED Conservative state to
Purple Moderate Hades
and finally,
to a
Blue Socialist Texa-fornia?

For anybody who cares to look at the FACTS, we have the proof right here in our latest video and graphic from our Legislative Transparency Tool.

After the shameful, lawbreaking, constitutional rights-trashing Paxton impeachment, it should be as plain as the nose on Dade Phelan’s face that we have a bunch of donkey-drag TransPublicans (party-confused elephants) selling out Texas!

Just watch this and share it.

Here is a list of the 24 Republican State Reps. who disagree more with other Republicans than they disagree with Democrats:
Rep. Allison, Steve (R – HD 121) Impeachment Vote: Y
Rep. Bailes, Ernest (R – HD 18) Impeachment Vote: Y
Rep. Burns, DeWayne (R – HD 58) Impeachment Vote: Y
Rep. Burrows, Dustin (R – HD 83) Impeachment Vote: Y
Rep. Button, Angie (R – HD 112) Impeachment Vote: Y
Rep. Darby, Drew (R – HD 72) Impeachment Vote: Y
Rep. Frazier, Frederick (R – HD 61) Impeachment Vote: Y
Rep. Geren, Charlie (R – HD 99) Impeachment Vote: Y
Rep. Guillen, Ryan (R – HD 31) Impeachment Vote: Y
Rep. Harless, Sam (R – HD 126) Impeachment Vote: N
Rep. Hunter, Todd (R – HD 32) Impeachment Vote: Y
Rep. Jetton, Jacey (R – HD 26) Impeachment Vote: Y
Rep. Kacal, Kyle (R – HD 12) Impeachment Vote: Y
Rep. King, Ken (R – HD 88) Impeachment Vote: Y
Rep. Kuempel, John (R – HD 44) Impeachment Vote: Y
Rep. Lambert, Stan (R – HD 71) Impeachment Vote: Y
Rep. Lopez, Janie (R – HD 37) Impeachment Vote: Y
Rep. Lozano, J.M. (R – HD 43) Impeachment Vote: Y
Rep. Lujan, John (R – HD 118) Impeachment Vote: Y
Rep. Meyer, Morgan (R – HD 108) Impeachment Vote: Y
Rep. Morrison, Geanie (R – HD 30) Impeachment Vote: N
Rep. Raney, John (R – HD 14) Impeachment Vote: Y
Rep. Shine, Hugh (R – HD 55) Impeachment Vote: Y
Rep. VanDeaver, Gary (R – HD 1) Impeachment Vote: Y

Truth matters when you stand on it and use it!

TURF Releases Transportation/Toll Legislative Report Card

TURF Releases Transportation/Toll Legislative Report Card

Now that you know how taxpayers fared in the 88th legislative session on transportation/toll issues, see how your state lawmakers voted specifically by viewing our Report Card from the 88th regular session. Time to fire some state lawmakers!

 There were 27 bills used to determine the grades of the 88th Legislature. Not all legislators voted on all 27 bills. Some were strictly committee votes, others were a vote by the full House or full Senate, but might not have made it to a floor vote in the opposite chamber.

Every lawmaker was notified prior to each vote of TURF’s opposition and/or support of these bills and why.


70% of legislature earned an F

16% earned an A or B


35% of House Republicans earned an F

78% of House Republicans got a D or F

13% of House Republicans earned an A or B

Top scoring House Republicans were: Briscoe Cain, Terri Leo-Wilson, Matt Schaefer, Shelby Slawson, & Valoree Swanson

All but ONE Democrat earned an F (Rep. Christian Manuel of HD-22 was the lone D) 


85% of Senate Republicans earned an A or B

Top Republican Senators were: Paul Bettencourt, Bob Hall, Bryan Hughes, Lois Kolkhorst, Mayes Middleton, Charles Schwertner, & Kevin Sparks

Three Republican Senators earned C’s

Lowest scoring Republican Senators were: Donna Campbell, Tan Parker, & Robert Nichols

100% of Senate Democrats earned an F


Time to hold our elected officials ACCOUNTABLE!

JoAnn’s Take | Schaefer Retirement

JoAnn’s Take | Schaefer Retirement

Be anxious for nothing; in all things by prayer & supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. Phil. 4:6

I dare not ignore this teachable moment for my Christian brothers and sisters, my fellow patriots. My prayer is that it helps you prepare for very tough sledding ahead.  You must be able to keep your wits about you!

Predictable as the sun coming up tomorrow, a fair amount of hysteria has been driven into my inbox and phone the last few days by Rep. Matt Schaefer’s announcement that he will not seek re-election to the Texas House.

Yes, I was aware of Matt’s decision. 

No, I was not blind-sided.  Matt told me his news some time ago in confidence, which dictated that I WAIT until he was ready to make his announcement.

Ya’ll should know by now that I do not tell everything that I know as soon as I know it. That is called discretion. 

Matt knows what he is doing, and he is as concerned about this district and Texas as he has ever been. 

Seeking God’s will to set priorities

For those of you unaware, Matt’s father has been very ill for a long time. His precious wife has also had significant health challenges.  They have two precious young children.

Matt was able to keep his wits about him during the 88th session, carrying a tremendous burden that would have broken men and women of a weaker faith. Matt KNOWS Jesus and his heart follows hard after his Lord.

I am confident that Matt sought God’s will about his future, came to a peaceful conclusion, and has acted on that direction and awaits further directions. 

Matt Schaefer was disappointed in many things this session, but his spirit was not crushed.  He’s a man who strives to stay tuned into what the Lord is saying to him.  Schaefer knows that it is foolish to esteem his own plans and ways above those of God.

We should all come to grips with that. Instead of rushing to the phone and social media, go to the King’s Throne.  Spend some time there.  It will refresh your troubled soul.

Finding the Next HD 6 Representative

Since Texas House District 6 is my HOME district, I do not take the quest to find Rep. Schaefer’s successor lightly, but neither am I wringing my hands and staying awake at night.

This seat has been held by conservatives since 1998 when Sharon Emmert and I ran the late, great patriot Leo Berman’s uphill race to successfully defeat a 12-year incumbent with a better than 80% name ID. 

We defeated big money, and we defeated sitting Texas Gov. George W. Bush who came to Tyler to campaign for the incumbent.  We did that with God’s help and a lot of hard work.  It was a David and Goliath race if there ever was one! Representative Berman was succeeded by Matt Schaefer in 2013.

The sky has NOT fallen.

As we have done for 15 years, Grassroots America and I will exert due diligence in our candidate vetting process for Rep. Matt Schaefer’s House replacement. As we go about our due diligence, we will pray for God’s direction.  We want to know God’s will above all else. 

People who do not live in this district are perfectly welcome to do whatever they think they must to pre-judge and dissect any and all candidates in this race. Go right on ahead.

As for Grassroots America, we will make every effort to gather all of the FACTS. Wisdom dictates that we follow the warning in Proverbs 18:13, “He who answers before he hears [the facts], it is folly and shame to him.”

A calm spirit relies on God – not the whims, schemes and divinations of man.

Having a personal code of always going the extra mile – and then some – produces temperance, focus, self-control, diligence, and the mental strength to overcome the predictable plagues and tyrannies of:

  • discord profiteers
  • unbridled hysteria
  • randomness
  • rumormongers, and
  • impulsive decision-making.

Submission to these forms of distraction does not ensure wise decision-making.

Seeking Godly wisdom is acting wisely!

Diligence is a determined combination of hard work, patience, and perseverance.

Wisdom – not hysteria – blesses diligence.

I pray you think about this in the context of all candidates for every office and mind how you go,

Action | Tell Dade Phelan to Resign

Action | Tell Dade Phelan to Resign

Texas House Republican leadership is a disgraceful mess.

It has all the honor, dignity, and decorum of a junior high cafeteria or a frat house.

The liquor bar just off the House floor needs to go.

Public intoxication and substance abuse on the House floor is unacceptable.

Debauchery and open corruption should not be winked at or tolerated.

Texas House Republicans should have a higher standard.

They can change House rules, but they have to WANT to clean it up!

Demand a higher standard from your State Representative as they launch their 2024 campaigns. When your incumbent shows up for an event, ask them what they specifically intend to do to stop the low standards in the Texas House. March 2024 Primary challengers should make this a campaign issue.

In the meantime, let’s roll on this
 Call to Action:
Dade Phelan Resign!

The following project is the initiative of Mark Montgomery and the Bulverde Spring Branch Conservative Republican PAC. We also thank SREC SD 25 Chris Byrd for his assistance.

Grassroots America is happy to assist them in getting this project out across Texas because we appreciate their initiative and agree with their reasoning.
In fact, we agree so much that our Board of Directors unanimously cast a vote of “No Confidence” in Texas House Speaker Dade Phelan.
Welcome to Preserving & Advancing Patriot Conservatism!

A majority of the Orange County Republican Executive Committee voted 14-6 to censure Dade Phelan on July 13. Orange County is the largest county in Phelan’s district.

Are you tired of Dade blatantly disregarding the platform of the Republican Party of Texas, ignoring most conservative legislative priorities, and the will of the voters? Tired of him allowing the Democrats to run the Texas House? Tired of him killing good bills with Dem committee chairs and Dem points of order? Do you approve of his “under the influence” performance from the Speaker dais or his approved banana republic-style process for impeachment of Paxton?

If you are “fed up,” make your voice heard by joining this letter campaign “Resign Dade Phelan!” Thousands of grassroots conservatives – Republican Primary voters – should tell him they are fed up with his embarrassing performance and roadblocking of conservative bills.

The letters will be hand delivered to Dade Phelan. Copies of the Phelan letter will be provided to Lt. Governor Dan Patrick’s office and to each State Representative to inform them of our grievances and our actions. 

Join this statewide letter campaign
AND the Republican Party of Texas
in condemning the actions of Speaker Phelan!

Texas deserves better than Dade Phelan.


1.  Click the link below to print the letter that will be hand delivered to Phelan.
2.  Fill in ALL blanks at the bottom. Incomplete letters will not be used.
3.  Sign only in BLUE ink. Signatures in other colors disqualify the letter. 
4.  Make this a project! Print letters and collect signatures in blue ink!
5.  Mail your completed letters to the address below by Friday, August 11!

Republican Party of Texas
P.O. Box 2206
Austin, Texas 78768-2206

Scan your completed letter and email to;


Take a CLEAR picture of your completed letter; text it to 866-989-3089.

Help this effort by sharing these instructions with friends and family,
but use only the special forward button at the top right beneath our logo.

Click on the box below for the letter to download and print.

The Bulverde Spring Branch Conservative Republicans
ask that you do not alter the body of the letter in any way.

Link to letter

Got questions or comments?
Contact Mark Montgomery