Don’t Know Trayce Bradford, Conservative Republican Candidate for TX Lt. Governor? 

Don’t Know Trayce Bradford, Conservative Republican Candidate for TX Lt. Governor?  You should!  One of our strongly endorsed candidates, Trayce does NOT support Republicans appointing Democrats to committee chair positions NOR does she support the Republican majority in the TX Senate passing liberal education bills! See what Trayce says about pandering to Democrats!

In His Own Words:

WHY Louie Gohmert is leaving a safe seat in Congress, where he could have been part of a new Republican majority to come home to fight for Texas.

Anti-Endorsement of Self-Disqualified Governor Greg Abbott for Re-Election

SMITH COUNTY, Texas, June 4, 2021 – Today,JoAnn Fleming, Executive Director of Grassroots America – We the People PAC followed Wise County Conservatives in issuing its own “Anti-Endorsement” of Greg Abbott for re-election. [Updated 1.10.22 to reflect failure to call a 4th Special Session.]

Fleming said, “In agreement with the Wise County Conservatives Board, Grassroots America’s Board of Directors is not yet prepared to endorse a candidate for the 2022 Gubernatorial election, but we are fully prepared to announce that    we will not endorse the current Governor of Texas, Greg Abbott.

“The singular purpose of government is to protect the liberties of the people. Greg Abbott swore an oath to protect and defend the Constitution of Texas and yet, for more than a year, he flagrantly broke this vow when he unilaterally, without legislative approval:

  • closed what he termed ‘non-essential’ small businesses, while leaving Big Box corporate businesses open – destroying jobs, crushing families, and killing lifetime investments;
  • forced abandonment of elderly family members and special needs children with isolation mandates;
  • denied Texans access to non-COVID-19 health care by deeming those needs as elective;  
  • fast-tracked a $295 million contact tracing contract, mandated masks, limited freedom of assembly, and shut down schools.

“In addition, even though the Texas Constitution (Article 1, Section 6) protects the ‘natural and indefeasible’ right of worship, Gov. Abbott facilitated the closure of churches by local tyrants throughout the state – in the absence of any legal justification. Finally, the Texas Constitution (Article 1, Section 13) declares – ‘all courts shall be open’ and yet the court system was essentially shut down for months, again in the absence of any legal power granted to the executive branch.

“Two of the nine Texas Republican Party Priorities for the 87th Session sought relief from Governor Abbott’s expansive interpretation of his executive power because Governor Greg Abbott was derelict in his duty to protect and defend the rights of Texans during a time that they most needed an advocate.

“Abbott not once used his influence to pass legislation to end sex change butchery and chemical destruction of children – a Republican Party of Texas Legislative Priority supported by 94.65% of 2020 GOP Primary voters! In the last two legislative sessions, Abbott failed to pass election integrity measures that would strengthen ballot security by reducing the risk of digital/electronic fraud.  Texas Governor since 2015, Abbott has failed to verify the registered voter list to remove illegal aliens, felons, the deceased, and double registrations. In 2021, he signed into law SB1, which lowered the criminal penalties for voter fraud from a 2nd Degree Felony to a Class A Misdemeanor and allows political parties and candidates to send out unsolicited mail ballots!  He has ignored calls from the People of Texas 4th Special Session to restore criminal penalties.

“Abbott has done nothing to put Texans first by ending the magnets that attract and reward illegal border crossers. For the seven years he has been governor, Abbott has never done more than participate in federal “catch and release” at the border. He has not kept his promise of meaningful, lasting property tax cuts and has instead grown the size and scope of state government. When it comes to our gun rights, Abbott showed a willingness to embrace red flag laws and increase regulatory burdens on gun owners in his 2018 School and Firearm Safety Action Plan. Finally, Abbott has refused to convene the legislature to outlaw Covid-19+++ vaccine mandates while his executive order is ignored.   

“Greg Abbott is long on talk but fails to deliver measurable results. During his Disaster Declaration for COVID-19 and his behavior during the past legislative sessions, we learned from Greg Abbott’s own actions that we cannot trust him to protect and defend our liberty. For this reason, above all, we cannot support his re-election.”

November 3, 2020 General Election Voter Guide

Know This First…

For the November 3, 2020 General Election – the Republican vs. Democrat ballot – Grassroots America does suggest voting for Republicans (over Democrats), but we cannot and will not endorse all of them! Our mission is different – we do not endorse Rinos, lazy Republicans, “tone-deaf to liberty” Republicans and those who wink at corruption – ever.

WHY (read carefully) …

The Board of Directors of Grassroots America – We the People sets a very high standard for granting endorsements. We do not make endorsements based on popularity, appeasing interested groups, or on political risk. We are dedicated to raising a higher standard for public office; thus, what incumbent officeholders actually do is far more important than what they say and promise.

During the March Primary Elections, we work hard to get the most conservative Republican candidates elected because that is where voters have the only opportunity to weed out the liberal/progressive Democrat-lite Republicans.  

How Some Republicans Lose Our Gold Star Rating

Elected officials are employed by “We the People” and are hired at the ballot box to do a job. For this election, we have not “endorsed” all Republicans because some have badly fallen down on the job – ignored Republican Platform Principles, turned a blind eye to corruption, have too many liberal record votes, have undercut the President every chance they get, voted against conservatives in their district, ignored constituents, placed a higher value on politics rather than upholding the Texas Constitution, followed what political consultants/Gov. Abbott/Lt. Gov. Patrick or self-disgraced Speaker Bonnen advise instead of their own constituents, and/or ignored written communications when they are asked to respond in writing. 

Whatever you tolerate – you get more of! Grassroots America will not grant elected “employees” with this type of job performance a “gold star approval” any more than we would give a raise to an employee who consistently failed to show up for work.  To do so undermines our mission, our credibility, your God-given rights, the rule of law, and ultimately – liberty.

Below, find our endorsed candidates and those on this “suggested voting list” simply because they were at some point elected as Republicans.

Remember to vote all the way down the ballot! Don’t skip the lesser known races. There are leftist and socialist-leaning wannabes running on the local level.  There are also bond elections that will raise your property taxes.


Don’t Let Donkey’s Run Texas | 2020 Republican Primary Endorsements

Don’t Let Donkey’s Run Texas | 2020 Republican Primary Endorsements

Grassroots America’s 2020
Republican Primary Election
Voter Guides

How to Participate in the
TX Republican Convention Process –

 Precinct, County, State

Click here for Smith County voter guide – our home county.

Click here for statewide list.

Click here for more election information on our “under construction” web site.  If you scroll to the bottom of the web page, you can click on our Facebook posts to read candidate endorsement statements.

About Our Endorsements

If an endorsement is missing in a particular race, either we are “parked” until the runoff (standing back to allow our Coalition partners to make their choices), or none of the candidates fit our criteria, or the candidates did not complete our process.  We do not chase candidates down for interviews.  We make the process public before and when we commence interviews.  It is the personal responsibility of the candidates and the campaign team to reach out.  We reserve the right to not endorse in certain races.  [Hint: see Fleming Successful Leadership Rule #3.]

For those of you concerned because you do not see Congressman Chip Roy endorsed (CD 21), we already endorsed him for re-election.  Chip is not on this guide because he has NO Primary election opponent. He will be on our General Election list – as will Samuel Smith for Texas House District 107.

We will commence runoff election interviews – where needed – and those for the November General Election AFTER the March 3 Primary concludes.

About SREC Races

Grassroots America will make endorsements in SREC races, but we will do so at the right time!

Unlike Republican Precinct Chairs and County Party Chairs, State Republican Executive Committee members ARE NOT on the Primary ballot!

We have plenty of investigating to do in these Senate Districts.  It takes time.  We take things in order around here. 

If someone is running for the SREC and they want to be considered for our endorsement OR if a Coalition partner has a candidate they want to recommend for an interview, please email .  She will start scheduling those when JoAnn gives her the green light.

So, why did we already endorse in the Republican Party State Chairman’s race when that is not on the Primary ballot?  Based on our Board’s deliberations about some very bad decisions being made in the Party – during the legislative session and ever since the legislature adjourned in May 2019 – it was time. I will let it go at that.  Also, Fleming Rule #3.  

How you can be a delegate to your precinct, county and state Republican Conventions:

Click here for a handy one-page guide:
Click here for Smith County Precinct Convention information:

Remember that if conservatives don’t show up to participate in these conventions, the seats may be filled with Rinos!

When conservatives unite around liberty principles, freedom wins!

WHY we don’t endorse in every race: 2018 Version

Why We May Not Endorse
or Recommend a Candidate
in Every Race

The Board of Directors of Grassroots America – We the People sets a very high standard for granting endorsements. Endorsement of a candidate is a serious matter. We don’t make endorsements in order to participate in a popularity contest. We don’t make endorsements based on appeasing interested groups. We thoroughly and intensely vet candidates by
checking into their stated qualifications, credentials, training, experience, voting and work records. We hold candidate forums and debates, attend forums held by other organizations, review candidate web sites, questionnaires, Facebook and Twitter postings.

We seek to determine the character, core values, temperament, judgment, management style, and practical vision of the candidates.

We reserve the right NOT to endorse anyone in a particular race if the choices all fail to meet a high standard. We won’t lower our standards to simply check a box.

In the 2018 General Election, for the Commissioner of the General Land Office and Commissioner of Agriculture races, the “on the job” records of the Republican incumbents in these two offices did not meet our endorsement standards for rehire at the ballot box. We did not endorse them in the Primary or the Midterm, based on job performance, state audits, etc. The Democrat and non-party choices also did not meet our standard.

In the judicial races for Texas Supreme Court, Place 6; Presiding Judge, Court of Criminal Appeals; and Judge, Court of Criminal Appeals Place 7, none of the judicial candidates met our standards.

Again, we reserve the right NOT to endorse anyone in a particular race if the choices all fail to meet a high standard. We won’t lower our standards to simply check a box. There are plenty of mere box checkers, and that is not who Grassroots America is.

Every voter has an opportunity to decide for themselves to vote in each race or skip some. This is the very essence of personal responsibility.