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2022 Champions of Freedom Awards

Saturday, September 10, 2022

Bottom line up front – the attack on Trump  and Chairman of the US House Freedom Caucus  puts a hot new war right in front of us. We need YOUR help to keep proven conservative  citizen fighters on the frontlines as we prepare the next generation of fighters to lead!

Our liberties – given by God and codified in the Bill of Rights – are NOW under assault at an unprecedented level. We MUST HAVE citizen leaders who will boldly fight without flinching – citizens willing to give up leisure time, financial resources, popularity with the elected class, their reputations, and their last breath to stand against tyrants.

Today and in days to come, the risks will grow for these citizen leaders because Big Government is coming after conservatives with a vengeance.

Making the case:  Everything we hold dear is NOW at stake!

The weaponization of the FBI to raid the private home of President Donald J. Trump… Read More

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Border Action Plan Checklist & Resources

April 26, 2022 speaker Ammon Blair's handouts and resource links document. Grassroots America posts these resources as a courtesy to our invited speakers. Should you have questions or concerns about the content, please contact the speaker/author here...

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First Principles of Liberty

First Principles of Liberty

First Principles of Liberty: Know Them! Use Them! Teach Them! View every action of every level of gov’t through these! First principles: the foundation of American freedom and liberty. Rejecting the oppression of their British rulers, America’s Founding Fathers...

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Texas Conservative Grassroots Coalition

Texas Conservative Grassroots Coalition

The Coalition is about conservative, limited government principles – not personalities. It is about supporting the Texas GOP Platform as long as it is a constitutionally conservative platform.

This statewide Coalition has been wildly successful, growing 890% since we began Coalition activities in 2015. We hold meaningful, highly educational, activism-rich quarterly statewide Coalition Summits to address priority public policy/legislative issues and to provide training on a wide array of leadership skill sets. 2021 will be a year of added growth through purposeful Senate District Coalition building....


Election Integrity – Another Coalition Success

I'm excited to share some good news with all of our Grassroots America members and supporters and to say to my colleagues in the Texas Conservative Grassroots Coalition, "Well done!" On July 17 as we were about to start the legislature's special session, the...

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