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Looking for reliable information on candidates and issues? You’ve come to the right place! We will post the results of our intense vetting of candidates – endorsements, recommendations, and “no action” when all candidates running for a particular office fail to meet our criteria. We will also post relevant sourced information about candidates and races.

Why We Don’t Endorse in Every Race

The Board of Directors of Grassroots America – We the People sets a very high standard for granting endorsements. We do not make endorsements based on popularity, appeasing interested groups, or on political risk. We are dedicated to raising a higher standard for public office; thus, what incumbent officeholders actually do is far more important than what… Read More


We’re Excited About Our Turbo-charged Accountability Tool!

Our website has expanded from an activist tool which allows you to quickly and effectively communicate with Texas legislators and statewide officials into a transparency tool that gives you the ability to easily do your own research into the 2023 88th Texas Legislative Session!
We give you (and your organization) the ability to investigate legislation, legislators, committees, funders of legislators, and lobbyist activity.
On each page or tab selected from the top of the menu, you will find a “How to Use” video along with a “Got Questions About This Page?” link in the top right-hand corner.

This citizen empowering accountability tool is something Executive Director and co-founder JoAnn Fleming has long wanted for the conservative grassroots. This is a self-governance tool that can help you verify what legislators and campaign consultants say!
After so many years working alongside many of you, JoAnn is very thankful that we can offer this amazing tool to you at no charge.  Note that it isn’t behind a paywall, and no super-secret access code is required. We’ve made it easy to access and are now making it easy for you to learn how to use it! 
Our prayer is that you will use this transparency tool to 1) discover for yourselves which Republicans are really TransPublicans (party-confused; red jersey elephants who govern like donkey drag queens) and 2) hold your legislators and political consultants accountable. 
Seek, find, share Truth! 

All Grassroots America video content can be viewed on our Rumble and YouTube channels. Please subscribe to our channel on your prefered platform to keep up with our latest releases.

Do you need help getting started using Texas Legislature Online (TLO)? Are you having trouble setting up your own My TLO account to track Bills during the 88th #TXLEGE? Are you just looking for a good overview of the features available to you on TLO?

If you answered YES to any or all three of these questions, check out our 2023 Texas Legislature Online Handbook in an easy to use flipbook format. You can use this resource online, print a hard copy or even print to Pdf.

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Drag Events Targeting Kids | Hegar’s Response

Drag Events Targeting Kids | Hegar’s Response

We vigorously reject the smut, deviancy, grooming, and culture rot aimed at kids.  All of it is designed to de-sensitize children so they will accept the advances of sexual predators.  The Cultural Marxists are aiming for normalization of pedophilia.  The signs are...

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You Are Fighting Evil 

Republican Party of Texas Delegates and Alternates, Thank you for your time and financial sacrifices to serve as the RPT Platform-setting troops there on the ground in Houston! Your work is vital as cultural Marxists, smut peddlers, drag queens, and their enablers...

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Texas Conservative Grassroots Coalition

Texas Conservative Grassroots Coalition

The Coalition is about conservative, limited government principles – not personalities. It is about supporting the Texas GOP Platform as long as it is a constitutionally conservative platform.

This statewide Coalition has been wildly successful, growing 890% since we began Coalition activities in 2015. We hold meaningful, highly educational, activism-rich quarterly statewide Coalition Summits to address priority public policy/legislative issues and to provide training on a wide array of leadership skill sets. 2021 will be a year of added growth through purposeful Senate District Coalition building....


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